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Comments: Bottom line, this is a great, long wearing shoe -- especially if you want a wide fitting shoe.
From: Phillips, 11/13

Comments: While very comfortable, I agree with Dale on the fit. The leather is just so soft that mine really stretched out after about a month and I just don't feel any support in them at all. Lots of time spent adjusting laces which is annoying. I had the old Accomplish model prior to the RS and those were superior in every way, especially stability. Overall, probably a good shoe for more casual style of play.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: Fantastic shoe. I'm a USTA 4.0 senior and I play doubles at least 3 times a week. I have worn various New Balance shoes and have been happy for the most part, but they keep changing too much. I played 2 USTA league matches with this shoe right out of the box... won both matches with absolutely no ill side effects. I'm glad I bought 2 pair. I think I will buy 2 more, just in case they quit making it.
From: Jim. 6/11

Comments: I don't usually comment online normally but this is the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. My foot is about an E width and I like to have a good arch support. These are ideal for my size 13s! I've played a couple of matches in them and my feet felt great, which really does help my game as well! It doesn't make me a pro but when your feet feel good you can win a few points that you otherwise wouldn't! I never considered K-swiss before for shoes but I will buy these many times over as long as they're available!
From: Eric, TN, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have normal feet, and I found it impossible to tighten the laces in a way that would keep my heel from lifting. My friend has been using K-Swiss shoes for years in any model offered in mid due to having to wear orthotics, and he spends an inordinate amount of time trying to tighten his shoes during a match. I'll never buy anything by this shoe company again.
From: Dale, Nazareth, PA, USA, 10/10

Comments: Great shoe so far. Extremely comfortable, with good cushioning, support and traction. I'm a teaching pro, and can wear them all day in comfort. I haven't had them long, so don't know about durability. I do have to say that the TW size descriptions can be very misleading. I have a wide forefoot, measure to a 9EE and have trouble getting a good fit. Prince NFS are usually the only shoes I can count on to fit me; with other brands, I have to go to 9 1/2, and they still might be too narrow, as well as too long. The Defier RS is listed as medium width, but I found it to have a comfortably wide fit with lots of toe box and forefoot room. The 9 fit me quite comfortably. Interestingly, the 9 1/2 also fits with just a little thicker sock. The Stabilor and Ultrascendor are described as wider, but actually were narrower on me.
From: Bob, Concord, MA. 10/10

Comments: I have slightly wide feet. These are very comfortable right out of the box. Shoes are very stable. The upper wears off fast but the shoe fit is excellent. This is my 2nd pair and I highly recommend this as an alternative to the Barricades.
From: Anjan, San Ramon, CA, USA. 09/10

Comments: Very durable and comfortable shoes! I used to replace pair of Ultrascendors every 4 months for 5- hrs/week play time. These shoes are still wearable after 7 months. Took about 3 weeks to fully break in. My only complaint is that they are not as quick as the Ultrascendors.
From: Matt, NJ, USA, 08/10

Comments: Defiers RS's are the most cushioned and stable shoe ever made, and it's a shame they seem to be discontinued by K-Swiss. And they looked nice too. The new Defiers versions are nothing like the RS version. Please K-Swiss, return the Defier RS!
From: Anon. 05/10

Comments: Best shoe I've ever owned. I turned to this shoe seeking relief from a series of New Balance models I'd been wearing for durability and stability. Brief story goes that I started to develop some knee problems as a result of my foot not being allowed to flex in the shoe. Seeking a softer fit I found the kswiss Defier. I have not had a knee flare up since I switched. The shoe performs really well and always seems to feel light while offering great traction and durability. Did I mention that they feel like slippers. No break in time required. They feel great and stay great. Kind of strange really. I had given up on performance footwear being comfortable. I've owned only 4 pairs in the last 3 years which is amazing given that I'm a 200 pound foot dragger playing all court style singles twice a week. As a previous reviewer noted, I did blow out the side wall of one of my pairs but that pair did have a healthy amount of wear. Love this product. Please don't change it or end or otherwise fuck it up by switching factories or something!
From: Pete, South San Francisco, CA, USA. 03/10

