Wilson K Factor KBlade Tour Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I think that this is the 2nd best K Factor, after the KSix.One 90 that tires me out after one hour of playing. This one has the feel, control, power, and just fits my skill level. However, I switched to the new Pro Staff 95 for more feel and exceptional access to spin that made me win a tournment recently. After all, I still love this one.
From: MZ, 8/12

Comments: This is a great stick, no doubt about it. It really suites my game and I love the feel of it every time I pick it up. I have always been a Dunlop 200 fan and have now made the switch to the Blade series. Overall a very solid and consistent stick.
From: Mike, Aukland, New Zealand. 4/11
String type and tension: Luxilon Ace mains @ 55 lbs, Dunlop Synthetic Comfort crosses

Comments: By far the best racket I have ever used. I went from starting with an oversized Babolat Pure Drive Cortex 107 which I disliked because the ball floated way too much. I played the Head Prestige Mid but the frame was way too stiff. I demoed over 15 racquets and this was just perfect. It has insane feel and really shines at the net and baseline. Yes, it's a players frame, but if you have the swing, there is no better racquet on the market than the K Blade Tour. As a varsity high school tennis player I can say this racquet has completely changed my game.
From: Rick, Easton, MD, USA. 4/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17 @ 57lb
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: Love this racquet! I was hesitant when I first tried it, considering its midsize head and tight string pattern. I was absolutely shocked at how much spin and pace I was able to generate. My one-handed backhand was absolutely splendid. Forehand volleys and overheads felt normal, but the backhand volleys were my least favorite shot with this stick. They seemed to float up too high, sometimes sailing long, and when they went in they provided an ample opportunity for lobs or passes. However, my natural volleying instincts took over after a few minutes and I was volleying more consistently off the backhand. Serves were, surprisingly, my absolute favorite shot with this racquet. The serve is both my weakest and my least favorite shot (if you have ever watched Elena Dementieva play, you'll have an idea of my service technique and the results thereof). I was able to generate a ton of topspin for kick and slice serves. Forehands, which are by far my best shot, were incredible. The control and spin were allowing me to completely crush forehands from all over the court. The leather grip took a small time for me to get used to, as I have always used synthetic grips. All in all, a superb racquet. The best I have ever used (aside from my usual racquet of choice, the AeroPro Drive GT). Definitely worth a demo for any advanced player.
From: Patrick, Charlotte, NC, USA. 4/11
String type and tension: Prince Tournament Poly 17 @58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: For a decade I always stick with my Wilson 6.1 Classic. But last year I've decided to change the good old 6.1 classic. If you can tame this stick, it will provide control, precision & pace. I notice that the Blade 93 is not designed to hit parabolic heavy topspin like Nadal does. I also feel that this is (probably) the stiffest racquet I've tried, very crispy & the sweetspot isn't as big as I thought. I love this stick for groundstrokes & volley (less shaky than 6.1), but I lose some power when serving. All in all Blade93 is a perfect racquet ONLY IF you can generate your own power & possessed high technique (it's a player's racquet after all). Beginners should stay away from Blade93.
From: Ghur, Jakarta, Indonesia, 03/11
String type and tension: Luxilon Timo 110 @50-48
Headsize: 93

Comments: Excellent frame, one of my favorites of all time. The weight and balance of the frame are perfect. Not too light to be unstable, and not too heavy to be unwieldy. I play with a ton of spin, and somewhat of a modern baseline game but also play a good bit of doubles. This frame handles both with ease. It is the best volleying stick I have ever used and from the baseline it is deadly accurate. It will not hit winners for you, but if you can supply some good swing speed, you can absolutely hammer the ball with this frame. I would say that the one thing that stands out with this frame is the weight of the ball if you've got the strokes. A truly excellent frame by Wilson, and I cannot see myself changing until they break. Get one!
From: Kenny, Houston, TX, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: Kevlar/syn gut @ 42lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Probably one of the best frames ever made. All of my friends who have borrowed my frame love it. It's very well balanced and it's precise. I don't spray many shots at all, if ever. It's a game changer in terms of what you give it. Yes it's a player frame, yes you need long strokes and good form, but at the end of the day it supplies ample pace and precision and plenty of spin and feel. It's like an amplifier to a guitar. A necessity to be heard.
From: Tushar, NJ, USA, 02/11
String type and tension: Co Poly, 60 lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4-4.5

Comments: I just bought two frames. I think this racquet is the one most suited to my game and stamina. This is obviously a precision stick; you can go for sharp angles and lines as with no other racquet I've used, K90 included. You get more out of the K90 only with slices (unrivalled performance and feel) and perhaps volleys. This one is just that tad better with ALL (forehand, 1-h backhand, serve, lobs) topspin strokes, in spite of the 20x18. (High string tension helps enormously with spin generation with these small-headed sticks). Drop shots are very precise. It is definitely more maneuverable than the K90, K95, Volkl PB10 MID. The Volkl is just a tiny bit too heavy and too flexible/low powered in comparison, else that would continue to be my stick. I can handle this KBlade Tour better than these, having small hands (after much experimentation I found a L4 grip most effective and comfortable). I tested the BLX version too, but preferred the K; the K is crisper, which I love.
From: Andrew, 02/11
String type and tension: 2xCyber Twirl 27 kp,2xBabolat VS Team 27 kp
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4ish

