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Comments: I'm a 4.5 player and have been using this racquet for about a year after switching from the heavier Juice. Less plow through but I find it more comfortable. Plays great with NRG2 at 45 lbs -- it can feel too lively with Biphase.
From: Sandy, 6/15

Comments: I'm getting another one of these, which says a lot because I normally just buy one racquet and it's enough for recreational play. I love the power and depth I can generate with this racquet and my medium-paced swing. My groundstrokes have more depth and my backhand has become a weapon so formidable that my opponents do what they can to avoid hitting to it! Strung with Wilson NXT you can enjoy the ball pocketing and added control, but they break easily on this racquet.
From: HJ, 11/14

Comments: I bought this racquet not too long ago and I have to say it is shockingly powerful for such a light frame. I recommend Gamma Moto 16 at 55 lbs.
From: Dallas, 7/14

Comments: This is an awesome racquet! Power, spin and control all in one package. I am a 5.0 player. This was my first Wilson racquet. Picked up a second one day two and it won't be my last! I highly recommended!
From: Kim, 4/14

Comments: This racquet is absurdly powerful. Well beyond a Pure Drive or Pure Drive Roddick in the amount of pace and depth on shots. Spin potential is also ridiculous. The pattern is effectively 16x17 because the first cross is so close to the top of the frame. Unique to this frame in the family is the addition of power holes along with double hole grommets. This softens the stringbed and increases the sweet spot and power. The pace and spin that can be generated and controlled is amazing and addictive. The ability to hit a deep ball with spin and pace from a defensive position is pretty amazing. It also serves huge. Now for the downside. This frame is stiff and it needs some weight in the handle to improve its usefulness on slices and volleys. A leather grip plus 11 additional grams is about right and makes the frame about 1pt HL. Swing weight is actually pretty high (328- 331 on my frames) which can make it feel slow for persons accustomed to whippier frames. Control and touch are actually pretty good considering the power level and stiffness. I would not recommend for flat hitters as spin and racquet head speed are a must for keeping the ball in play with is frame.
From: Patrick, 4/14

Comments: This is a great racquet. Just what I am looking for. A lighter, more powerful frame that still feels comfortable to me (3.5-4.0 player) because of the slight head heavy balance. Just meet the ball out in front and let this racquet assist you. Great on groundies but especially nice at net. I now have two and am thinking of getting a 3rd. Would prefer to see a darker color grip as the white shows wear quickly. Otherwise I love this frame!
From: Milo, 3/14

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