Comments: Medium wide, medium/high arch size 9, 165lbs, 4.5. Played through about 4 pairs of these over past three years. Tried most of the shoes out there. Pros: Very comfy, can run around all day in these without any pain, pretty durable out sole, good traction. Cons: pleather materials are cheap and I've torn a sidewall in one pair within a month. All that comfort comes with some flexy/squishy construction and slightly high feel (as opposed to low to the ground). I prefer Prince Viper V Low - it is a similar fit shoe with a bit tighter and more solid structure, though outsole materials not quite as durable.
From: Anton V, Staten Island, NY 12/09

Comments: Best tennis shoe I've owned, but the most expensive I've owned...Still, a bargain for what I spent on it. Quality is obvious and though I've played on both clay and hard courts, there is zero (really none whatsoever) wear on this shoe after four months and playing 2-3 times a week. To me this shoe is all positive with no cons. The weight is a non-issue and I can't imagine from where this complaint originates. It is a substantial shoe compared to the lighter K-Swiss, so that it probably is a tad heavier, but it is not noticeable and I appreciate the high quality.
From: Scott, Baton Rouge, LA, USA 09/09

Comments: This is a great shoe. I've just bought it for the 2nd time because I can't get tired of it! Extremely comfortable and durable. 1 pair will last you from 1 to 1 and half years at least (clay court only, I don't really use them on hard court). The only down side is the weight, took me some time getting used to it, because my old shoes were much lighter.
From: Pedro, Fortaleza, Brazil, 08/09

Comments: Great shoe. Light (can't believe people on here are saying they're heavy, compared to what, running shoes?), roomy, no break-in time needed at all, and very durable. I've finally started seeing some wear on the tread, but I've had these shoes for almost a year (alternate between these and a pair of Barricades). I hope Kswiss does not discontinue this shoe. I recommend them for any of my friends looking for a tennis shoe upgrade. Price is right, too.
From: Douglas, Coppell, TX, USA 08/09

Comments: I have gone through two pairs of these shoes, and they are very comfortable although they are a bit heavy. The weight was not much of a problem though. However durability is a huge problem. The front part of the shoe under the toe wears unbelievably fast. It took about a month (about 4-5 days a week) until it was worn completely smooth. While I loved playing with this shoe, I am currently looking for a different one that will not wear down. I would not recommend buying these because they simply do not last.
From: Caleb, Massachusetts, USA 08/09

Comments: These are excellent shoes for those who prefer a roomier fit in the mid-foot and forefoot compared to most Nike and Adidas offerings. I find most D width shoes to be too narrow, and EE width to be too wide in the forefoot. The Defier is the perfect compromise for me, with a snug-but-comfortable fit all around my feet, combined with solid support and cushioning. They're not the lightest shoes nor the most breathable, but for the price one of the better shoes on the market. I have experienced no durability issues whatsoever. The soles are wearing at the same rate as my other tennis shoes have. Since they are leather, it's a good idea to stuff them with newspapers or shoe trees to sop up moisture from your feet. That will preserve the uppers for as long as possible.
From: Al, Raleigh, NC, USA 07/09

Comments: A truly excellent tennis shoe in every way. Very comfortable, good tread wear, and affordable. K-Swiss, please don't discontinue this shoe!
From: Mike, Monterey, CA, USA. 07/09

Comments: This shoe is the most comfortable shoe I have worn. I have flat feet and play on hard surfaces 3 to 4 times a week. Great shoe. I recommend this shoe to anyone. I am hooked. Great comfort and light on the feet. My movement is 100% better. I will only buy these shoes.
From: Anon. 06/09

Comments: Coming out of lightweight NB shoes, these were a bit heavier, but the comfort and durability is fantastic. Still bruise my toe, but perhaps that is my fault with lacing properly or something.. Highly recommend this shoe.
From: Ryan, Atlanta, GA, USA. 05/09

Comments: Great shoes! I had a "turf toe" problem and my old Nikes were killing me. The toe joint was not healing. I switched to these, and the problem was solved. Great traction, cushioning and support, too. I will stick with K-Swiss! I am also a big fan of the knobby laces. They stay tied like they are supposed to. Great technology.
From: David, Fort Worth, TX, USA. 05/09

