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Comments: I have been using this racquet for about a year. The extra length adds some leverage on the serve that provides for additional pop. But the primary reason I purchased this racquet (I now own a second as a back-up) is for absorbing the shock. The absorbing flex has saved my elbow. Having said that, I do miss a little more power from the baseline. Where I have had to give up on power I have been able to compensate with control and spin. I am rated a USTA 4.0 and play with guys 10-15 years younger.
From: Rick, 1/17

Comments: Very solid and comfortable racquet. Wanted to replace my aging self-extended Pure Storms, tried out different extended length racquets (Ki 5X, Pure Control Plus, Pacific BX2 Xforce Pro) and much preferred the Ki 5X. Easy depth and higher launch angle. The racquet is only 27 3/8" not 27 1/2" (and interestingly, side-by-side the supposedly 27 1/4" Xforce Pro was exactly the same length as the Ki 5X). The Ki 5X's balance is also different than the published specs -- I used the TW racquet matching service, and the strung balance of multiple racquets was around 5-6 pts HL for all, not 9 pts. The slightly shorter length and less HL balance is a winning combination for me! Had used 7Gs around 2008, and like the new Ki 5X more. Definitely give it a try if you're an extended length user.
From: Gene, 5/16

Comments: This is a great racquet! ProKennex racquets are the best arm friendly racquets on the market. This Ki 5x absorbs so much of the impact and vibration, yet it has good power and excellent touch. The extra length offers a little more pop on the serve. Highly recommend! I'm a 5.0 player from SoCal and string with Technifibre NRG2 at 57 lbs.
From: Doug, 5/15

Comments: This is a great stick for people with shoulder problems. After 2 surgeries, this is the only racquet that I can play with without feeling some pain. I own a regular length Ki 5 as well, and the 5x is better for my 2 handed backhand. It definetely has a lower power level than Pure Drive, but you can take full cuts at the ball and it stays in on both ground strokes and serves. It also has great placement on volleys and drop shot, but certainly harder to maneuver than Pure Drive.
From: Alex, 10/12
String type and tension: Klip Lightning Gut mains / 17g multi-filament crosses @ 52/54lbs

Comments: This is a GREAT stick! Having had some TE and shoulder problems I have tried the Price EXO3 Tour (both 16X18 & 18X20) and numerous others to include the 7G. This has virtually cured my TS and shoulder problems and this all with it strung with a VS/Poly hybrid (albeit at low tension). I HIGHLY recommend this frame!!
From: Joe, 7/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut mains @ 52 lbs / RPM Blast crosses @ 53 lbs

Comments: This felt inconsistent and stiff. I loved the Black Ace 98, it still hurt my wrist and elbow, but it was butter. I played with the 5g for many years and always had to add weight, so instead, I'm using the 7g now. It's stiffer than the Black Ace and power is between it and the Ki 5x. If you have wrist of elbow pain, the 5g or 7g are your best bets.
From: Sean. 08/11
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: The high power figures for this racquet bewilder me. I hit with it for an hour and found it comfortable but low powered. This is a good control racquet, although I would like it a quarter inch shorter as it's cumbersome at the net and on rushed shots. Like the shorter Ki 5 I've hit with in the past, it's a pleasant stick with no particularly notable features.
From: Mike. 07/11

Comments: I've been using the 5x for a couple of weeks now and I'm simply blown away. Because I have a bit of a shoulder issue, I've been on a quest for the perfect arm friendly racket. Just before the 5x I was using the B.B. London and loving the feel and stability of it but I just couldn't easily and consistently get good depth on my ground strokes despite some people calling it a powerful racket. So I did some research looking for that elusive combo of power and arm friendliness, I looked at T.W.'s power comparison tool and the vibration frequency chart and the 5x was the obvious choice given the Pro Kennex reputation for arm friendly technology. I couldn't demo so I took chance despite very little feedback on Talk Tennis about this racket. Wow! With the first strike of the ball my game elevated to a higher level, everything seemed effortless and I was hitting shots with ease that I would normally have trouble with, tons of depth and power without sacrificing control, serves, volleys, and returns are all outstanding and the string bed is very predictable. Hitting the sweet spot on this stick is intoxicating, hitting outside the sweet spot, as with any racket, doesn't feel as good but the balls land in with good pace and this is a very desirable thing. It weighs in at 11.7 ounces, 8pts headlight,27 3/8" long and is easy to swing, the extra length is not noticeable in any negative way, also the shoulder feels great.
I guess I'm not the first person to be blown away by a Pro Kennex racket, (I should have known better because I loved my Black Ace from the late 80's) nor am I the first to marvel at how under used this brand is. Well it took me a while to get here so I understand the seductive powers of marketing and advertising, but just let me say that if you are even remotely thinking of this brand give it a try!
From: Anon, 03/11

