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Comments: I have used this string for more than 10 years. I have been stringing my racquets since the early 80's, and have had the opportunity to use many different strings. I always go back to this string and even when it's no longer considered the latest and greatest. I have had shoulder problems from adhesive capsulitis and this string has been very arm friendly with good excellent playability. I do use string-a-lings which markedly increases durability.
From: Don, 11/12

Comments: I have been searching for a string that is stiff, yet holds its tension well and has pretty good feel. This is the string that I've been searching for! I previously used polys and then tried some Gamma LIvewire Pro, then Wilson NXT, but nothing feels this great. All the previous strings either a had nice feel that degraded over time and had the trampoline effect or just lost tension quickly. This is used in a hybrind of ISO-Speed Energetic (mains) and Prince Lighting XX (crosses) strung at 66 and 68 on a ProKennex Ki 5 PSE.
From: Alex, California, USA. 2/08

Comments: After trying 16 and 17 gauge, I prefer the 16. It remains its tension better and keeps the strings at their place. Although the 17 gives more control while playing, I prefer the 16. The impact of the ball with the string is shorter and gives more power.
From: Barry, Haarlem/The Netherlands. 03/07

From:Holds tension, like no other string I ever tried. Good power, but since it's durable, it plays great until it breaks. Recommended for heavy topspin players, who don't want Kevlar. Danny, OC, CA, USA, 12/06

Comments: Excellent string! I use the 16 gauge and it's great. It has great playability and durability and I feel like I get a perfect blend of power and control. I also get a great kick in my serve with this string.
From: Morten, Oslo, Norway. 10/06

Comments: Have tried both 16 and 17 gauge. 16 gauge lasts a tad longer, while 17 gauge is noticeably livelier. Prefer the 17 gauge: the livelier feel of the 17 is worth more than the bit of extra durability of the 16. Others comment that the 16 feels dead; while this may be more or else true, control is not lacking in the 16. The 16 allows you to get out of the stringbed only what you put into it, not more or less--the stringbed (and your shots) becomes predictable this way. Reducing tension could add pop. Both play best newly strung and maintain tension noticeably thereafter. Vibration is somewhat muted on both versions (less muted on 17). One could actually play without a vibration dampener. This quality may help the elbow a bit. The 17 has all the benefits (tension maintenance and muted vibration) of the 16 with the added benefit of a livelier responding stringbed. They are both control strings if you know what to do.
From: Jim, California, USA 01/06

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