Comments: These are simply the best shoes I have ever owned. They are high on the list for comfort, but still offer great support and performance. The lacing system controls the foot very well without having the laces really tight. They are not especially light, but they never felt heavy or clumsy, like so many very comfortable shoes. They have a special fabric on the back where the heel hits the shoe that tends to keep your heel in place. This actually helps your knee, by stabilizing your foot on impact. I am thrilled. FYI - I am a 4.5 doubles player over 50 and need to lose 15 pounds.
From: John, St. Louis, MO, USA. 2/09

Comments:If you have heel problems this is the tennis shoe for you. When I developed heel problems, and to get orthotics, I could not find a shoe that fit, until this K-swiss shoe. That was 5 years ago and I hope they never stop making them. I give it a 10 out of 10.
From: Matthew, Sayville, New York. 1/09

Comments: I'd give these a 7 or 8 out of 10 and hope K-Swiss doesn't discontinue them without coming out with something better. I'm NTRP 3.5 and play three to six times a week. I've used the Defier for three years now, after trying Nike, Fila and two different models of K-Swiss Glaciators. I would like to try Adidas but I've never found a pair that fits my wide, flat feet. That's a foot shape at which the Defier RS excels. These are by far the most comfortable shoes I have found for intermediate level play and offer great toe protection and lateral support when new. I love the cushioning and broken-in feel right out of the box, and my feet thank me. Edges hold up well to toe dragging, and tread wear is adequate overall. Hard court traction is great, and I can accelerate quickly. Traction on clay is mediocre even when new - I use another brand for clay matches. I would say the cushioning and support are the limiting factors to wearability. If you try to wear them longer than their useful life they flex too much in the midfoot, and they no longer keep your toes from hitting the front on hard stops. I haven't suffered the immediate defects reported by other reviewers but I've noticed the Defier RS uppers stretch out prematurely if you wear them frequently without letting them dry out between matches. (And these can be hot in the Southern summers.) Once stretched they never fit snugly again. I overcome this limitation by alternating use between two pairs of equal age, and I can get by with two replacement cycles per year (total 4 pairs per year). PS - avoid the K-Swiss Glaciator, which by comparison is narrower, has flimsy, lightweight construction, less support and cushioning, and despite these sacrifices does not achieve the hype about keeping your feet cool.
From: Tom, Summerville, SC, USA. 9/08

Comments: There still isn't another tennis shoe on the market that offers this combination of out-of-the-box comfort, long lasting cushioning and tread wear. The Prince MC-4's are a close second, but they just don't hold up as well over the long haul. I've heard that K-Swiss might discontinue the Defier. That would be a shame, as they offer no comparable alternative. The Stabilor looks better, but doesn't offer the same comfort/fit as the Defier). HEY K-SWISS: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!! Keep the guts of this shoe and just tweak the exterior (colors/stripes/whatever). Don't mess with success.
From: Jim, Louisville, KY, USA. 9/08

Comments: I've worn this shoe since I was a freshman in high school. I am now a sophomore in college, and I have played on a competitive high school/college team every year in between. Needless to say, I have been impressed with the shoe and keep buying it. It offers excellent support, and it's the most durable tennis shoe I've ever worn (I order a new pair right before the start of each tennis season). I sometimes drag my toe, so it used to get worn out quickly on other shoes, but this shoe holds up great. I've never had any problems. It's comfortable, durable, supportive, and it looks great too! I'd highly recommend it.
From: Anon. 8/08

Comments: A very comfy shoe: soft and a bit springing. It fits well for those with a slightly wide forefoot. Still, the leather is a bit too soft, contributing to less stability when changing directions quickly. Not quite a players shoe, in my opinion, but ok for general use on and off the court.
From: Peter, Cambridge, MA, USA, 07/08

Comments: These shoes were terrible for me. They fit well in the store, very comfortable and felt secure. But after a month or less of playing in them, my feet felt like they were swimming. Every time I cut or ran and stopped, my feet slid around in them. I started wearing two pairs of socks, then added a second insole, and tried several lacing methods. Nothing helped. Plenty of life left in the soles, but I'm moving on - my feet slide around in them way too much.
From: nk, oakland, ca, usa. 5/08