Comments: I've tried many racquets in my life. Well let me tell you... this is the best racquet ever. The Wilson blade 93 is perfect. It is damp with lots of power and control. It is especially good for volleys; it's stable so if you hit off center the racquet doesn't flip in your hand. My favorite thing about it is that when you hit the ball in the center of the racquet, there is no better feeling. If you like a racquet that is solid but not too stiff and you seek control and power, this is the racquet for you.
From: Paul, Moreland Hills, OH, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17g strung at 52
Headsize: 93

Comments: The smoothest ride I've had so far. Contrary to what others in here think, heavy topspin comes easy & precision compares to none of the similar headsizes/weights out there. Try it out if swinging heavier sticks is ok for you...
From: I.R., 11/10
String type and tension: Polyfibre black venom 16l @ 25/24 kgs or Wilson nxt 16l @ 27/26 kgs.
Headsize: sofar 90-95 / now 93
NTRP Rating: 4.5, right-handed, single-handed backhand

Comments: Currently demoing at this very moment. Awesome! Especially on my serves! My first serves are faster! But my second is slightly less consistent. Probably because I have to get used to it more. Everything else is amazing as well. I heard people used lead tape at 3&9 and got more results. I'll try it later on.
From: Kevin, Carrollton, TX, USA, 09/10
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation 16
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: With this stick I have great control. Plus I am bombing serves, but also having great touch on my volleys. I am hitting my groundstrokes more clean and just ripping the ball. This racquet is amazing, if you don't mind the slightly heavier weight that most racquets.
From: Hank, PA, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Gamma Zo Twist, 60lbs.
Headsize: 93

Comments: I used an older version of the pro staff 6.1 for years and never thought about changing. When my coach told me to try a slightly lighter racket I demoed several sticks from Wilson and others. This one was my love on the first sight. Playing with it feels like the ball always goes where I want it to go. As others wrote here, you have to generate your own power to play this racket. But if you have a solid swing, this racket feels just like heaven. I improved all my groundstrokes, volleys and even serve with this. It just makes you feel extremely confident on the court. Compared to the blade 98 control is better and you don't have to fear to hit too long. I would recommend this racket to players with a long swing who prefer fast balls with not too much spin.
From: Patrick, 08/10
Headsize: 93

Comments: I love the power and control this stick provides; however the finish quality is terrible. The slightest touch and the paint is chipping off down to the primer. They look like crap after only 1/2 year. The grommets wear out really fast, as do the bumpers. I'm switching to the head prestige line as soon as I find the one I like.
From: Apor, DE, USA, 07/10
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Pl1 and Tecnifibre nrg2
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I bought 3 of them and absolutely loved them for doubles. Amazing control and with a little lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock, was able to crush my backhand and keep the ball in 9 out of 10 times. Have used them since they came out. I cracked 2 right under the bridge in the corner where the head meets the throat. I sold the 3rd one brand new and got 2 BLX Pro Tours. Very similar racquet, but lighter (which I dislike). Groundstrokes are much easier and much more effortless, but volleys and drop shots with the K Blade are unmatched. Hoping they won't crack.
From: Anon, 05/10
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Competition 50/ Prince Lightning 53
Headsize: BLX Pro Tour 96
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I used to play Prince Precision Approach (16x20) for several years and after demo a couple of similar sticks such as Prince Hybrid Tour (16x18) among others, one year ago I decided that changing racket brand has come... so I tried this one, and it was love at first sight. I was amazed how much precision and control you could generate, when I was playing at maximum level of intensity. Off course I am the kind of player who likes to generate my own power, short back swing, but very fast. On low volleys (my weakness) I noticed an improvement on placing the ball too. Also I always liked rackets with sleek frames and small head sizes. Finally... if you're a aggressive player, with fast swing and likes to flattens and spins the ball too, this could suits your game with this 93 inch and 18x20 string pattern stick.
From: Daniel, PR. USA. 4/10
String type and tension: Kirschbaum (Mains Proline 1.22 @ 55lbs /Crosses Touch Turbo 1.30 @ 57lbs)
NTRP Rating: 4.+

