KLIP Legend Natural Gut 16 String Half Set Customer feedback

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Comments: This is a great string. I use it as the crosses in a hybrid setup with Volkl Cyclone 17 mains in my Volkl C-10 Pro racquets. I have them strung at 56 lbs mains, and 59 lbs crosses. This is a fantastic combination. It is arm friendly, and powerful with great amount of control. You can't beat this combination. I just bought 4 more sets of this string to make sure I have plenty, as TW runs out of it regularly.
From: Anon, 1/15

Comments: I prefer this to the more expensive guts out there because it plays crisper and more controlled while still having great touch. For comparison, I average two weeks on RIP Control and three months on this with string savers, so four times the life of a multifilament. I've strung around 8 half sets and 10 fullsets and never had a problem, but one set did play a little boardy for gut, still much better than any plastic out there. There isn't a better deal for the price.
From: Jerry, 8/4

Comments: Can't believe my luck, I have been using this string for nearly a year on a weekly basis and it still hasn't broken. The feel of the string gets better as the older it becomes. Initially the strings wear out and tear pretty quickly but then after that period it hardly tears at all and just stays the same. Lasts far longer than my previous multifilament. I used it on a Dunlop Aerogel 4d 300 lite.
From: Neil, 2/13

Comments: I have played with a set of this for 20 hours in an 11 ounce Babolat Pure Drive, and I give it a thumbs up. I have played in the moist air of San Francisco fog for several hours and the string has kept its life. The coating has not compromised the playability that I have noticed. The string has a soft feel and the power of a good gut string. I will definitely buy this string again.
From: Kendra, 12/11

Comments: I bought 3 packs of this for my Wilson nTour racquets. I've previously used Babolat VS Gut and was pleased with it. I had some arm issues after using a poly this summer so I bought this gut to give my elbow a break at a more reasonable price than VS. I tried and I tried to like this string but I hated it. It degraded my game. All 3 sets played out differently. The best one frayed heavily and ended up breaking after a normal lifespan. It was still stiffer than I would have anticipated (58#) and it didn't lose much tension. The second was in the middle, frayed a bit but was still too stiff. The third was horrendous, played like a board that wanted to kill my arm. After 25+ hours of usage that set had barely frayed at all which is a bad sign. Bottom line, this string plays too stiff for natural gut, it doesn't break-in well and with the wrong racquet it can kill your arm. I wish it weren't so but I recommend coming up with the dough to buy VS or Tonic. I gave this string 2 months on 3 racquets to play well and none of them did. I have the sore elbow and league losses to prove it.
From: John, Madison, WI, USA, 11/10

Comments: I've switched to this string after many years with Tonic. After Babolats' price increase I compared many types of natural gut, synthetics, polys. I've decided this is the best string for the money you can buy. Durability is amazing, holds playable tension better than anything else I have tried. Very good for the arm, same or better playability than Tonic.
From: John, 11/10
4.5 NRTP, Prince O3 Speedport Black Klip Legend 16ga @ 57lbs

Comments: This is the 2nd pack I used. But the inconsistency in quality is astounding. The 1st pack was normal. With increased confidence, I bought a 2nd lot of 3 packs. Tried one full set and applied it. The stringer immediately warned me that he found the gut string unusually stiff when he did the stringing. Played it for 4 hours, my wrist was nearly broken. When I compare the new set with my older set (with 60+ hours on the clock), I could not believer how bad the new set felt. The poor quality is very mysterious: the wrap/packaging looks new as usual, just that the strings feel dead and very stiff, even worse than a worn out cheap synthetic. I'm not sure what to do with the other 2 unopened packs, as my wrist tells me I have to stop using them. Before Klip, I had been using Babolat Tonic+ for years without any complaints. The switch is due to big jump in price of Tonic+.
From: Anon. 7/10

Comments: I am using the 17g KLIP in my mains strung at 62lbs and 18g Wilson NXT in the crosses, strung at 58lbs. String wear after 6 weeks (I play 4 times per week) is simply amazing. Tension loss was minimal. Easy on the arm. The feel, power and control are the best I have ever had and I have been playing for 35 years. I have used VS, Victor Imperial (remember that one?), Bow Brand, you name it....this gut is very very good.The incredible durability is due in large part to the fact that my racquet string pattern is very dense (18mains) and I hit with a continental grip (not a ton of topspin). I'm tempted to try some polyester but would like to ask if anyone thinks that is wise since I don't use a lot of topspin. Should I put the gut in the mains (like I have it now) or put the poly in the mains? Any advice woud be appreciated. Our message boards are a great place to ask questions like this. http://tt.tennis- warehouse.com -TW ADMIN
From: Mark, Irvine, California, USA
5.5 NTRP all court player. Head Youtek Radical Mid Plus.

Comments: Amazing string to use with Luxilon. I play with a Wilson Kfactor 95 with the gut on the mains at 60 and Luxilon ALU Power at 54 on the mains. The durability is also amazing, much better then any other gut string out there. I'm a hard hitting baseliner with a big serve and huge topspin on both sides.
From: Roger. 6/09

Comments: Garbage. Don't waste your time. These broke while hybrid stringing as crosses with Luxilon BB. Never even got to hit with them. Had to go back to VS gut. I don't use natural gut anymore, too expensive.
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA. 3/09

Comments: Hey, it's Natural Gut! Gut is great to hit with - better spin, soft and awesome power. All gut lasts pretty well when mixed with a poly main. It maintains its playability longer even compared to high-end synthetics like Gamma Professional or Tecnifibre Biphase. This Klip NG string did have some big flaws that ended up unraveling and shortening the lifespan. I also found that it started fraying sooner than some of the other Natural Gut strings. I like the consistency of Babolat Tonic, Bow Brand or even BDE better compared to the Klip.
From: Rich, SC, USA, 10/08