Comments: Awesome shoes! I've been trying to find the perfect shoe and have tried Prince, New Balance, Adidas (the worst for my feet!) and finally settled on the Nike Breathe Free II. I was on my 3rd pair of Nikes when I rolled my foot. I re- injured the foot again a week later and decided I should try to find something that molded to my foot better (my feet always felt a little loose in the Nikes). I really got lucky with these and am amazed at how well cushioned and durable they are. I thought I might have lost a hint of mobility from the Nikes, but I actually feel more mobile now. As an added bonus, these shoes also look great and are much cheaper than the Nikes.
From: Roy, Dallas, TX, USA, 07/07

Comments: I just love this shoe! It's so comfortable and it takes the beating well on the hard surfaces, the only bad thing is that it has a short life span. It does tear easily and the treads wear out quickly, however I keep on buying these shoes because they are so comfortable.
From: Nam, Fort Lee, NJ, USA, 03/07

Comments: I needed a shoe that could provide superior cushion for my feet as I had over 30 lbs. to shed before I returned to my former playing weight. I had formerly played at the 4.0 level. I tried another shoe and the soles of my feet were sore after playing several matches on hard courts. I purchased this shoe and it was all that I read about, with great cushioning and stability. The soles show some wear at seven months, but the uppers remain in excellent condition, so durability is not an issue. As far a sizing, I wish that K-Swiss had half sizes available above size 12 as my foot is exactly a 12 and a half size wide, so I opted to get the size 13, which gives me the width I needed, extra thick socks takes up the slack in the toe area. I am purchasing another pair soon.
From: Mark, Hattiewburg, MS, USA. 2/07

Comments:Although aesthetically appealing this shoe model had quality and performance issues. On the quality side I had to take the left shoe for repair to be sewn again where the thread broke. Then the leather ripped on the right shoe in an area where there was no thread. On the performance side the shoe does a poor job at holding the top of your feet so that your feet don't slide to the front of the shoe and jam your toes when running and stopping while playing tennis.
From: Tony, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 01/07

Comments: I bought the shoe for tennis but they are so comfortable and offered at a good price. The shoe itself is roomy but you don't feel like you're going to slide out of it.
From: Noodles, Longmont, CO, USA. 9/06

Comments: This is a great shoe. My foot width is above average and these worked very well for me. Cushioning was excellent as was the overall comfort. I found no issues with their durability. I Highly recommend.
From: Joe, Memphis, TN, USA. 9/06

Comments: This is a comfortable shoe right out of the box. Good arch and heel support, and my foot feels secure while moving. They are a bit pricey for 'tennis shoes', but I'm very happy with them and I plan to buy another pair - and I don't even play tennis!
From: Jason, Riverside, CA USA 08/06

Comments:This shoe provides a lot of comfort out of the box. Heel cushion is good, lacing system is real good, flexes at the toe only to minimize pronation (good for those with plantar fasciitis). They are a little bulky, they wear out a little quickly, which tends to exaggerate pronation (which I try to avoid). Overall, I was pretty happy with them, and I am looking to get a 2nd pair.
From: Christian, San Francisco, CA 06/06

Comments: I just bought this type of shoe a month ago and right after I got it I had to play 5 matches in 2 days. This shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, not just tennis shoes but also school shoes as well. I think they play very well and it's my shoe of choice.
From: Brenden Hejmej, Springfield, IL, USA 05/06

Comments: The first time I wore this shoe was in a tournament. It is comfortable right out of the box. I played 4 matches in two days with no discomfort at all. I will definitely purchase this shoe again. The only negative thing I would say about the shoe is that it is not the most ventilated shoe. However, it is my shoe of choice.
From: Brian, Cary, NC, US 04/06

Comments: Excellent shoe! Great comfort, great padding and shock-dampening in the sole. The best comfort on hard courts I have ever worn. I'd say sole durability is about on par with other shoes I've had. I really like the nice clean non-radical design also. Unless they decide to discontinue this shoe, I won't even look at another tennis shoe.
From: Phillip, Raleigh, NC, USA 04/06

