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Comments: I am a self taught, 24 year old 4.0 player and for the most part I've learned everything I know by watching pro's on tv. For the most part I had no problem with anything but my backhand so I did plenty of research and read many articles and ordered many backhand videos from different tennis pro's to improve. Of all the videos on this site the video is hands down the best video. You will improve your backhand and LOVE hitting it after you watch this video. He breaks down the very technical aspect of the backhand but in a way thatís very easy to understand. I can now hit powerful, consistent, borderline professional backhand winners now at will with about 1-2 months of practice and no other video or book out there does that. With more time I will be able to hit it better. I noticed improvement immediately but it still took time to correct my bad habits. I love his style of teaching although at times it can be a bit repetitive although I promise you will improve. I plan on ordering all of his videos for the possibility they will be as good as this backhand video.
From: Najib, Queens, NY, USA, 01/08

Comments: I recently received the James Jensen Pro Tennis Lessons 10 DVD Boxed Set as a Father's Day Gift and it is surely one of the best gift's I've ever received. As a certified 4.5, 38 year old Tennis fanatic who plays an average 5 days a week the DVDs have given me a tremendous resource for improving my overall play. I refer to the DVDs constantly especially if I played poorly in a match, by viewing the lessons I can discover what I was doing wrong and quickly learn the techniques needed to improve my skills. It's an astounding set of lessons, which covers all the important details for better play and match strategies. Pro Jensen is charismatic and a true expert of the game who does all the instruction while performing each technique in a flawless easy to comprehend motivating manner. A true master work and treasure chest full of techniques for anyone wishing to advance their tennis skills as a single or doubles tournament competitor.
From: Dean, WA. USA 07/05

Comments: I am a USTA 3.5 player who is self-taught but has played my entire life (I'm 46). I've always been unhappy with my backhand since mine is almost always a defensive shot as I perform it and I lack consistency. After taking a lesson from my club pro and improving somewhat I decided to give the Jensen Ultimate Backhand DVD a try and I am so far very happy with it. He recommends the Eastern to Semi-Western grip, and is very thorough (maybe slightly repetitive) in his explanations of a complete backhand, both the topspin and slice. I feel 100% more comfortable with my backhand and would easily recommend this DVD as it was the same cost as an hour private with my club pro but packed a great deal of information in about an hour and a half of video.
From: Bob, Mobile, AL USA 07/05

Comments: James Jensen is candid, thorough, and explains the techniques well. What you want is what he gives you. He takes you quickly into business without dwelling long on the mechanics, which is one aspect I wish he covered a little bit more on the forehand and backhand tapes. But all and all, he did an awesome job. Two thumbs up!
From: Ramon, Hong Kong,05/05

Comments: I have been playing tennis and buying books and videos for over the past 20 years but none of the material I have collected can compare to the teaching and techniques on the James Jensenís Pro Tennis Lessons DVDís! Everything is unbelievably well explained on the proper techniques, etc. I have his complete teaching library and refer to them regularly for keeping my game sharp and solid. I am sure everyone looking to improve their skills will benefit from James Jensenās teachings as much as I have. I highly recommend them to all tennis enthusiasts.
From: Hoan Nguyen, Toronto, Canada. 02/05

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