KLIP Armour Pro Natural Gut 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I used this in a hybrid. It lasted 8 sets. Disappointed, though it had good feel and control.
From: Dean, 1/13

Comments: I strung and used this gut for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't find it necessarily easier to string (than other guts without coatings), but it wasn't more difficult either. It required the routine precautions you would normally take when stringing gut, and then things went fine. As far as playability, it had more comfort and feel than other gut strings I've tried. The accuracy and spin potential were great, too. For the price, it seems to be well worth the investment. It gives the opportunity to play natural gut at a very reasonable price. I can't comment on durability yet because the strings are still in my racquet!
From: Bob, 9/11

Comments: I've been using it for a few years and I think it's a great string. The coating makes it so easy to string compared to other guts I've tried which are always hard to pull across the mains. I don't have to worry nearly as much about "sawing" mains this way. Like all natural gut I've used, I like how it hits and I've found the durability to be great. I highly recommend you pay a little extra for the coating; it's worth it in durability and ease of stringing.
From: John, Chicago, IL, USA. 4/11

Comments: Awful. Didn't even get to play with this string as each time I tried to pull tension (got up to the 3rd or 4th main each time), the string would break. It may have been a bad batch though, as I had absolutely no problems stringing the Legend 16 gut, which should be more fragile.
From: Simon, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 03/11

Comments: I am very disappointed with this string. When the price of Babolat VS Touch went up, I thought I would give this one a try to save some money. It did not feel like natural gut. I had it strung at my usual 53lbs, and it felt so much tighter (as compared to Babolat VS Touch). It did not have the same crisp hit as VS Touch. Worst of all, the string just snapped while my racquet was not even being used. Total time in action-less than 10 hours of doubles playing. I am not a heavy hitter and I don't spin the ball that much. I normally get between 40-50 hours of play with VS. So much for money saving!
From: Ivan, Shanghai, China. 4/10

Comments: Definitely not what I had hoped for. The coating is extremely thick on this and had several imperfections right out of the package and one place where the coating was completely worn off and another where it was cracked and consequently came unraveled while stringing. This was extremely difficult to string. I don't know how they claim this is "easy to string". YOU MUST AT LEAST WAX THE MAINS TO STRING THIS. Granted, my racket has some shared holes, which made it tougher, but it would still have been tough otherwise. It had some nice pocketing, crispness, and power while I played with it. Unfortunately, the strings were moving all over the place (I think this might have been remedied if the mains had been waxed while stringing). I will probably cut these out soon since the strings are moving all over and it isn't as control oriented as I'd hoped for. Won't buy Armour Pro again due to poor quality control and stringing difficulty. I'll have to try Legend next.
From: Scott, USA, 06/09

Comments: Great string, and durability is a plus since I normally use Babolat VS gut and this one feels the same and lasts longer. Plus it's cheaper by a bit...
From: Nick, Toronto, Canada. 3/09

Comments: This is both by far the easiest gut to string and the longest lasting compared to Babolat and Pacific. I keep it at two slightly different tension levels on two of my racquets and as a hybrid with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough on my third racquet. This gives me choices in spin and power depending on my opponent and on how "live" my arm feels. Because it breaks so infrequently, I don't feel I need to keep all the racquets strung exactly the same. And it strings so easily, even if I break a string, I can have the racquet quickly strung for my next match. (I do use Babolat string savers, both to prevent string migration and to prolong the life of the string.)
From: Charlie, Needham, MA, USA. 2/09
Style: All-Court.
Level: 4.5
Racquets: Wilson n-Code six-one 95

Comments: Great string - like a poly on the outside and a true gut inside - but the bad news is that supply is tough.
From: Anon. 1/08

Comments: Klip Armour Pro 16 wasn't all that bad to string but definitely harder than syn gut!! The protective coating prevents any unravellings of the gut but also causes some friction when threading through your mains, playability was excellent good ball pocketing and power in all areas of the game ground strokes, serve etc. I used this as a cross string with Topspin Cyber Flash 17 as a main. A few dollars cheaper than the competitors and good durability due to the white coating Klip applies to the string. Highly recommended.
From: Michael, Cairns, Qld, Australia. 3/07

Comments: It doesn't get any easier to string when it comes to natural gut. Great pop, great durability (I almost got 2 times as much last as VS) and hardly any tension loss over the 4 week period. For a bunch of dollars less than the rest of the "premier" guts, this is a great choice. I know it's mine from now on.
From: Dale, Las Vegas, NV, 06/06

Comments: I have been on a tear comparing various gut strings used as crosses (mains are Luxilon Alu Rough 16). As I worked my way up in price, I thought I had chosen a favorite (Babolat Tonic +). However, the Klip Armour compares very favorable. What I liked about the Tonic + was the spin potential and feel (better than the BDE Rally). I chose the Klip Armour to play outside on clay (camp New England springs!). The Klip Armour surprised me in how crisp it felt and how well I controlled the ball. The string has a relatively thick polymer coating on it, and this made me think that the string would be "flat". Nothing could be further from the truth. Same soft stringbed feel, same control, same "pop" on the serve...so, in the final analysis, this string compares very well to the other gut strings I have tried. The only area I cannot comment is durability. However, when used as crosses, I have had excellent results with all the gut I have tried (not breaking one yet!) I am yet another convert to gut (after playing tennis for over 30 years).
From: Peter, Groton, MA USA 05/06

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