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Comments: Great string but man it is stiff! I have it in a BLX Pro Open at 58lbs. It's a fairly stiff racquet but this is one heck of a stiff string and I didn't expect that from a multi.
From: Rob, 5/13

Comments: John below is right, good tension maintenance for a multi!! Control is better compared to the other high-end multifilaments and delivers great feel and playability. Tried NRG, Bi-phase, Live Wire, NXT, and XCel Premium and Excellerator is my favorite Multi. Racquet is a Kblade 98 strung at 57 lbs. 17gauge4.5 level player, 51 years old. Style of play is All Court / Serve & Volley. Great old man string and plays beautifully in 18x20 string pattern racquets!
From: Jeff. 6/11

Comments: Excellent string. Tension maintenance is unusually good for a multi. Controllable power, very good spin. Highly recommended.
From: John, Charleston, SC, USA, 08/10

Comments: Great string - lovely pocketing on all shots - crisp yet soft on the arm - no problem with breakage for me - but does lose tension noticeably over time. I use this string in my Head Extreme Pro at 58lbs.
From: Ian, UK 07/09

Comments: All around good string. Definitely outlasts other similar strings in it's price range. Spin potential is average. Tension retention is good. Power is great for the first 3hours of hitting. It tends to just go 'dead' after 5 or so hours. Will keep searching.
From: A.L., Germantown, MD 07/09

Comments: Comments: Used Bi-Phase Tecnifibre just before trying Excellerator. I am getting longer last and it holds tension way longer. Power seems about the same, but it plays great all the way till it snaps. For the price, you can't beat it.
From: Danny, Kihei, Maui, HI, USA 06/06

Comments: Got over 1 1/2 times the durability of NRG. I am surprised at how well it holds tension, though a little firmer. I would recommend stringing a pound or two lower than NRG or xCel Premium.
From: Bernie, Los Angeles, CA, USA 05/06

Comments: This is a great string. I was using the Tecnifibre TRC 16, but I switched to this one due to my lack of power. I would really encourage people to use this string.
From: Brent, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 04/06

Comments: A really good string. Lots of feel and good power. The only problem is durability. I would be lucky if it lasted even a tournament. I'm going to switch to the 16's to see if they last a little longer. Not a terrible price but could be better.
From: Danny, Fairfax, VA, USA. 04/05

Comments: Not a bad string, but did not have the feel that the Tecnifibre strings have. Go with the NRG or even the 515. I'm a 4.0 level, all-court player.
From: Robert, Columbia, MD, USA. 4/04

Comments: Really enjoyed this string. String felt real crisp and it had a lot of playability to it. It held tension very well and the string did not move around very much. I had been using NXT but Excellerator lasted longer and played better. Highly recommended.
From: Jan-Erik, Charlotte, NC, USA. 3/03

Comments: Really liked this string. Good ball bite with exceptional feel. Held tension 'til it broke...problem was durability. Lasted 8 hours of play time in a Volkl Tour 10 mid (18x20) strung at 54. Played as well as Pacific Tour gut and lasted just as long but the price point is tough to swallow for a synthetic. If it was around $9 a set, it would be a great deal.
From: Mark, Atlanta, GA. USA 10/02

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