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Comments: I have severe epicondilitis medial elbow problems. I played with the Pure Drive Plus and couldn't play anymore. I switched to this racquet a month ago and my pain has fallen sharply and I can now play 3-4 times a week with little pain in my elbow. Strung with Dunlop Silk 16 String at 58 lbs. Thanks Tennis Warehouse.
From: Alfredo, 12/15

Comments: I am a 4.0 doubles player and developed TE a year ago. I immediately made all of the status quo racquet/string changes and tried a variety of braces. I even went to the ball machine a couple of times to see if I was coordinated enough to play left handed, that was humbling. Then I got "the shot" and didn't play for 2 months to let it heal. I was crushed when that old familiar pain came shooting through my elbow/forearm midway through my first match after the layoff. Thankfully, my fortunes changed about a month ago. First, I was lucky enough to find a chiro trained in the Graston technique. Then, a few days later I stumbled across an article hyping the benefits of ProKennex for TE. I went to TW to do some more research and liked the specs of this one. Once I started reading the positive feedback about this racquet posted by players who had "lived" my story, I knew I had to buy one. I have been playing with this racquet 2-3 times/week for 3 weeks now. I have had ZERO pain during play (even after hitting some framers). It is a very solid-feeling stick. It seemed a little heavy at first but has proven easy to get through the hitting zone with pace. I am still adjusting to the dense 16x20 string pattern, as it makes it a little more difficult to generate spin. I had it strung with Technifibre NRG-2 17 at 60 lbs, which is probably not the ideal set up for creating a lot of spin. Overall, I give this racquet 9.5 out of 10. I know it sounds silly to call it a miracle, but for tennis enthusiasts who have contemplated giving up the game they love due to TE, it just might be.
From: Kevin, 11/15

Comments: I could not play tennis for a year because of severe tennis elbow. Purchased this racquet from TW about 4 months ago, and I am now able to play 3-4 times a week with no problems. Strung with Technifibre NRG-2 17 gage, at 57 lbs. My racquet is 10 points head light and not 7 points as listed. Great racquet with plenty of power and control. Previously used Wilson N5 Triad and Prince O3 Red.
From: John, 9/15

Comments: I am 55 years old and prevention of TE is now my number 1 priority. I have never had any problems and the trick seems to be not to get one; I have used heavy head-light flexible sticks like Wilson 6.1 and steered clear of so-called modern power racquets. Well, this racquet playes like a well made pure graphite stick; but the more you play with it, the more you buy the idea of those lead balls. The faster the swing, the softer the impact. What you get on top: a top performer for any non-Rafa type of player.
From: Andrew, 9/15

Comments: After suffering for 3 to 4 years of tennis elbow I bought this racquet from TW. This racquet is amazing in the sense I no longer feel the sharp pain after each off center hit or late shots. Currently using Solinco Tour Bite at 57 lbs. Thinking of changing to softer poly like Head Sonic Pro.
From: Ponvel, 8/15

Comments: I've had bad tennis elbow due to overuse and imperfect form during my early highschool days. After college, I decided I had enough of having to stop a match, or tell my partner that "today is not the day" after going through warmups. It was like flipping a coin to see if I'd be able to play or not, once I learned the hard way that playing through it is not the way to go about it. After some research last summer (2014), I came across the ProKennex Ionic line. After reading reviews of each racquet, it seemed like the Ki5 315 would be a good one for me. I got one, and played with a synthetic main/gut cross. Felt a lot more "easy" power than my Babolat Aeropro Drive, which was key because I wouldn't have to swing my arm as fast. Also, any off-center hits were dampened by the material in the frame. Something that can be felt. After a few months of use, I bought a second and have put all-gut strings in. Couldn't be happier with the feel. Have not had to call off a match or quit in 20+ occasions. Still some arm soreness on some day-afters, but nothing that ice doesn't fix. I'd give this product a 9/10. Only thing stopping it from a 10/10 is that it seems like the "dampening" material in the frame seems to wear down overtime, as my newer racquet definitely feels like it has "more" of it inside. Kind of hard to explain if you haven't hit with one of these.
From: Andrew, 8/15

Comments: So I have tennis elbow. And I had it bad. I'm just getting over it although I have to still be careful. I read about this racquet and tennis elbow. And the more I read the more I just wanted to buy it. So I did. Wow --it's awesome! I wish I had known about this racquet before I got tennis elbow. What a solid hit. Great control. And no shock whatsoever. I was going to demo some other ones but now, I'm just going to buy another one of these. Frankly, it's the best feeling racquet I have ever used -- ever. Now, what I am finding is that tennis elbow is a huge problem. Almost every guy I hit with in our group has had it at one time or another. And if you have it, you know it's horrible. You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. I think Tennis Warehouse is out of my grip size which is 4 and half. (4.5). So I guess I'll have to wait. A few people are saying this racquet actually healed their tennis elbow. I don't know if that's going to happen to me but I played this morning and no pain at all. None. And I never hit the ball so solidly and with confidence. Oh and I have it strung with Babolat Gut at 52 lbs -- it's perfect. I do love this racquet, I even like the way it looks and I showed the guys the little tennis elbow emblem it has, pretty cool looking if you ask me.
From: George, 7/15