Comments: In the past 2 years I tried more than 12 racquets. My main racquet was the Wilson Pro Staff, so you can guess I like heavy ,thin framed, head light, low power sticks that can obey my swinging commands and not the other way around. If you know what you're are doing in a tennis court, you have a good full swing, your movements are bio-mechanically sound, you bend your knees and you watch the ball, then this racquet can become a power scalpel! It is not an a easy or forgiving stick, you get what you supply it with. Being heavy and head light it feels really good when you serve. For me the blade 93 is one of the most well balanced sticks I tried. The small head can accelerate faster and the stick becomes an extension of your hand. My only little problem is my one handed backhand. With 95s and 100s I can cover my mistakes but with the blade, if I am not careful, I can get punished. But if I play as I must play, concentrated, and hitting the ball well, then the racquet is a dream. So have in mind that you have to be an accomplished player with full swing to get the best from this stick. If you are such a player then you will feel on top of the world with every shot you make on the center of its beautiful head.
From: Charkes, Limassol, 4/10
String type and tension: Wilson NXT mid -tension
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This racquet is literally the best I have EVER used in my life. This racquet is very versatile and should be used by aggressive players with great groundstrokes. This racquet also has unbelievable control, yet it does not really provide much power. If you have trouble generating your own pace...this racquet is not for you...I also found a tremendous improvement in my serve with a perfect blend of control and power. The slightly heavy weight of the KBlade provides great stability at the net and while returning huge serves. Yet the racquet has a light head.. which allows the racquet to be easily maneuverable Overall, this racquet is a MUST buy for advanced, aggressive players. EPIC!
From: Bob Dylan, United States. 4/10
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: I recently started using this racket and like it thus far. I find that it provides a lot of control, but does not effortlessly generate the kind of spin that my previous rackets did. I was playing with the APD and Wilson Kobra Tour, but couldn't hit a serve or volley to save my life with them. The Blade Tour is a scalpel at net compared to the APD and Kobra and let's me play a more well rounded game. I have been trying out various strings with the Tour and think I've found one (Pro Supex Big Ace Micro) that fits best. The one thing I really like about this racket is how my backhand feels. My backhand is my best shot, and the Tour allows me to flatten it out and pretty much crush it whenever I want. The only drawback to this stick is that you have to work to generate spin, which tends to hurt my consistency.
From: Jarrod, Overland Park, KS
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Ace Micro (20g)
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I've used this racquet for a week or so and like it very much. Add some lead tape at 3&9 o'clock to get that plow through you expect from a player's racquet. Control is unreal and has adequate power if you generate your own.
From: Andy, Seattle, WA. 3/10
String type and tension: Babolat VS 17 natural gut/ Luxilon ALU rough hybrid
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I started using this racquet when it came out after using the nBlade. I love it. At first it was a little stiff and heavy, but hey I was 13. Now I love it. With the ALU Power Rough it feels amazing, the ball goes so deep, and I get a ton of spin. I love it.
From: CM. 3/10
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough, 60 lbs

Comments: Awesome racquet. For those who are looking for a more stiff and less power racquet that provides control, this is the one. I demoed k tour, k blade 98, and the tour. The tour fitted my playing style the best; I have a fast swing speed with big loops before impact. The best thing about this racquet is that it has ridiculous control, you can seriously control where you want to put it, the amount of spin you want to put and how high you want your ball to be over the net. One of the BEST RACKETS I HAVE EVER USED. FYI, I used to use the prince speedport black. Try to string it with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17 it is the best match.
From: Daniel, Seattle, Wa, USA.
String type and tension: TecnifibreX-One Biphase
Headsize:93 sq inch
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments:What a sweet racquet! The specs are fantastic, dense string pattern, heavy, headlight, midsize head, stiffer than a prestige, more flexible than a k90. Exactly what I want from a racquet. I strung it at 58 lbs with Gamma Live Wire XP 17 and I love the way it plays. The sweetspot feels amazing, but because of the small head the area outside the sweetspot feels a little jarring. But I still love the racquet. I considered replacing the leather with a synthetic grip but I learned to like the feel of the leather with a Wilson Pro overgrip over it. The racquet gives so much control and I get a very sweet response on touch shots and volleys. My forehand drop shot has never felt better. I can control depth with no problem at all, I can blast groundstrokes to the corners, or hook the ball with tons of spin, despite the string pattern and headsize, and hit short angle shots that frustrate opponents and get me easy points. On serve, I got tons of control and if I got the racquet moving through the contact zone, I was rewarded with a heavy bomb. I came to this from a Head Microgel Prestige midplus, and I liked the slightly stiffer response compared to the Prestige mp, it gave me more plow through, but the smaller head gave me even more control. Next time I restring, I'm going to throw some Babolat VS 17 gut in there, my favorite string in the whole world. Love the racquet. I can't believe Novak Djokovic left this frame.
From: Anon. 11/09

