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Comments: At first I did not like using the string, but after adjusting it to my game I found a huge spin improvement and bite on the ball. This is now my overall favorite string aside from the old Isospeed Iso-Tour 3000 strings that have since then been discontinued.
From: Joe, Jersey City, NJ, USA. 4/11

Comments: This string does produce quite a bit of spin, but has a lot of vibration. For a Poly it does move a little more than usual, and the ball does feel like it comes off the string bed quick, but the ball seems to really penetrate well, and this string will make your groundstrokes "heavier" which can produce many short balls from opponents.
From: Zach B, Tampa, FL, USA. 06/10

Comments: Strung at low tensions, this is a soft, controllable poly. Not hard on the arm or elbow, is pretty durable (12 sets of doubles so far) and offers nice spin potential. I have it strung in a ProKennex 15, so a string that reduces the power, without being completely dead, was what I was looking for. Ball does not seem to trampoline and sweet spot size has been unaffected.
From: Joe, 4.0, MD 04/10
ProKennex 15, strung at 48 lbs.

Comments: If you use lots of spin in your game this string is not for you. It moves around in the stringbed too much.
From: Kristian, Oslo, Norway. 5/08

Comments: My first impression of the string was how soft the string is. The double heating makes a big difference compared to the stiffer Luxilon Big Banger original I usually use. The texture of the string also has a very "slip" feel. I would recommend using this string as main string for a hybrid. It plays nice as a hybrid but used alone makes the ball slip off real quick than wanted. Overall a nice string.
From: Robert, AZ, USA, 12/07

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