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Comments: Amazing string if you are looking for a lot of spin. The triangular shape really bites the ball and generates the most spin of any string I've ever used. I've yet to have one break, and I'm a heavy hitter with a 100+ mph serve. If you use these as a hybrid with a multi-filament string, they will cut into the other string and make it them break quicker than usual, but what do you expect from a sharp-edged string?
From: Keith, 8/16

Comments: This string is unreal. I have used everything and I mean everything on the market in the last 5 years. I kept putting this string off. Do not put this string off. String it 10% higher than normal and you have a responsive, soft poly, with unmatched spin potential.
From: Jason, 4/15

Comments: This string is a good choice for a tight string pattern. It makes outstanding top spin and slice shots! It is so fun to hit with it. It has very good control as well. I strung it at 50 lbs in a Graphene Speed Pro and in a Prince 100 Tour 18x20 and it felt great. Durability is still good after 10 hours of heavy hitting.
From: Jay, 9/14

Comments: Absolutely fantastic! The spin is unreal and the immense comfort and touch makes dropshots and slices so easy. A must buy!
From: John, 8/13

Comments: After trying other strings, this one has great spin and slice. I kept it at 58mains 60cross and the string hasn't moved yet. It still has some feel to it. Great control.
From: Matthew, Canton, GA, USA 06/09

Comments: Went to the Pyramid because I love to spin and slice. You won't believe the looks you get when you catch an opponent 'watching' a base line shot they anticipate will go out when the ball hits the line! Same with a slice serve that comes down at a steep angle - then lunges after it hits. I am still experimenting with tensions after 2 seasons. I use a hybrid Pyramid main / Pulse cross at different tensions - softer cross. 60lbs was way too stiff for me. I now have racquets strung in the 50s and now 40s looking for more feel on the hit. Try it out!
From: Will, Scottsdale, AZ, USA. 2/09

Comments: Love the spin the string gives, but too much pop.
From: Dave, Bellevue, WA, USA. 1/09

Comments: Godly spin, but a little stiff, I suggest crossing it w/the Iso-Speed Longlife (the half set). I string the Pyramid at 54 and the crosses at 58 on my K 6.1 95 (50-60 lbs). The long life retains tension well so it makes up for the Pyramid. I used this for about two months before I had to restring. I suggest this to anyone who uses any type of spin on a regular basis because you won't get more spin with anything else.
From: Kenn, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 8/08

Comments: I tried this in my KTeam @57/55, in a hybrid with Sensation. The spin was great, but it dropped tension so quickly I had to cut it out. It only got about 5 hitting hours before it felt lifeless. Perhaps stringing it tighter than I'd do a poly MIGHT help. A shame, as I enjoy Iso Speed's other offerings.
From: Jim, Peoria, IL, USA, 06/08

Comments: Absolutely amazing! I switched to this string. I had tried 15 strings and this is by far my favorite. Great spin and control. Let me tell you the spin is unrivaled!
From: Jason, Grand Forks, ND, USA, 01/08

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