Comments:A very good stick that lends itself to customization. I don't think any stick should be played in stock form, as every player plays differently. It's light enough where you can play with it in doubles in stock where it has great maneuverability or you can throw on some lead weight against big hitters. Racquet does offer good spin potential if you change your stroke to accentuate it. The blade tour is one of the best-felt racquets that offers control and comfort. One of the softest racquets (just throw a dampener on it) and the best volley racquet I've used next to the k90. Offers great creativity around net with good pickup half volley touch. Power is not an issue if you make solid contact with the ball. I love the specs as it's a midsize racquet that's head light and light. Most sticks aren't like this and don't allow for that player customization. The light carbon adds a very nice flexy feel to it, but doesn't flex like graphite.
From: Milo, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11/09
String type and tension: Weiss Cannon Silverstring 57 lbs
Headsize: 93 Mid
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Tested the Dunlop 4d 200, the 300 Tour, the Wilson Blade Tour and finally the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95. Before I played the Babolat Pure Drive Team (old model). In general I liked the 4 racquets, but my final choice was the Dunlop 4D 200. Why: 300 Tour: to light, when hitting hard I felt the racquet having problems to hit through the bal without loss in control. Prince EXO3: got lots of power out of this racquet, but I don't like the Prince feeling so much. Sometimes the feeling of the ball disappears for a little time when touching the strings. But overall nice racquet. Wilson Blade: Perfect racquet, never made such a nice shots as that day, it feels like you can put the ball wherever you think of putting it. But, when having a bad day I don't think this racquet gives you much options to start defending behind the line. If you don't hit the ball this racquet is not working at all. Finally I choose the Dunlop 200 because it was all-round the best racquet. 2nd best feeling behind the Blade, enough power and weight to hit through the ball. But still the possibility to fall back on a defensive game. And finally it was the less expensive of all (probably because Dunlop has less marketing) After next season we'll see if the Dunlop was a good choice :-)
From: Kevin De Cock, 11/09
String type and tension: Signum Pro Hextreme - 24kg
NTRP Rating: 4.5 - 5 (Belgium ranking B-2/6):

Comments: I have been a loyal Head fan since I switched to the prestige line from the Prostaff 10 yrs back.. Switched to this from a Head Microgel Prestige Pro and I'm not going back. I get more spin from the prestige Pro with the open string pattern, but I felt like I lost a bit of the "plow through" on the ground strokes. This racquet brought it back! The sweet spot is quite big given that its a smaller head size, and the only place I would say Head does better is on the volleys but that may be because I'm still getting used to the smaller head size. Highly recommend this stick though the price is a bit steep. Paired with a Luxilon Timo 17L, its a formidable add to your game. It feels like the prostaff of old and that's saying a lot! Note - If you don't have good footwork or timing, this will kill your arm! That's another good thing, its keeps me from getting into bad habits ;-)
From: Rohan, Atlanta, Ga, US 10/09
String type and tension: Luxilon TiMO 55lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Today I played my Kblade for the first time. I definitely loved it. I used K6.1 95 and Head liquidmetal. This one is the best! Its weight suits me better than the other two. Very strong control. The vibration is very low and I do not think I need to use a dampener. Slice is good, very consistent. Service is also great, but I found I cannot generate strong spin with my second serve. I do not want to blame the racket. That's probably because my skills are not good enough.
From: Hua, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, 10/09
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 17
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments:From the specs, I thought I was going to love this frame when I demoed it. Turns out, for whatever reason, it just didn't feel as solid as similar spec'd frames. My serves were great, but volleys were so-so and this racquet just didn't inspire any confidence on my one-handed backhand. Sure, I could add some lead to the head, but why bother when others hit better right from the start? I liked the K6.1 95 (18x20) a lot, but ended up picking up a pair of ProKennex Black Ace 93s instead.
From: John, Chicago, IL, USA, 09/09

Comments: I've tested all Wilson frames, and the blade tour is the best! More solid shots, improved control, is the best racquets that Wilson has come out with in quite a few years. Backhand slices feel very safe and effective, you can play all day, you need to hit this one
From: Jack, Indian Wells, CA, USA, 09/09
String type and tension: Luxilon ace, at 55 lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I purchased this racquet 6 months ago and it is perfect. I put some lead tape at 3 and 9 for stability since I play big servers, it feels great. Spin is the only thing that I have trouble generating; it is possible, but balls don't bounce high as with an open pattern; slices are great and power is just perfect to keep the ball in even if you mishit it. I use pro hurricane tour 17 at 56-53 and I am a 5.0 player and play everyday. This racquet is better than the 98.
From: Anon. 09/09

Comments: I traded from the Kfactor 6.1 16x18 to the Tour and I am loving it. I have been playing with it for six months and the only thing I can say is that hitting with spin is hard but possible; it is harder because of the close pattern but the control is amazing. I can hit out and still the ball stays in. I play with pro hurricane tour 17 at 56-53 and i am a 5.0 player.
From: Carlos, palmdale, CA. 9/09

