KLIP Lightning Gut/Multi Hybrid 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: A great string -- expensive, but well worth it for touch, power and arm/elbow/shoulder comfort. I have played with it for 4 weeks, almost every day, and the strings are still in good shape. However, the strings are beginning to shift so keep a string thing handy. I wish TW would still carry the 17 gauge -- since this is an excellent string, I used Klip Excellerator 17 gauge for a year and loved it. This Lightning hybrid is even softer on the arm and elbow and delivers as much, if not more power than the 17g Excellerator.
From: Bernie, 4/14

Comments: I'm a 5.0 aggressive baseliner and big hitter. From a playability standpoint, this string is fantastic, but too bad I broke the strings after just 2 hours of hitting. This is not for you if you want a durable string!
From: Bryen, Austin, TX, USA. 3/08

Comments: Great combo. Klip does well in matching their hybrids. I have used Screamer in the past. Lightning is softer and has more feel. Screamer just lasts longer. Lightning or Screamer, that will one day be the age old question.
From: Daniel, MCAS - Kaneohe, HI, USA 06/06

Comments: Gut mains and multifillament crosses resulting in a soft, durable and VERY PLAYABLE string. The hybrid is not as expensive as straight out Gut, but because of the multi crosses there still is some feel and ability to generate spin so it emulates Gut playability. All in all, my string of choice, but it is expensive. I wish considering the multi cross string it was better priced.
From: Ramon, Hong Kong 05/05

Comments: Very good string (Gut, Multi), plays well, and lasts long with string savers. Plus I got a free shirt!
From: Edward

Comments: Excellent string. I have been mixing my own hybrids for a while but thought I would give the Lightning a shot and BAM! It felt awesome. If you want a step-up from all the multifilament stuff, join the big boys. I highly recommend a test on the Lightning mobile.
From: Charlie, Los Angeles, CA. USA 2/03

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