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Comments: This string excelled when hitting topspin from the baseline. Super, super comfortable, great ball pocketing and spin, as well as a lot of control. But I found it a little too lively when volleying hard hit balls. It seemed to trampoline a little. I'll try it again either at a higher tension, or as a hybrid with a syn gut cross to see if I can tame that down. Durability was also good.
From: Ben, 10/15

Comments: This string is a hidden gem. Compared to other brands, ISOSPEED's multifilament strings feel unique, probably due to their polypropylene outer wrap. They are less stretchy, lower-powered, and more durable but still comfortable. I think they are a good choice either for people who want more of the characteristics of polyester strings without the harshness, or for people who want a more durable multifilament. Energetic Plus has a little better durability and better tension maintenance than the other ISOSPEED multifilament strings. Highly recommended!
From: Dan, 6/14

Comments: This is another great string with a nice price. Very soft on the arm. Spin is ok but not much. Durability is ok. This is good for player's battling tennis elbow. I strung a full bed at 53 lbs on a Volkl Organic V1 and 52 lbs on a Pacific X- Force.
From: Tong, 8/12

Comments: Just want to add from my previous post. Considering I'm 5.0 player, hitting hard ground strokes with spins, plus playing average of 10 hours a week, in about 3+ weeks, the string tension loosens up (full bed), and all my balls sails long. I think the tension went down -10 lbs. This means it's time to re-string them. These strings are definitely softer than polys and kevlars, just a bit tad stiffer than your average synthetic. But again you can hybrid this string for a softer feel. Spin wise they're ok, but your technique/ground strokes will do the spinning. Overall, if you want something that is durable, softer than polys, holds tension well, string doesn't move a lot, soft in the arm, you may want try this string.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: I had major tennis elbow recently using polys, so decided to do some research to see which string would be easy on the arm, at the same time something durable, holds tension well, comfort and control. I think I found one. The feel is not as you would expect on a Natural Gut, or Synthetic, or lower gauges strings, but this would do. So far, I've strung 2 out of my 3 rackets at 55lbs full bed on my (YouTek Radical Pro). I will try next time to string the mains at 56lbs and something softer like a synthetic on the cross strings at 54 lbs to replicate the feel. After 9+ hours of heavy hitting with topspin/slices, the tension dropped down just a few pounds, but that's expected. I really like this string.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: I hurt my elbow and was recommended by my stringer to use this string at 55lbs on my Pure Drive 2009. What a great string!! I can play tennis with control, spin, and comfort. It's a dream. Thanks, ISOSPEED!
From: Simon, 1/12

Comments: This is one of the best multi strings out there. Excellent feel, durability and holds tension well.
From: Kevin, CA, USA 12/11

Comments: I've found that this string does NOT hold tension very well. My racquet has a stringing range of 55 to 65 lbs, and I got these strung at 60 in my Dunlop Aerogel 300. It felt fine at first, but after a week, the tension was gone and all of my shots that were normally deep in the court were flying long. They have a very dead feeling and certainly do not produce the spin I expected.
From: John, Williamsburg, VA, USA. 3/09

Comments: I did not like this string; very dead feeling, no sweet spot. I've used and loved Isospeed Energetic for years, and thought this would be an improvement. I'm sending them back. Im a 4.0 player.
From: Robert, Ruidoso NM, USA. 3/09

Comments: This string holds tension very well and I'm impressed with the durability. It is more durable than some 17L or 18 gauge polyesters!!!
From: Albert, Montreal, QC, Canada. 9/08

Comments: I love this string, it is crisp and comfortable, and keeps its tension well, better than energetic, if that is possible.
From: Anthony, Austin, Texas, USA. 8/08

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