KLIP Armour Pro Natural Gut 17 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I love the feel of this string. The coating seems to assist with control, the gut has plenty of power. This string lasted 2 months! restrung due to tension. Replaced with Bab Vs and it lasted a week then broke! For the money, if you are looking for a great full bed of gut that lasts and has great feel, this is the one.
From: Kevin, 5/12

Comments: In my opinion there's no feeling. I had the impression that it is very "slippery", not durable, and I was not able to have the same topspin as I have with the VS. In my opinion, it is lower even than BDE. I will not recommend.
From: Constantin, Toronto, Canada. 04/10
Racquet String and Tension: Prince OSG 62.

Comments: Stiff string for a gut. I have this on one of my Head prestige racquets and Babolat VS 17 on the other. It does have decent spin but as a completely subjective feeling, the Babolat gives me more feel on the ball especially with touch shots. It's a very good string but I gotta give the nod to Babolat. Also, my stringer (who has done some professional stringing) HATES this stuff
From: Drew, Reno, NV, USA 10/09

Comments: Extremely durable, but the coating does make it less powerful than regular gut. It also feels stiffer and less forgiving than regular gut. I would recommend stinging this string at least 3 to 4 pounds less than you would string regular gut.
From: John, Riverside, CA, USA. 09/09

Comments: I love this stuff. I have it in my BB 11 mid at 59# and it plays beautifully. The coating helps extend string live over typical gut and it does not impact feel at all.
From: Basil J, Wakefield, MA, USA. 08/09
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I've used gut before and it always broke earlier than I liked. However, with this string is very durable. I was shocked by the durability from the 17g. Of course the playability is top notch as it is gut. Great power, spin and ball pocketing.
From: Kush, Albany, NY, USA. 7/08

Comments: I'm a 3.5-4.0 mostly baseline player and use a semi western forehand, two-handed backhand and hit with pretty good pace and spin. I found this string to be very nice to string up. Once in the frame it stays in place very well. I was not completely sold on this for the first hour of hitting, but after that it seemed that the tension was settled in and has now been playing well for me for over a week of hitting. Not much notching or fraying yet and plays like a dream. I have used VS gut as well as regular KLIP and this just seems to be a better string. More durability and control than those. I have definitely found my new string as long as TW can keep it in stock.
From: Brian, Denver, CO, USA. 6/08

Comments: Way longer lasting than any other natural gut. Longer than any other 16g natural as a matter of fact. Plays great, good spin, great touch.
From: Stan, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 10/06

Comments: I fooled around with almost all-natural gut strings. I tried anything from Pacific to BDE to no-name Brands. This string was as easy to string as a synthetic, with almost no coil memory. It held tension great. Had a fair amount of power, but unbelievable spin. The ball pocket was amazing. I now use the Armor on all of my stick, and don't think I'll be switching for a while.
From: Nathan, NYC, NY, USA 06/06

Comments: I used Klip Legend before, which I loved. Playing with the "old" graphite mid, with 14 mains does cause me to break strings faster than I'd like. I was told that the 16g Armour was as durable as 15L legend. So I gave it a try. I'd get 2-3 weeks out of Legend 15L, and have now been using the Armour 16 for over 4 weeks. It's holding up playability as well as tension. A little more in price, but a lot more durable and playable. A recommended string for any fast string breaking gut lover.
From: Steve, Glen's Cove, MA 05/06

Comments: Stringing is so easy with this string. Strings great, plays even better than most guts I have tried including the BDE and VS. Really great for the price.
From: Helmut, NRW, Germany 04/06

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