Comments:I've previously bought mid-level Adidas and Wilson shoes, and while I liked the Adidas shoes, they weren't as comfortable as I would have liked. When I first put on this K-Swiss shoe I loved it. The fit was perfect. However, after only about 3-4 matches the front left stitching started separating and I experience the same problem with the laces' loops as, Al, from Atlanta, GA, USA on 01/06. I have the same front left stitching problem with all my shoes, but typically they last about 6 months before it becomes a problem. I'm planning to go back to Adidas, but I've also head that Lotto has shoes that last.
From: Tim
Salt Lake City, UT 2/25/06

Comments: I bought these shoes based on Tennis magazine reviews. It looks very nice to my taste but I feel it is too narrow for my foot. I wore it for about 5 months and the sole is still OK but the upper is completely torn and sagged, specially where there laces are looped (it's a strange cloth loop instead of a hole in the leather). The leather on my right foot actually torn and the shoes are unusable now. They were nice shoes but durability is definitely a serious issue. 5 out of 10.
From: Al, Atlanta, GA, USA 01/06

Comments: Wow, I have worn these shoes for about 9 months now and the rubber has only worn on the inside toes. I still don't have actual holes in them though. For the first 6 months or so I played about 4 times a week for about 3-5 hours each day. I am 17 and play at about a 4.5 level. Only problem I found was that the "strap?" on the insides of the shoes came undone very quickly and would not glue back together.
From: Nick, KC, MO, USA. 11/05

Comments: I've been wearing Defiers since 2000. This new model really lives up to what the Defier has been about since I bought my first pair. I really hope that they don't discontinue this shoe. It really is the best choice for durability and toe grinders. Plus, the new design looks too cool. K-SWISS, you rock my tennis shoe world!
From: Bobby, Hong Kong. 11/05

Comments:I've tried Prince, Adidas, New Balance, Fila & other K Swiss tennis sneakers recently. Found these to be the most comfortable and with the best shock dampening capabilities. The lace system is the best I've ever had too.
From: Rob, Davenport, Fl, USA 10/05

Comments: I acquired the Defier RS a couple of months ago and am very pleased with them. They are very comfortable, stable, have ample room in the toe box, and provide excellent cushioning from heel to toe, a big bonus on hard courts. I play four to five times per week and have found no issues with regard to durability. I also like the low-key styling.
From: Dave, Beersheba, Israel. 9/05

Comments: Comments: I've been a big fan of the Ultrascendor for years. When I first saw the Defier, I said: Oh yeah, very nice. With the new look and the 7.0 system, I had to have it. The shoes had lots of support around my feet and the sole, as always, was durable. Then after a few weeks of play, I noticed that the side support system just gave out and the leather went soft. There was still plenty of life in the sole but I was definitely disappointed that I couldn't wear them to play tennis anymore. The Ultrascendor by contrast has side support that lasts longer than the sole. I hope KSwiss will update this shoe so that the entire shoe wears more evenly.
From: Mark, Carrollton, TX, US of A

Comments: This shoe is decent at best. It just felt bulky and sluggish from the first time I put them on. I am a very high level player and if you are like me you won't like them either. Avoid This Shoe!
From: Chris, USA. 06/05

Comments: Best shoes I've owned! I used to buy a lot of Prince shoes because they fit me well, but my last pair was the K-Swiss Ascender, also a good shoe. I like the new Defier better because it has more cushioning, and I think it is a little bit more durable. They're slightly heavier than the Ascender, but the extra cushioning is worth it to me. I think they also run slightly larger compared to the Ascender, so I don't jam my toes in the Defier like I often did in the Ascender.
From: Erik, Salt Lake City, Ut, USA

Comments: This is a very nice shoe overall, it has out of the box comfort, roomy toe box, very durable sole and adequate cushioning. Some people may find the design too bulky and boring. Also, the traction could have been better because I was slipping way more often than my old barricade. Still, I give it 9 out of 10
From: Kyul Ko, Sammamish, WA, USA. 03/05

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