ProKennex Kinetic Q5 (315) 2013 Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: After suffering Tennis Elbow for a number of years, I was given the chance to test drive a friend's spare Q5 frame. He strung the racquet with MSV Hex Soft (17g) slightly below the mid point (54 lbs). I immediately found the extra power that I had struggled to get out of my Pro Staff 90 frames for years with next to zero impact to elbow/shoulder joints. Serves became an asset with speeds jumping almost 10 MPH higher due to greater potential swing speed. I had played with ProStaff sticks to help alleviate TE issues but could never get the acceleration and comfort I've achieved with the ProKennex. I also found GREAT control and spin available on both wings with my one handed BH instantly elevated to a new weapon on the court. Recent matches have found me beating players (4.0-4.5) that had routinely cleaned my clock in the past. Normal hitting partners have also commented on how improved overall game has gotten since switching racquets. I have since purchased two frames and stronglyadvocate any player with TE issues to demo. I should have tried these a long time ago!
From: Brian, 5/15

Comments: After playing with the PK 5g for some time, I bought two Ki Q5 (315 g) racquets. (I tried the extended length Q5x version, but the high swing weight made it too difficult for me to whip around quickly.) The Q5 is stiffer than the 5g. It is also more powerful, and I soon learned that a full bed of natural gut is just too powerful for it. I like the easier and more solid power with the Q5, but I could not keep my groundstrokes in the court. I now use natural gut in the mains at 59 pounds, and then I use Head RIP Control in the crosses at 61 pounds. The RIP Control strings help to control the power while giving more access to swinging out more to get topspin, even if it gives a deader, harder feel to strings; the RIP Control gives certain "poly" characteristics to the string, while still being an "arm friendly" multi. After some adjustments, I am enjoying the move from the 5g to the more "modern" and powerful Q5 315g. I also added 4 grams of lead at 9 and 3 o'clock. Solid, solid, solid. Hits a heavy ball. Serves, volleys, and groundstrokes are dangerous -- if you are strong enough to swing the Q5 fast enough. My racquets clock in at 351 grams with strings, overgrip, and dampener.
From: Richard, 8/14

Comments: Previously I was using Babolat AeroPro Drive, but the Q5 racquet has helped my tennis elbow. It is a great overall racquet with better access to spin and power than Ki 315, without losing control. Also for serving is quite nice but some problems with volleys due to the weight. I am 50 years old and probably would go for a lighter version next year. I use Signum Poly Plasma 17 string at 55 lbs.
From: Marcello, 8/14

Comments: Hit with a demo for a few days. Racquet is excellent for my groundstrokes, especially for my one-handed backhand. The extra mass gave it more pop. Also pretty solid for volleys and serving. The only downside is the extra weight made it less maneuverable, so there might be some problems with rapid exchange volleys at the net in doubles. But I liked it for singles.
From: Henry, 3/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 and just bought two of these after a long demo process of arm friendly racquets. I narrowed it down to the Q5 and Ki315 but picked the Q5 because of the added power, which was particularly noticeable on my serve and volleys. The better competition is using more powerful racquets. I feel I should do the same.
From: Brandon, 8/13

Comments: Here is the update after using this racquet for nearly six months. Over all it is a great stick with plenty of power and control along with ample feel. As for the tennis-elbow, well the racquet has not helped it. I've been working on mechanics and technique to help it heal. So despite the claims, my arm issues persist, however I'm keeping the Q5 because it is a great overall performer. I may even try the lighter version as the 315g feels heavier than the specs to me, especially when compared to similar dimension racquets from other companies - like the Babolot Pure Drive Rodick.
From: D, 7/13

Comments: I've recently switched to the ProKennex Ki Q5 315 as I was using the HEAD YOUTEK INSTINCT MP, nice stick but my arm got sore and do not want to risk further injury. The Ki Q5 315 has a solid feel from the baseline and has a good powerful feeling. Felt good on the 1st and 2nd serve and while returning serves. Seems like a good alternative for players that need to be careful with arm and shoulder joints.
From: Pete, 4/13

Comments: I just switched to this racquet from the Head Radical OS. I loved the consistency I had with the Head but it was hurting my arm (tennis-elbow) and lacked power. I've only been hitting with the Pro Kennex Q5 for about 3 weeks now so I can't comment much on the tennis-elbow (it still bothers me) but there is definitely less vibration on contact with the Q5. The Q5 is also more powerful and has better control. My backhand especially has more pop. The weight is perfect for me too. No need to customize it. I've used multi and poly strings and the poly provides better control. Both strings feel the same to me which I can't say I've felt with other racquets. I'll post an update on the arm issues in a few more weeks once I've spent more time with it. I'm loving it so far!
From: D, 3/13

Comments: A good racquet, but not for the weak hands.
From: Viktor, 2/13

Comments: It's a softer and gentler Ki 315, which itself is a PDR without the pain. It pockets the ball better than the Ki 315, has almost an old school feel to it, but isn't quite as easy to whip through the ball. It is one of the best feeling racquets at net that I've used in 35 years. The demo was strung around 55 with a multi, but I'd probably go up to somewhere between 57 and 60 with a multi.
From: Sean, 11/12

Comments: Extraordinary comfort in a very solid racquet, with above average power. It's a kinder and gentler PDR in terms of stability, if perhaps not quite power. It's a great racquet for those with arm problems, and equally capable at baseline or front court. It's extremely solid on volleys, and makes you feel like you'll never be happy again with one of those flimsy 11.2 ounce racquets. Spin is easy to generate. Like all ProKennex offerings the finish is flawless, execution superb, including a novel zippered soft sack it comes with.
From: Ollie, 9/12

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