Comments: Love this racquet, I am about to buy another. I was playing with a Prince O series, which was like playing with a club with no control. The ProKennex feels like an extension of my arm. Very comfortable, great spin and control. I have elbow and shoulder problems and my arm doesn't hurt when I play with this racquet. I am 40 years old and a 4.5 level player and play several times a week. The one thing this racquet lacks is power. I have Gamma pro 17 strings, strung at 57 lbs. I am going to try some different strings strung at a lower tension.
From: Mark, 9/14

Comments: Well I have had this racquet for 9 months now. I was using a Blade 98 that I loved but wrist and arm pain almost stopped me playing. My coach had a Ki 5 295 due to his own tennis elbow problems and advised me it had helped him out. I made the switch and moved seamlessly from the Blade 98 to this stick. The Ki 5 had big shoes to fill and it did that and tamed my arm pain as well. I have been strengthening and stretching as well of course but that had not fixed the problem while I was using the Blade. By the way, if you don't have arm problems the Blade 98 is terrific. The Blade is not an arm breaker either. I just had age and overuse issues which required the PK to get on top of.
From: Grahame, 9/14

Comments: I switched to the PK Ionic Ki5 315 after suffering from tennis elbow. I had been using a Head Youtek Radical Pro. I demoed Volkl, Wilson and Babolat frames. None were as comfortable. The PK swings easier than its specs, yet still allows me to hit a heavy ball. I also found the headlight balance to be helpful on volleys. In short, this is a great arm- friendly player's racquet. String type and tension: Wilson NXT at 56 lbs.
From: Michael, 8/14

Comments: I bought this used from Tennis Warehouse and although they said it was B condition racquet, it is near perfect condition. I am a beginner again after not playing for decades and I've found this racquet easy on the arm and plenty powerful enough. The "beginner" racquets that I tried seemed to encourage poor swing mechanics and did not allow me to hit the ball at my normal pace without putting it over the fence. The ProKennex is really nice and I may just have to order another one as a backup. Strung at 58 lbs with synthetic gut.
From: Tom, 7/14

Comments: Nice racquet that I almost pulled the trigger on. I had arthroscopic elbow surgery recently and the combo of the Wilson 6.1 95 and one handed backhand meant I had continued elbow pain -- more due to the 1HBH I think. I liked this racquet on groundies because it isn't overpowered. But I wanted more plow through on serves and volleys. I found myself having to change my stroke mechanics to compensate for the lack of plow and because of that I went with the more powerful Q5 315 instead. I play USTA at the 4.5 level. (Kudos to TW for excellent all-around service!)
From: Brandon, 8/13

Comments: This Ki 5 315 is a really great racquet. Great feel and control on all shots from anywhere on the court. Powerful strokes but really easy to maintain control on them. Arm friendly -- as arm friendly as a racquet can get. The only negative is it may be too HL (10 points) but the racquet is great at the net and on half volleys. The accuracy one gets with this racquet on every shot is impressive.
From: Tom, 7/13

Comments: I demo'ed this racquet during a 10-hour, 2-day clinic for FYB's new course coming very soon. A quick intro on my racquet search history; I bought two ProKennex 7Gs, demo'ed 8 racquets to end up with the Babolat AeroPro GT+, bought 2, played with them for 2 years until my forearm began hurting, and went back to the 7Gs. I had 3 other ProKennex racquets (the Redondo, Ki 5 PSE and the Q tour, as well as my two 7Gs) that I had gotten from TW to demo but after starting to hit with this racquet, the Ki 315 ended the search! I hit 4 shots with the PSE and didn't even bother to hit with the other ones. First of all, I hit for about 10 hours in two days and my arm was not hurting! I found this racquet delivering in all of the different situations, helping me hit powerful forehands with tons of spin, crisp volleys, lazer-like backhand slices, precise half volleys, and smoking serves. There was nothing disappointing about this racquet. I ordered two today and am very glad to have found a quality racquet that will be by my side for years to come. One note about ProKennex racquets is that they are probably the unsung heroes of tennis racquets when it comes to arm-friendly sticks. If you know of someone who is having elbow or shoulder problems, tell them to demo a ProKennex racquet before they decide to hang it all up!
From: Milad, 10/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Rough 16g @ 58lbs

Comments: I've been playing with this racquet for a week now and am loving it. I'm an all court player who mixes in serve and volleys more often than most. I came to it from a Head Youtek Prestige MP. This racquet generates noticeably more spin on ground strokes, and one of the main reasons I purchased it was the added power on serves compared to the Prestige MP. What surprised me was how much better I felt with the racquet at the net. Drop volleys were a breeze to hit with this racquet. Whether it's volleys or ground strokes, the racquet generates some nice pocketing on the ball and makes redirecting shots a cinch. I'm not a guy with elbow problems, but the racquet comfort is noticeable. If you're looking for a stick that does lots of things well to compliment an all court game, this one is worth demoing.
From: Pete, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power mains @ 55 lbs / Babolat N.Vy crosses @ 57 lbs

Comments: This thing is a Babolat Pure Drive GT without the elbow and wrist pain. It's that simple. What a great racquet if you like a player's racquet that you can whip through the ball and you want a relatively stiff frame at the same time. I prefer stiffer frames and this is one of the best out there. Can't say enough good things about his racquet.
From: Sean, 8/12

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