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Comments: These dvdís offer basically solid, if uninspired, advice. They are most useful to players ranging from just beyond absolute beginner to intermediate level (through 3.0 level, maybe 3.5 for the more advanced ones). That said, there is little use of slow motion and no use of stop-action, and you only see Jensen (occasionally with his partner Gary) - it would have been more interesting and instructive to see a variety of players with different styles hit strokes, and to see the strokes in stop action, with narration going over the strokes. Jensen jabbers way too much, often saying nothing. With the good and bad, there is also the ugly. There are several glowing reviews for people claiming to be 4.0 or 4.5 (advanced) players. These reviews are almost surely phony - there is absolutely nothing in these dvds that would be useful to anyone at that level.
From: Anon, 12/08

Comments: Video quality: Mediocre, no use of super slow motion. No use of close ups. Sometimes the racquet is not even shown striking the ball. Very little editing was done. It is sort of "gonzo" style film making. This would be fine for some things, but not an instructional video. If a shot had been filmed with multiple cameras, one could have a chance to see more exactly what is happening. Instead, he spends too much time verbalizing it. Especially, since no high speed camera was used, so that the stroke could be shown in slow motion. Is it useful? Yes, but I just wonder when someone will make a superior DVD product. It almost makes you feel that they don't want to harm their main business of being an instructor.
From: Paul, Louisville, CO, USA. 5/07

Comments: This 10 DVD Tennis series offers terrific insight into the game. I like Pro Jensenís teaching method of building your game from the ground up. He is always interesting and keeps your attention throughout each program. I really thought I had a decent game until I went through each of these DVDs. It was nothing but eye opening about how off my techniques really were. With the help of this set Iíve made numerous simple adjustments to my strokes, footwork and court strategies that have brought my game up many notches. For example the simple punch stroke as he calls it in the Volleys DVD has made me a much more consistent and accurate net player. This simple stroke keeps my ball in play where before I was constantly over swinging and hitting my Volleys out. This technique alone was worth the price of the series. I have easily come away with 5 or more game improving techniques from each DVD and when added up make for 50 plus improvements to my game. I am elated with my better play that I owe to Pro Jensenās fine teaching and all I can say is get the set and see for yourself how fast you can improve.
From: Ned Giles, The Woodlands, TX 04/06

Comments:I have received JJ's Pro Tennis Ultimate Forehand and, although it's definitely clear and useful, what he explains in an hour and 16 min could be as clearly and as usefully summarized in half the time.I have played moderately over the last 5 years, but this year I started to play in local competitions. I will definitely buy some of the other DVD's (like Ultimate Serve and Backhand).
From: Anda
The Hague, the Netherlands 12/05

Comments: "My compliments to both James Jenson and his staff for the outstanding and unique production of Video Tennis Instruction. I have probably spent too many dollars on private lessons, books and magazines over the years in an attempt to improve my game and competitive level but this 10 DVD purchase was one of the best investments ever! The DVD series I purchased are extremely well produced and include a very comprehensive and relevant inventory of how to play this great game of tennis. After I view a specific disc I literally cannot wait to get back on the court to work on my game. Again I congratulate the Jenson team for a very competent and professional series of tennis instruction."
From:Clark Alger Marsh Creek Country Club St. Augustine, Fl 32080

Comments: I recently received the James Jensen Pro Tennis Lessons 10 DVD Boxed Set as a Father's Day Gift and it is surely one of the best gift's I've ever received. As a certified 4.5, 38 year old Tennis fanatic who plays an average 5 days a week the DVDs have given me a tremendous resource for improving my overall play. I refer to the DVDs constantly especially if I played poorly in a match, by viewing the lessons I can discover what I was doing wrong and quickly learn the techniques needed to improve my skills. It's an astounding set of lessons, which covers all the important details for better play and match strategies. Pro Jensen is charismatic and a true expert of the game who does all the instruction while performing each technique in a flawless easy to comprehend motivating manner. A true master work and treasure chest full of techniques for anyone wishing to advance their tennis skills as a single or doubles tournament competitor.
From: Dean, WA. USA 07/05

Comments: I have been playing tennis and buying books and videos for over the past 20 years but none of the material I have collected can compare to the teaching and techniques on the James Jensenís Pro Tennis Lessons DVDís! Everything is unbelievably well explained on the proper techniques, etc. I have his complete teaching library and refer to them regularly for keeping my game sharp and solid. I am sure everyone looking to improve their skills will benefit from James Jensenís teachings as much as I have. I highly recommend them to all tennis enthusiasts.
From: Hoan Nguyen, Toronto, Canada. 02/05

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