Comments: Well, I can't comment on whether the racquet matches the performance of its predecessor because I'm new to ProKennex. However, I can tell you that I love this stick. It has given me my game back. I thought that I'd have to settle for the slice and dice game that my previous "arm-friendly" racquet (Head Liquidmetal 4)gave me. The racquet wasn't arm- friendly and I couldn't swing away with it. Now I can take full cuts at the ball, yet it still has enough touch for my baseline, flat ball, power game. I feel like a real tennis player again! Best of all, my tennis elbow was gone with the first use!
From: Roddy, Wildomar, CA. 5/10
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Multifeel mains & Gamma Revelation crosses
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I've had the Ki 5x for a few weeks now and it has easily become my favorite racquet supplanting my Volkl DNX9. The 5x handles all shots extremely well, has dependable directional control, takes on hard shots from opponents and nicely mutes racquet shock created by off center hits. What won me over with the 5x, however, was the placement, consistency and pace I could generate in my serves. The extra half-inch length really made a difference for me. I did find that my old DNX9 was a bit quicker at the net. Overall, however, the Ki 5x is a very solid all-court racquet that I'm glad I purchased.
From: Harold, Bellevue, WA. 05/10
String type and tension: Gamma Pro 18g 61 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: Great racquet. Love the 16x20 string pattern. The pattern make a lot of sense for those wanting a perfect mix of spin and control...think about it. I am 5'11" and the added length on the Ki5X has provided me with more power on serves and on my two-handed backhand. 2 Thumbs Up for the Ki5X.
From: Tim, Bluffton, SC 01/10
String type and tension: Spiky Shark - 54 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: If you look at the power ratings for this racquet, and also at the power zone (sweet spot) this has one of the biggest sweetspots and best power ratings of any racquet made today - it scores consistently high in all areas of the face. This frame is NOT stiffer than the 7G... look at the numbers, this racket has a 62 stiffness rating, the 7G has a 67. This racquet is fantastic to play with. Very forgiving, feels great and you can control the depth of shot very easily. I especially love the added pop the 1/2 inch offered to my backhand. I chose this over a pure drive as this was much easier on my elbow. I've demo'd about 2 dozen racquets and chose this one... enough said.
From: Jeff B. North Attleboro, MA USA 12/09
String type and tension: MSV focus hex, 17L, 60
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Just an awesome racket. For those of you thinking about a Pure Drive, but are even worried just a little about the stiffness and arm problems... definitely check this racquet out. I like to call this frame an all around players frame with a little extra pop (similar to the pure drive without the harshness). The best word for it when compared directly with the Pure Drive is "plush". Very comfortable, with moderate stiffness, but not overly stiff. The weight distribution is fabulous and the feel is solid. When compared with the 7G I agree with
From: anon. 11/09