Comments: Plays much like the prestige mid, but feels more solid. The microgel feels somewhat hollow, the k blade tour gives a really clean, crisp feel. I use isospeed pyramid on the crosses to get the most spin I can out of it. If you're at the baseline you can hit some hard shots with this racquet, with just a slight of spin. But I can still get great top spin when going for extreme angles. It is great for angles, because how precise it is and how well it maneuvers! Serves come very off very hard and precise. At first I didn't think I could get used to a one-handed backhand with this racquet and was actually considering other racquets, until I realized that it might just need a little more swing weight and I would like it. So, I looked into racquet customization at tennis warehouse, got 5inches of 1/4 in. lead tape and placed it slightly above 3 and 9 o'clock to get about 332 swingweight. Then I experimented with 7in. or 7 grams(when placed on both ends, and both sides of the strings), and I realized I played much better with 5 grams. It maneuvers very well with 5g lead tape, probably 7pts head light. I also tried the k90 and I'm very happy with the k blade.
From: anon. CA, US 08/09
String type and tension: Ashaway kevlar (m), Isospeed Pyramid (c)53/54lb
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Having spent months testing and researching many new frames, I have tried about 30 racquets over the last 16 months. I found balance is needed. You need a frame with stability. I have finally found a fantastic one. The weight is perfect. You can feel the ball. The stability on this racquet is amazing, this frame won Australia open 2008 (Novak) AMAZING RACKET!!!!
From: Richard, LA, CA USA 08/09
String type and tension: Luxilon Fluoro 54
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Just upgraded to this great racquet. Was playing with an old Head Genesis 600 (93sq in) for the last decade or so. This racquet is truly amazing. Comfort and feel is no comparison. This racquet has the buttery feel of the old POG mid, but with much better control. Sweet spot on the Tour is much bigger than my Genesis as well. I had to generate all of the power on the Genesis, but this racquet has much more pop and power. Still a players racquet though requiring the player to generate power. I'm going to play around with the string tensions a bit, been playing 60lbs on both the Genesis and the Tour. I love this racquet... only down side I see is that I will need to buy a battery of these racquets before Wilson changes designs ;)
From: Doug, Seattle, WA, USA. 8/09

Comments: I'll start by saying that the Head Prestige classic 93 is the best racquet ever made. The KBlade Tour(93)is very close with the same loosey goosey buttery feel. I have to say it compares a lot to few classic racquets like the 6.0 85, the Head Prestige classic, Prince Graphite, Dunlop Aerogel 200. The control of the this racquet is rarely matched. If you love hitting hard flat groundstrokes (not too much topspin) and can generate your own power, this racquet is for you. I wouldn't recommend for beginners. The mass makes this stick pretty demanding but don't be intimidated by the headsize: the sweet spot is larger than expected for a 93 head size racquet...Give this racquet a try and be patient. Few racquets reward you with tremendous feedback; this one really does...
From: Abdoulaye, gainesville, fl, usa. 8/09
String type and tension: Luxilon big banger alu power 16 at 52 lbs

Comments: Very good racquet great control, very maneuverable and the weight is very ideal not to heavy not too light just right and because its not to heavy you won't get tired with it and hit your groundies with no difficulty and you can hit it hard without hitting the ball long (not unless you hit it really straight away!!)
From: Kevin, Philippines 07/09
String type and tension: Wilson K gut 16 57

Comments: This racquet is so amazing. I'm 14 and should probably not be using this racquet because I'm only like a 3.5 or something, but i love it so much. If you move from a bigger frame then it is hard at first. I framed it so much. I am about an inch shy of six foot and have a pretty strong swing, and this racquet lets me take a full swing and still keep it in the court. You have not experienced this racquet fully until you string with luxilon mains and nxt tour crosses. p.s. don't even try to use the piece of junk leather grip put an over grip on it.
From: anon. 07/09
String type and tension: Luxilon alu power mains, Wilson nxt tour crosses; all at 56 lbs.
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: The K blade tour is a weapon. It's static weight is heavy but it's very easy and light to swing. The name says it all as it cuts through the air like a blade. So small players like me (I'm 23 yrs old 5feet5inches 130 lbs) can wield this samurai using good technique. Look at Jason Hwang, he says he likes using a not too heavy racquet but he likes this one. The sweetspot is like using a 100 sq.inch head size, off center hits travel much like the same as shots from the center of the string bed, spin is also nice for a dense string pattern only less spin taken out compared to 16x19. Maybe That's why Spencer also likes this racquet. The specs makes this racquet look demanding to play with but it's not. So try to demo this one and tell me if I'm wrong. I hope Wilson will not discontinue this because Novak is playing a head brand because this will be my racquet of choice until I can't play anymore. Lastly... my favorite shot with this stick is forehand or backhand while the ball is in the air.It is the only racquet I've used that can withstand heavy balls that is still in the air and have not yet bounced on the ground and hit from the baseline. You will still be accurate and have control = very stable and diamond solid even without lead tape. My ntour 95, volklBB5, Fischer club control 98, and Yonex RDTi control can't help me with that shot.It's worth your money tennis lovers.
From: Jerald, 07/09
String type and tension: Wilson K Gut 16 @60lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

