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Comments: An excellent racquet for advanced and intermediate players. It feels really nice in the hand because of the special grip. It gives my game strength. Really special and awesome racquet. Definetely worth buying.
From: Andrew, 7/16

Comments: Had elbow issues with my Pure Drive and luckily I switched. I didn't need many adjustments when switching to the Juice. I can mow down balls on both sides and it plows through fuzzy slow balls. No more elbow issues and I bumped my game from mid-5.0 to upper-5.0. I'm able to flatten my serves and groundstrokes making the balls shoot off the court.
From: Anonymous, 12/15

Comments: Wow, this racquet has a lot of power. Much more so than my 2013 APD. The Juice has a huge sweet spot. I also get a little more spin than my APD, but not as much as the Steam 99LS (weighted up). I am more consistent with the APD from the baseline, but volleys are much better with the Juice as well as touch shots. The ampifeel gives the racquet a little more of a muted feel.
From: Eric, 5/15

Comments: Oh how I missed that Wilson feel. I got rid of my Dunlop 200 Bio racquet and got this, I am so happy with this one already. Loads of feel with good power and decent spin.
From: Mark, 4/15

Comments: I was using the Head Grephene Radical Pro since November but found it lacked power and I always had to hit in the center. I bought the Juice 100 and tried the racquet yesterday. Strung with Babolat RPM Blast 18, I found a lot of spin and power, and a forgiving stringbed. It is stiff but not that bad. Like it already!
From: Bruno, 3/15

Comments: I bought this racquet new and tried all summer to use it. For me, it seemed sluggish and lacking power. It is, indeed, a heavier racquet, but is headlight, and is less stable unless you always hit the ball dead-center in the strings. Sold it online. Did nothing at all for my game.
From: Robert, 11/14

Comments: I love it! Great power!
From: Andre, 7/14

Comments: Bought this racquet two weeks ago and really like it so far. I have Lux 4G in the mains and Babolat XCel in the crosses, and it's a nice setup I think. My shots have good pop and depth, and my serves feel like they're coming out of a rocket launcher. What I did was take the grip off and replace it with a Head Hydrosorb Tour grip and then put the Wilson Advantage overgrip over that, and it feels great. Very soft and plush, and I feel like I can do anything I want with no ill effects on my hands or joints. I'm going to try putting the Luxilon in the crosses and a different multifilament string in the mains. Not sure I like the Lux in the mains, but that's neither here nor there. The racquet is a good one for players with a big game and who like to attack.
From: Justin, 3/14

Comments: I have played with the Babolat APD for 3 years and it hurt my elbow, shoulder and arm. So I switched a month ago to this Juice 100 and am amazed. It is far superior.
From: J, 2/14

Comments: Almost the same amount of power as the BLX, maybe a bit more.
From: Angel, 2/14

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