Comments: ProKennex KI 5x is a great all around racquet. I demoed both the 5g and the 7g racquets before I tried the KI 5x. I know a few people who use both and they like theirs very much. When I demoed the 5g & 7g I really didn't like it very much. It only took a few minutes with each racquet to tell me that the 5g & 7g racquet was not for me. It was just to plain for me. Nothing too special. I had a chance to try my friends KI 5x and was very impressed. It was solid in all categories. Forehand and backhands were solid. What I really liked is how it handled at the net. Volley's were crisp and solid and felt like butter. If you needed to play defense on either wing, again butter... Serves are great and another great point was its slice off the forhand and backhand, again butter.I had to comment on those 7g user's though they might say that the KI 5x is an upgrade to the 7g I don't know. But to let everyone know that both the old KI 5x and the new are great racquets as well. Since I have both the old and new version of the KI 5x, Prokennex has done a great job! Solid racquets for the price! You cannot beat that. I have tried several Babalots which I like, Heads, Prince, Fischer, Wilsons. I demoed and played with different racquets and always come back to the Prokennex KI 5x. So all the 7g's think again...I introduced 3 other people that now use the Ki 5x and love it!!!!
From: Paul, all court player, Oakland, CA 09/09
String type and tension:Tecnifiber blackcode 17w/Prince syn gut 16 origianl 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I got the Ki-5X yesterday, strung it up and played a set. I was quite impressed. Its a little stiffer than the Babolat Pure Storm Tour + that I use, but it�s not a stiff racquet. Sweet spot shots are buttery smooth and off center are a little stiffer, but not jarring. It plays more closely to the AeroPro Drive + with Cortex, but slightly more flexible, slightly heavier, but it doesn't feel slower in the swing speed. I got good pop and spin on my groundies, slightly less so on my serve, but that could have been a function of the wind and court surface. The weight seems higher than the PST+ and it�s a little hard to get a sense of the balance point, but when I hit with it, I didn't notice the heft except maybe a little at net. I am surprised more people don't use this racquet. Overall, it�s quite impressive.
From: Jon, West Orange, NJ, USA, 10/08
String type and tension: Gosen Micro Super JC 16
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: It didn't feel as stiff as others have reported, but you have to hit in the sweetspot of course. Good balance being neither too light nor too heavy. Feel is average with overall good directional control. I agree that this is not really an "upgrade" from the 7G; rather it is an altogether different racket with its good and bad points. I also did not feel any difference in the so-called "ionic" system cf to the older kinetic system. Overall a nice racket with a good-looking paintjob, but not really an improvement over the 7G.
From: R See, Singapore. 7/08
String type and tension: Pacific synthetic Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is SUPPOSED to be an upgrade to the 7G, but don't believe the hype - the 7G is a MUCH better racket - easier on the arm, not as stiff, better control, a better racket - and cheaper, too.
From: Lance, San Francisco, CA USA 02/06

Comments: I upgraded to the 5x, and am sorry I did. It is not the same racquet as the 7G. It's stiffer, harsher, and has less control.
From: Walt. 4/05

Comments: The 5X Played nothing like the 7G. It's very stiff with no control. The paint job looks great but the 7G is a much better racquet. Pro Kennex don't mess with a good thing. Keep the 7G around. Players stay away from the 5X - it's not an upgrade.
From: Rocky B 5.0 player, NYC, NY, USA. 03/05
String type: BDE GUT
Headsize: 100

Comments: This is the upgrade of the kinetic 7g, one of the best racquets on the market for tournament level players who prefer that extra 1/2 inch of length. If you don't like the extra length, try the regular Ki 5. I don't notice much difference with the "ionization" process of the mass inside the frame compared to the old 7g. That being said, this is still one of the best racquets on the market. I am a USPTA teaching professional who loves to play competitively.( 5.0-5.5 all-court player) While Head has done some great things with the Liquid Metal series, they still have not addressed some wholes in there product line for tournament level players. Wilson's new nCode series is nice, but basically more of the same. Prince's sticks are still light in the weight department. The big racquet manufactures (Wilson, Head, Prince) have still largely ignored the needs of tournament level players. Unless you are top 10 on the pro tour, they don't care what you prefer because they still have their focus on the recreational level player who will buy all the new designs, paint schemes and useless "game improvement" hype. The ionic Ki 5x is a great racquet for several reasons. Number one, it's not too light. Secondly it has great balance. Third, it is comfortable to play with. The kinetic technology does produce a comfortable racquet. In addition to these features, the 5X has a friendly string pattern. The 16M, 20X pattern provides a good amount of bite for spin and still allows you to use lively string without sacrificing durabiltiy. I string a lot of racquets, and you'd be surprised how much that extra cross string at the top of the hoop prolongs your string life. I wouldn't buy another racquet with 19 crosses. ProKennex may have a lousy website, but they make a great racquet. I could play with a racquet from Wilson or Head for free. I choose to pay for a ProKennex because it's a better racquet. Enough said.
From: Aaron, Texas, USA. 11/0
String type and tension: Synthetic gut @ 65 lbs.
Headsize: 100 sq. inches

Comments: I was told that this racquet was the new version of the 7g. However, there is one value that differs, the stiffness. If I understand the numbers correctly, this frame is a little stiffer than the 7g. Maybe it is the power of suggestion after having examined the numbers, but I have noticed that this frame does feel a little more harsh. I'm not completely sure I like the stiffer frame, but I'm still giving it some time.
From: Tony, Huntsville, AL, USA. 11/04
String type: Prince Perfection 17g
Headsize: 100

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