KLIP Blast 17 Hybrid String Customer feedback

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Comments: I played with all poly for awhile, and although I strung my racquet with a lower tension (56lbs.), my arm still hurt. Now, with the KLIP Blast 17, my racquet is strung at 60lbs., but it's playing softer. Good set of strings. I use Wilson Npro Surge.100 sq.
From: etnarama101, NJ, USA. 10/07

Comments: Have been using Lux Alu rough in the mains and a multi in the crosses. Great combo but got tired of restringing due to the broken multi. Switched to this Blast hybrid. Just as soft as my previous combination, so it is ok to string tight if you wish. No arm pain, so I am going to stick with this for a while. Price is right too. Yonex rds 001 98, 61 Mains, 65 crosses.
From: Blair, San Diego, CA, USA, 09/07

Comments: Excellent string combo, plays softer than I expected. Has decent power, excellent control, great feel, crisp volleys, and the serves have a nice pop. Strung on Dunlop McEnroe Maxply, main 64 cross 62.
From: Chris, NJ, USA, 09/07

Comments: Softer than an all poly stringbed, but with almost as good durability. I found lots fo grip on the ball and was able to get a little extra topspin on my groundstrokes and second serves.
From: Jimmy, Springfield, IL, USA. 12/03

Comments: Very, very nice string. I have been using poly for the past two years but started to get some shoulder problems. I tried a set of the Klip Blast and wow what a difference. The soft synthetic gut that is the cross string made the ball a lot livelier without giving up much of the durability. With all poly, I got 15 hrs and with the Blast I got 14 hrs. Also, it was much easier on my arm. Highly recommended.
From: Brad, Houston, TX. USA 2/03

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