Comments: Legend 16G gut in crosses (60lb) with Luxilon Fluoro poly 16g mains (57lb). Legend is an excellent string - I am not a gut expert but gut string really plays better than syn gut, multi, or polys. This string is very soft with very good spin, power and feel. Very durable in hybrid with poly mains - more than 20 hours and still plays well. A bit tricky to string - just be careful to not crimp it. Will try other gut but this hybrid plays very well. It frays but just ignore it as it still plays great.
From: Chris, Atlanta, GA, USA. 8/08

Comments: Legend 16 is about 90-95% of the good compared to the 17 gauge and 15-20% more durable. I've tried Pacific Tough Gut, VS and Tonic+. Legend has the most control for power players and plenty of touch for slicing and drop shots. I also found it to be more durable than Tough Gut. It bites the ball really well and tension after initial 10% loss stays true for a while. A must try if you use NG. I used it with K90 and now with Pure Storm Ltd.
From: Ben, 07/08

Comments: This is a soft string that has a texture to give you added control. Durability is decent and is a comparable string to the Babolat.
From: Ron, HK. 3/08

Comments: I have recently started using KLIP Natural Gut in a hybrid setup with Big Banger Ace in the mains. It is simply the finest combination of strings I have ever used. I can never go back to synthetic gut or multi for my cross strings, I am hooked. What has really amazed me is the durability, I have been using only one of my racquets so as to gauge the number of hours I can get out of one set of strings. I am happy to report that I am 20 hrs in and barely see any fraying. I usually break strings every 4-6 hours, so this is phenomenal. KLIP Legend is worth every penny, period. Just as good if not better than Babolat VS 16 and $10 cheaper. Order it now. I'm a hard hitting 5.0 player with decent amount of top on both sides.
From: Latham, Austin, TX, USA. 11/07
Prince O3 Speedport Tour BB Ace 18g/Klip Legend 16g @ 63/66

Comments: Amazing string great feel and really soft the durability is great as well nice hybrid it with luxilon big banger alu rough; amazingly the luxilon popped before the klip gut
From: Joseph, South Pasadena, CA, USA, 10/07

Comments: I use this string in a hybrid with Iso-Speed Pro strings. Out of all of it's good qualities (spin, durability, power, ect.) I was amazed how much spin I got. A great string choice for any player.
From: Ryan, Murphy, NC, USA, 10/07

Comments: synthetic gut, nylon and Luxilon, I bought a set of these strings not expecting a lot of durability. Needless to say I have been very surprised. The first racquet was strung with Nylon/Gut and it lasted about four days of playing. Then I strung the next racquet with Luxilon and the Legend string at 56/60 respectively. Wow what a surprise. The feel was wonderful and I am still swinging the racquet after breaking the other two racquets with synthetic gut. Although I once thought that cheaper string lasted longer, I am rethinking my decisions. If this string continues to wear as it has, there is no doubt I will switch to this string for good on the crosses. The feel is wonderful and as far as stringing, I can't see a lot of difference in difficulty but stringing the gut vs syn gut. All in all, everything I have read about this string was right on. If you're looking for the feeling of gut with the durability of syn gut, this is your string. I'm tough to please and this string has been wonderful. Now all I need to do is find another option for the mains....
From: BD, Delray Beach, FL, USA, 02/07

Comments: Wow what a string, I use these or the 17g on my Babolat aeropro drive at 82lbs (yeah 82, I string my rackets myself). They really grab the ball, giving lots of control, or just keeping the ball inside the lines. They have lasted amazingly, it's been a few weeks, and they're still playing awesome, notching comes from string movement and when strung tight, they don't slide much at all. Great all around string. I'm a high school player (4.0-4.5) with fast strokes and lots of pace off both sides.
From: Sam, Fremont, CA USA 05/06

Comments: Fantastic string with a lot of pop and all the control! I have used the Klip string as well as Babolat Tonic, VS and tried the Titan. I think the Klip blows away the Titan and plays as well as the Babolat VS but seems to be lasting longer (which I cannot believe). I highly recommend this string and you cannot beat the price!
From: A, San Francisco, CA, USA. 12/05

Comments: A great way to experience the ultimate in control without the ultimate in price. Klip holds up really well and is easy on my arm. The control was the best I've ever experienced but don't expect too much in the power department. Strung in a Dunlop 300G @ 58lbs.
From: Joel, CA USA, 9/03

Comments: The best decision I have made concerning my equipment upgrade. True gut strings can change your whole attitude, Klip has a great product. Even the pro who strung the racquets is now motivated to get some. He was very surprised at the ease of stringing. Even a miser like myself feels I finally got my monies worth.
From: John, Chicago, IL, USA. 7/03

Comments: Increased my ball speed by about 25%. I use a Volkl Tour 10 MP and play 4-5 times a week. The power that I get from the Legend was really astounding. I had heard that Klip makes the majority of the natural gut on the market, but that they only sell their first grade in their name. This was the best gut I have tried in a long, long time because it did two things great. First, it held its tension very well (I know it's supposed to do that). Second, the durability was excellent compared to other natural guts. Can't beat that. I highly recommend you try the Legend.
From: Thomas, Dallas, TX, USA. 4/03

Comments: The Klip gut is a great product. It has great feel and responsiveness, kind of like the "old school" gut from back in the day. Lasted as well. Well worth the try!
From: Michael, SF. CA. USA 2/03

Comments: Great String! I also tried the BDE gut and the Pacific gut but the Legend had a great pocketing effect and was very responsive from the first shot to the last. I felt it was very durable (15 hrs) considering I use a lot of topspin. Also, it held tension very well. Great price compared to the other natural gut prices.
From: Frank, NY, NY. USA 2/03

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