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Comments: I bought this racquet because at age 58 I developed tennis elbow again and was tired of taking aleve all the time. My tennis elbow went away within 2 weeks and after playing with the Ionic Ki 15 260 for about 3 months, my game has dramatically improved with this racquet. I have more power on all my shots with control and my serve has more spin or power which ever I need at the time. If you are older and playing with a heavier control racquet as I was, give this one a try if you are wanting a little extra on your shots. It took me 3 months to fully learn what it could do for my game but now I love what this racquet has done for my game.
From: Vern, 2/14

Comments: I highly recommend this racquet. It has good pop on serves and volleys, it's highly maneuverable at net, and has good feel. I've played with Prince racquets for years, but could find nothing in their line that matched up with this racquet. I play a lot of doubles and am a 4.0-4.5 player. As the other reviewers commented, it also is easy on the arm.
From: Chris, 10/13

Comments: I am an improving 4.0 player. I have hit with many racquets that aggravate my shoulder. Last summer, I purchased the Ki 15 and it has actually eliminated my shoulder pain. It took a week or so of playing for the shoulder pain to subsise (it didn't happen immediately). Since using the ProKennex racquet, I have been able to sleep on my side without pain. I can feel my shoulder problems return with some of my old racquets after several days of hitting. The Ki 5x is the other ProKennex racquet that I really like, but I thought the swingweight was too high for me at the time. I play with polyester in my Ki 15 strung at 62 lbs so, no shoulder pain is a true blessing. The only other racquets I thought were close to the ProKennex in terms of comfort and grip were the Head White and Black Speed series and also possibly the Wilson BLX Six-One 16x18 2012 (I am not sure if the Wilson causes long-term pain, though). For readers who are curious, I can hit both a 1 and 2handed backhand and I hit a semi- western forehand. I hit topspin and slice off both sides, and sometimes hit flat. I use body coil with a very loose grip and arm to swing. I hope to move up to a heavier racquet now, possibly the Ki 5x or something else as long as it doesn't bother my shoulder.
From: Jeremiah, 2/13

Comments: I love this racquet. It's light, but absorbs hard shots well with power and comfort. No tennis elbow or other issues. It's effective on groundies and at the net. Solid on serves with easy control. This one is well worth a test drive.
From: Earl, 2/13

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