Comments: This racquet is by far the best I have ever played with. I have been playing tennis for a long time and no other racquet out there compares to the K Blade Tour. It has great control when serving, hitting ground strokes, or hitting volleys. I strongly recommend this racquet for players who can generate their own power. I also would recommend putting a Wilson pro overgrip over the leather (keep the leather replacement grip) because it feels great.
From: Mason, Wilson/Luxilon Champion's Choice, 57 lbs. 7/9
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I'm around a 4.0 player and I've used this racquet for about half a year now. This racquet delivers an exceptional amount of power and control. I used the Babolat Pure Drive before I decided to use this and I can say that I am able to hit with the same power amount. This racquet is the best I have used in a long time. I have never used a racquet that is better then the Kblade Tour. Even the Kblade 98 is not a great racquet compared to the tour. The 98 feels too light and doesn't offer enough control on my shots. However, with this racquet, I can hit to the corners without any worry. BEST racquet!!!
From: Jay, California, USA. 7/09
String type and tension: string tension: 58
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: THE BEST RACKET EVER! From Babolat Aeropro Control to KBlade Tour is like changing the weather from the worst condition to a sunny day. I think all that is needed to become an awesome tennis player is found in this racket not to mention precision and [k]ontrol as part of its composition. Overall, advanced players must own this racket.
From: L. Reyes, 07/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Red Code 51Lbs.
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: What can't this frame do? It's absolutely the best. The best! Stable, solid, spin friendly. The flex is so comfortable while still being just solid enough. I can feel the ball sink into the strings before it zings off again. Just brilliant. I can't say enough about it.
From: Jeff, Napa, Nor Cal, USA. 07/09
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU 18 cross @52lbs. Prince 17 Multi syn mains @56 lbs.
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.5-5.0

Comments: I have had this stick for about a year now. It is still as amazing as it was when I first bought it. This racquet is like my best friend. It sleeps with me on my bed lol. But all in all this stick is just great at everything. Ground strokes, volleys, and serves. Smashes are a bit difficult but it does the job to my likings.
From: Brenol,
String type and tension: Kirschbaum proline 1
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I switched to the KBlade after using the nBlade for about 2 years. I loved the power and had enough control to keep me satisfied. When the KBlade came out, I tried the 98, but it felt weird. I tried the Tour and strung it up to 73. I think that was one of the best choices I've ever made, and I love this racquet.
From: Frunk, Irvine, CA, USA. 6/09
String type and tension: [K] Gut 16 Pro. 73 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5- 5.0

Comments: Before this racquet I used kblade 98's, and I'm sure glad I changed. The control that this racquet has is beyond the 98's. For the control it has you can also get a great deal of power if you can hit clean shots. It really does feel like a rifle, damaging your opponents shot by shot. The kblade 98 felt like shotgun because you could hit one big shot, but I really found no level of consistency with that stick, way too powerful. Of course you can use spin, but there was no feel to this racquet. With the kblade 98 I get the best of both worlds; power and control.
From: Jacob. 06/09
String type and tension: 58(tension)
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: This is a great racquet if you swing through and get the right string set-up. Don't worry I'll tell you what it is. In the mains I put MSV Focus Hex 17L in the mains and in the crosses I used Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 18. I like my strings on the tighter end at 57 lbs. You can always try out different string set-ups though that suite you but I cannot get enough of the Tecnifibre X-One Biphase strings. You can always try out different polys in the mains. I only found a few problems with the racquet people might notice and that is the headsize. 93 is one of the smaller headsizes in today's world but you get used to it. The dense string pattern really does help for adding spin so when you get your racquet strung try and go 2-3 lbs lower than you usually get. Also I am a high school sophomore going to be a junior in the 09-10 season. Last season I played Varsity number 2 spot.
From: Josh H., NM, USA, 05/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 18 crosses, MSV Focus Hex 17L mains. 57 lbs.
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.0-6.0

Comments: I've played with this racquet ever since it came out and I'll stick with it. It feel less stiff than the Ksix- one 90, which requires less of my own power to hit the ball in my mid-30 age, but better control than K-Blade 98. I may not have the super power shot, but have the very solid hit and control through this racquet. Super love it.
From: Peter So, Hong Kong. 05/09
String type and tension: Wilson K-Gut 17, 59lbs
Headsize: 93

