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Comments: Great stick. I also like the fact that ProKennex updates their models every 5 years, instead of 2 years (or 3 years by Babolat) like other companies. I feel less compelled to upgrade as often as I do. There are very few extended lengths. If Yonex made an extended length, I would probably still play with them. Absolutely love this on serves. Returns are more difficult.
From: Tom, 3/14

Comments: Played one hour with it and I'm very impressed! I had it strung with Isospeed Spin at 58 lbs in the mains and Isospeed Control at 62 lbs in the crosses. I'm new to those string and at this tension it seems looser but still played great! This might be the best racquet out there. Going to give more feedback in a month or so to see how I'm doing with it.
From: Mars, 3/14

Comments: So I just switched from a Yonex Ezone XI 100 to this racquet and played my first match yesterday. First impression was that it was good. It will definitely take me a while to adjust because of how different it is to my previous racquet (balance, weight, swing weight, length). I am a 4.0 who's weakness is serves and backhand. With this racquet I was able to serve bombs, with a higher percent chance it will go in. Serves were very easy, with a ton of power. Backhands took me all match to get used to. Forehands were easy with lots of accuracy, however I did not get the feeling that I was hitting top spin. My opponent told me that I was hitting with topspin apparently, so I don't really know. Maneuverability was definitely its biggest weakness. With my old racquet I was able to play better defense. I strung mains at 58 lbs with Ashaway Kevlar 17 and crosses at 55 lbs with Prince Orig Syn 17 Gold. This tension was in the middle of the range. I believe this was too tight for me (hit more shallow than intended), even though I usually string very tight. I would drop tension by a couple of pounds of what you are used to. Overall, great racquet; I have given up my maneuverability for bomb serves, which I am happy to do. I will plan to post another comment once I am more used to this racquet as I realize prokennex is not as popular and will not have much feedback from customers. TW description says this is suited for 4.5+, however it has a huge sweet spot, I would say its fine for 3.5 and higher. also, this racquet makes a funny ping sound, I will try it with a dampener next.
From: Mike, 3/14

Comments: It is truly a great racquet. My groundstrokes, volley, and serves are way heavier, deeper, and more consistent. It is so stable that I can easily save the balls and make many quick reaction shots, just position this racquet to the right spot and have it punch it back heavily. My shots are so damaging that even in doubles my opponents kept hitting the balls to my partner. Comfort is another great plus. My shoulder pain goes away as the day goes by and I have the confidence to play the most harsh string possible. So far I like the Alu Power best but anyone who has try other strings that plays better than Alu Power please share your finding. Thanks to ProKennex for come up with this product and thanks to tennis warehouse for offering this item to people who could care less to look like Federer but wants to play like Federer.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I bought this racquet and it did everything better than my Extreme Pro 2.0s. Every aspect of my game works so far with this racquet. The extended length didn't require any noticeable adjustment. One thing is that my serve is far better. My two handed backhand is better; forehand and volleys are the same, but less shoulder discomfort. I had it strung with gut at 54 lbs in the mains and RZR 17 in the crosses at 50 lbs. Just restrung with Cyclone at 48 lbs today will see how that compares tomorrow. I just ordered a second racquet with gut again. I have tried the Pure Strike, APD, APD+, ESP100T but the PK just fits me better.
From: Mike, 1/14

Comments: I love this racquet! Groundstrokes and serving are wonderful. I have easy access to both power and spin. When I go for a big shot, it really delivers. I also find it has surprisingly good touch, which I did not expect. While it might not have the extreme precision of my previous racquet, a Volkl Organix 325, it more than makes up for it in all other categories. I did not require any adjustment to the extended length, which was also a surprise. From the first swing, I was very happy. Although it is too early for me to know about the arm friendliness of the racquet, I will say that my elbow feels a little better with this racquet. I had it strung at 52 lbs with poly so that the strings would be similar to what I used in my old racquet. Now that I'm confident with the racquet, I will switch to more arm friendly strings. I'm a 4.0+ player.
From: Brysky, 1/14

Comments: I was using a pro stock Prince Hybrid Tour 100, also 27.5" and at 12.5 ounces and I was finding it heavy at end of matches. I liked this demo, but after buying one with Volkyl Cyclone Tour, 48lbs and a leather grip -- I love this racquet! It has control and power when you need it. It is great at net and off the ground. Serving better with it also. Easy to swing for an extended length racquet.
From: John, 12/13

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