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Comments: I have had tennis elbow since November of last year. Just got this racquet a little over 2 weeks ago and I can feel the difference in my arm after each match, I usually play 3 times a week. I got it strung with Ashaway ZX Monogut 16 in the mains at 48 lbs and Gosen Micro 16 in the crosses at 58 lbs and it is the most comfortable setup I ever tried. My shots have a lot of topspin. Love the racquet.
From: Juan, 6/14

Comments: Very comfortable frame for tennis elbow, but I was unable to get a consistent feel and feedback on my shots.
From: Jim, 3/14

Comments: Great arm friendly racquet. I did not find any weakness with it. Felt good on groundstrokes and at net. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for control and comfort.
From: Raj, 10/13

Comments: I've been hitting with this racquet a little under two months now so I feel like I can give a decent review. First off, the racquet is comfortable. I have golfers elbow in both arms, and I was searching for a racquet to help out with this. I can certainly say it does. My golfers elbow is still "sore" after hitting, but it is not throbbing in pain like it used to be after playing with stiffer racquets and polyester strings. I'm not sure what it is about this racquet, but my backhand and backhand slice are the best they have ever been. I am struggling a little with my forehand, but I think that's more to do with the 7 months I had to take off. The serve is nice as the racquet is easy to whip around, and great maneuverability at net. The only thing I would do to help this racquet is make it a little heavier, which is why I might consider buying the 315 next time around. The first month or so I was hitting with Technifibre X-One Biphase 18 which is a fantastic string, and I just put some Babolat VS natural gut in it, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that feels. All in all, I am very pleased.
From: Alex, 10/13

Comments: This is a nice all-around racquet. Cousin to the Ki5 315 and plays a lot like it. It is a lighter, stiffer version that is still easy on the arm. A bit less plow-thru but you can swing it faster and it is quite stable for the weight. The stiffness ups the power just enough that you don't have to try to bludgeon every shot and the ligher weight makes it easier to swing through 3 sets. Happy with the serve, forehand, volley and overhead but still adjusting on the 1HBH side. Forehand is my favorite stroke with this racquet. Paint job is nice too for anyone, like me, that doesn't go for the loud colors and crazy patterns on some racquets.
From: Dave, 6/13

Comments: I'm also a former Babolat user (both AeroPro & Roddick) who switched to ProKennex because of servere golfers elbow. I can't believe I've gone from a 9 out 10 (10 being the worst pain) to a 2 in less than a month of using the KI Q5. To be fair, I also put 17g wilson gut in the KI Q5 and it's awesome! So, that's how the ball should feel when you hit it. Just FYI, you can hear the beads in the frame, but you don't even notice it when your playing. If your reading this, you probably have arm issues too, give this stick a try or at least give it a demo. Thanks TW for the advice, I almost gave up tennis!
From: Tony, 4/13

Comments: My son and I both used the Babolat Pure Drive for the last four years. Recently, both of us developed severe elbow pain (secondary to epicondylitis. I read the original research papers published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and by a German University and both confirmed that ProKennex racquets with the 'beads' in the frame, substantially decreased the vibrations reaching the players' arms). We switched over to Prokennex racquets. I chose the Q5 295 g for my son, as this racquet had almost identical dimensions and weight as the Pure Drive. Since then, his elbow pain has resolved. Whenever he switches back to the Pure Drive, his pain comes back, but when he goes back to the ProKennex Q5, his pain is gone. I use the 315g ProKennex and my pain was also relieved and has not returned. We have decided to stick with the ProKennex. I strongly recommend this racquet to anyone who has or who wants to prevent tennis injuries.
From: KS, 2/13

Comments: I echo the previous reviewers sentiments on the positive characteristics of this stick. I am a heavy hitter with an all court game and this racquet delivers in every aspect. I have played with the top tweeners (APD,PD's etc) and the top players sticks (Radicals, Blades etc). The tweeners can be too stiff and bulky, the players racquets can be too flexible and low powered. The Q5 bridges the gap. It has just enough power to get the job done, the right amount of flex for control and it is really comfortable. The Q5 plays solid and has a plush feeling. It has a good sized sweet spot and is not dead in the upper hoop like some sticks. A must demo!
From: Tom, 2/13

Comments: Initially, I purchased my Q5 295 as a tennis racquet, not medical equipment, based on the practically perfect specs for my game (16x20 pattern was the tiebreaker transitioning from the same), experience with other similar racquets, and the very solid PK reputation. My first experience was solid in stock form, strung with Black Widow 1.21 M / IsoSpeed Energetic 1.20 X, but quickly it was evident some minor mods would make a big improvement. I added just 5G total - 3g at top of handle and 2g at 3 and 9 o'clock on the hoop, along with a string change to Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 M / Volkl Cyclone 1.20 X (11.5 oz new static weight with Prince ResiPro replacement grip, overgrip, and 2 worm dampeners). I'm completely satisfied with this setup! The racquet is still extremely maneuverable, and is now significantly more stable with sufficient plowthrough and cannot be more comfortable executing each stroke, including my serve and 1HBH. Admittedly I was unaware of the moving 'beads' inside the frame prior to purchase, and I told myself that I would return immediately if it was audible, but I can say with 100% certainty, while it's audible shaking the racquet next to your ear, you do not hear it while playing at all and it should not discourage your decision. This will be my go-to racquet for a long time and I encourage anyone shopping a new racquet in this range to give the Q5 a shot!! I chose the 295g option to leave room to mod, knowing I would, and 315g is too heavy of a starting point for my game.
From: ClevelandStringer, 12/12
String type and tension: Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 mains / Volkl Cyclone 1.20 crosses @ 53 lbs

Comments: Just purchased the PK 295g version after finally experiencing tennis elbow with my Pure Drives (hey, I lasted 5 years without problems until recently, but at age 53, I just can't do it anymore). With 0.3 ounces added in the handle and another 0.3 ounces divided between 10 and 2, this racquet plays very nicely. It doesn't have the raw power of a PD (then again, PDs are in a class of their own when it comes to explosive power), but I'm finding more than adequate penetration, depth, control, feel, and spin...all in an arm-friendly package. The transition for me has been almost seemless. While I will miss the joy of those shocking shots that only a PD can deliver (the "where did that come from" variety), I have found a worthy substitute in the modified that will allow me to keep playing without elbow pain.
From: Male, 12/12
String type and tension: Klip Detonator @ 45/50 lbs

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