Comments: This racquet is an absolutely great stick! With the 93 in headsize, groundstokes feel crisp and power is easily generated. I was able to hit out with confidence on forehand and backhand sides, and the fact that it is headlight makes it easy to whip around the ball and generate good spin. I found that adding about an ounce of leadtape to the handle helped, but I was used to a heavier racquet (ncode six-one). Volleys are excellent, I felt I could place them anywhere I wanted. Serving with this racquet is good but not great, also probably due to the fact that it is slightly lighter than I like. Overall, excellent racquet that suits high level players looking for a great feel!
From: Nick, Dayton, Ohio, USA. 05/09
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 16 - 58lbs
Headsize: 93 sq. in.
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This thing is a weapon. Use it with enough skill and it will reward you. From the baseline I am hitting absolute monsters off both wings. Solid from every part of the court, on any shot. Best racquet I have hit with hands down. Serving is also excellent with huge spin for a closed pattern and flat serves booming. Best racquet I have had the pleasure to hit with so far. Great job Wilson.
From: Josh, 05/09
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough @ 58lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: This racquet totally stands out from the rest and whenever I hit with another racquet I miss my K blade tour. It is rock solid. I've fiddled around with adding lead tape here and there to make it more stable as it's very head light, but, it only screws it up. It's perfect in it's pure original form. I thought my backhand suffered from this, but I just needed to adjust to it since everything else is to perfection; the weight, the mass, balance, head size. At the baseline I can decide to take a heavy swing with top spin and depth, or a light fast one that lands in the middle of the service box and not worry too much if it's gonna go far outside. Still working on the slice as it doesn't come as easy as with bigger head size or string pattern with more bite. The serve and volley has nice punch and precision to it and the direction feels solid.
From: Peter, 05/09
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Ace, 50 lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: A little bit disappointed with this racquet actually, because I had high hopes for it. I was previously using the six-one tours, both nCode and K-Factor. I'm from Singapore, so we only get the Asia-pacific versions, which have a strung weight of 11.9 oz, about half an oz lighter than the US ones. Been using the blade tour since February or march this year. My forehand and volleys remained solid shots. My usually lethal slice died off a bit. And worst of all, my one handed backhand literally became non-existent. It was HOPELESS!!! I just didn't find it stable enough on that wing. I found the balance simply too headlight. It's disappointing to see a decent shot become hopeless. I continue to wonder why Wilson have not incorporated their PWS system in the blade line of racquets, and the same goes for some of their latest models. With such a headlight balance, I think that the PWS system should have been included to provide some added stability. And I don't understand why a racquet with such a small headsize has been given such a dense string pattern. Even after having tried other racquets, I still keep gravitating back towards the six-one's. They have become such a high level of comfort for me. Don't think I'll try any other line of racquets again. Will be hoping to get a few more spare kSix-one's. And will definitely be looking forward to what Wilson have in store for their next six-one tour.
From: Brandon, 05/09
String type and tension: Luxilon Alu power fluoro 17 @ 55lbs
Headsize: 93

Comments: Great racquet off both forehand and backhand sides. Good pop and a really healthy sweetspot. There wasn't as much feel as I'd like, there was a pretty dampened response, but that's a preference that some people have. Overall, a very great racquet.
From: Anon. 04/09

Comments: I wanted a lighter racquet than my Wilson Tour 90 since it tends to tire my arms on long matches. I tried the Kblade Tour. It took some experimentation with different strings and tensions to get this racquet hitting good for me but I finally got it hitting the way I wanted. I tried the MSV Focus Hex 16 gauge, which I have found is a bit more springy and powerful on other racquets I have tried it on. The MSV @ 60 lbs and the synthetic gut @ 58 lbs. hits wonderful and the racquet now has sufficient power, spin and control. Overall, this is a great racquet.
From: Jeff, NC, USA. 04/09
String type and tension: Mains - MSV Focus Hex 16 gauge @ 60 lbs., Crosses - Prince Original Synthetic Gut @ 58 lbs.
Headsize: 93

Comments: I borrowed this from a friend because I have recently gotten "fed-up with" my old Nblade. This is a much better racquet. My serves were incredible. I could paint the lines on both my first and second serve. My groundstrokes stilled sailed a bit (a problem I had with my nblade), but I won my high school second singles 6-2 6-1. I later tried the Babolat pure storm and found that it was more to my liking from the backcourt, but that I couldn't serve as well. My volleys were the same regardless. I'm currently deciding which I should go with, but I definitely recommend that anyone with long strokes and an aggressive game try this one out.
From: Lucas, Portland, OR, USA, 03/09
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I'm actually playing with Yonex RDS 001 but as most of tennis fans we're always looking for the perfect racquet so I give a try to the good looking models as soon as I can, and obviously the K Blade Tour is one of them. I was very impressed from the very first touch, most off all by the precision. You can really hit a high percentage off winners from all areas of the court, the stability is perfect and very well balanced. Probably one of the best Wilson stick since the pro staff that has much to see with this model. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly spin from such a dense string pattern. Also the sweetspot is really generous for a 93 sq head. This is the kind of racquet that make the unanimity, of course the stick is demanding...technically and physically, but which competition model is not? The K Blade Tour looks like a mix of tradition and modernity, it has this typical shape and feel like the Head Prestige, the Prince Graphite or the Pro Staff but in my opinion more modern, more aggressive, it plays more forgiving than the Prestige. The racquet is reaching the perfection, obviously as good as my Yonex.
From: Rafael, 3/09
String type and tension: Head Sonic Pro 17
NTRP Rating: Tennis teacher

Comments: I have played with the KBlade Tour for a year and I think it is not the stick for players below the 4.5 level. The head size and weight require advanced skills and strokes not normally found below 4.5. While the racquet and the strings will assist the user in producing the desired spin, it is actually the player's technique that provides the overall results. This stick is solid and in the right hands will allow the user to create the various spins and the flat shots. I prefer this stick over the K Six One 90 and 95. However, this preference is personal and does not mean everyone should feel this way. The best way to determine the value of this racquet is for you to DEMO it yourself.
From: Vernon, Atlanta, GA, US. 3/09
String type and tension: Wilson Champion Choice @ 57 and 55
NTRP Rating:5.0

Comments: If tennis rackets were girlfriends, this would the the PERFECT girlfriend. It does whatever you want and need it to do. I switched from the K Six-One 95 to this frame and never looked back. My spin increased dramatically and my placement did as well. I switched frames to increase my control for college level tennis and for a torn rotators-cuff that I've had for a year now (the pain has pleasantly decreased). The racket offered a little more pace compared to the K 6.1 95 and was much easier to maneuver and swing. A great racket if you want to work your opponents across the court with just the right amount of pace and spin. Kudos, Wilson.
From: Daniel, Temple, Texas, USA. 3/09
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane @ 63 pounds
NTRP Rating: ITA

Comments: I am an aggressive baseliner who isn't afraid to finish a point at the net, and I like this racquet. It only took a few hits to get used to the slightly smaller headsize, but if you have a long, loopy swing it should not be a problem. What sold me is the control of the racquet, and the "feeling" upon contact. I generate my own power and topspin, and with the Kblade Tour I can really paint the lines.
From: Anon. 3/09

Comments: OK now I have tried these racquets on the court I have a better idea, firstly I have found them to be very maneuverable, I hit single hand backhand and found that the KBlade feels great and very solid on both sides, this racquet allowed me to hit the more challenging shots, on serve the KBlade allowed me to hit great flat serves and slice along with good kick on the second, on the volley it felt solid my forehand volley is the weakest but the KBlade helped me hit some very crisp forehand volleys very happy with that, I used Topspin Cyberflash 1.25mm at 58lbs main and 60 lbs cross with this combo I could easily get nice spin. Coming back to a Wilson frame took a few hits to get used to but now I am staying with this frame hopefully for good!
From: Michael, 2/09
String type and tension: topspin cyber flash 1.25mm 60lbs

Comments: This racquet is amazing. I don't think I will ever switch again. I came from the KSix One 95 Team, which I liked but wasn't crazy about. This racquet feels like it wants to jump out of your hand when hitting groundstrokes. I am able to hit deep hard groundstrokes with enough control to get them inside the lines. You have to work a little harder for spin. It also makes you get into position for every shot. Recently my coach told me I should put some lead tape on the head. I haven't tried it out yet, but it sounds like a great idea. Great racquet. Before you buy this racquet I would advise you to take a look at the Head Microgel Prestige 93. A little heavier, but same idea as this racquet. Also string a little tighter than usual.
From: Nick, Chattanooga, TN. 2/09
String type and tension: M: Luxilon big banger. X: Wilson nxt all at 53

Comments: This racket fits my game perfect. I mix aggressive baseline with S&V game, semi-western FH and 2HBH. I used this racket early 2008. I felt that it may be a bit demanding stick, so I demoed TF320 and switched to it (16x20 felt like easy spin, bigger head - bigger sweet spot) -- after about two weeks, my game fell apart and I hated it -- I was hitting short, my serve went from 110 mph to about 90. Then I demoed the MG Prestige Pro and it appeared that things got better -- at least my serves were big again, spin access was there, control was OK, good power, but again, my game never came back to my KBT level. So, I decided to give KBlade Tour another try, and after just a few days, I was controlling the game all the way, my 2HBH was back, I am hitting deep FH with the precision. I am back to KBT and since I switched back I have not lost a match... Love this stick!
From: DR, Florida. 2/09
String type and tension: Main: Luxilon BB Alu Power @ 54; Crosses: Gamma Prof @ 57
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Use a co-polyester, the spin potential is insane, and the control is much nicer than when using a multifilament. The crisp feel of flat shots is undeniable and the feel around finesse shots is great too. The choice in string makes a HUGE difference in how the frame feels.
From: Tushar, Edison, NJ, USA. 2/09
String type and tension: Co-Polyester Usually 60-61lbs in summer 59 Lbs in winter

Comments: I demoed this racquet with Big Banger ALU power rough at 62lbs and I had massive access to top. Try stringing it at higher tension with some of those strings and synthetic gut on the crosses. (I recommend Prince) I really liked this racquet; solid on the volleys, great on the serve, and a lot of weight of shot on the groundies.
From: Anonymous, Oregon, US. 1/09
NTRP Rating: 4.5+, Junior

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