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Comments: This is a nice string -- it's comfortable, has control and with moderate power. Strung this on the Prince Tour 100 16x18 at 54 lbs with one piece. It's probably down to 50 lbs now and has a very plush, beautiful feel. The only downside is it started fraying a little after 1 hour. Probably because my clamps left a slight impression on the string. I would reccomend this to any one with arm wrist or shoulder problems.
From: Ignatz, 9/16

Comments: I use this in my Donnay as well as a cross with a poly main. So far so good. Holding up well enough which was a concern.
From: Zebas, 5/16

Comments: This string is flawless. In other words perfect or without mistakes. Agree with Keith from 06/10 -- the Isospeed Control combines the playability of a multi with the control and spin of a Poly. Strung in the Donnay XRed 99 at 59 lbs.
From: Joe, 4/16

Comments: Best multi out there, period. I have tried pretty much everything under the moon even gut. In my opinion this is softer than VS Gut at a fraction of the price. For me, I hit a heavy ball with an average groundstroke speed in the 70s with a lot of topspin. On average, I'll play around 10 to 14 hours per week. This will last me a week and a half when mixed with a poly, I use ISO Pyramid. I would highly recommend trying a set. It's better than the Professional in my opinion because it lasts longer, the Professional gives more feel and bite on the ball but would only last me about 5 days instead of 10.
From: David, 12/15

Comments: This is a great string, giving excellent control and playability. With my tennis elbow problems, I've found it is fairly easy on the arm. The Isospeed Control+Arm Protection is also an excellent string, with somewhat better playability, even easier on the arm, but much much less durable.
From: John, 7/12

Comments: My stringer got me onto this class of string about 5 years ago. I have been using the Control string for the last year. I had been using the ISOSPEED Professional Classic 17 for the four years before that. I have been impressed with these strings; friends and acquaintances have also liked the string. Both feel the same to me and I stick with the Control version due to bonus of better durability (not that I am a "string breaker"). FYI, I have been playing tennis for about 20 years and have a classic style of game in which I hit flat with good follow through and using spin for depth correction, ball generally low on return, tend to play forward (offensive), 1st/2nd serves generally flat, double backhands as power backhand and single backhand for drop-shot/touch/net shots). I have used these strings in modified/hefty versions of "classic" frames (e.g. Wilson 6.1 95, Head Radical Tour OS, Yonex RDS 001, PK 5G PSE, PK Type R, Yonex Ti30 long 95, etc) and have had a similar string experience for these frames. The experience is that I can grip the ball extremely well and catapult the ball like a "bazooka". Touch, feel, volleying is nice with this string. The string dampens vibration/load well. I must admit that my frames are a bit "steroidal" in context of my modifications on them (people admit that I hit a "heavy" return-ball for someone that has a "normal" build). Note that the stringer uses a wax card to wax the strings (for easier stringing) and then strings about 10% higher in tension-load to allow for Isospeed's expected tension loss within the first day after the fresh restring.
From: Anon, 12/11

Comments: This string does not have as much power as some strings do but that is what makes this string so great. You can take a big cut at the ball and still keep it in play. It can really build your confidence up. I am surprised this string does not have more comments. It also plays well at the net when you are hitting volleys.
From: Mike, NC, USA, 02/11

Comments: I am a player and former coach, and have used this string for probably around 15 years, and I have never been able to find anything that even comes close to the amount of "feel" it provides, and the spin it can create. They gives you heaps of topspin, and drop shots from the baseline are fairly easy with the amount of feel it provides. Everything else I have tried just feels like a piece of wood in my hand. The power and durability are great too (I go for the thicker version so I get the durability, but for some reason I also find the feel on the thicker string better as well), but the control is the real area of specialty for me that no other string comes close to (and I have looked around a lot) - which is why I just kept coming back to it, and I doubt I will ever change now.
From: Craig, Sydney, Australia. 2/09

Comments: You can really rip the ball, and it still lands in. Amazing control, durability and power mixed in one string! Great price, too!
From: Daniel, NY, USA, 12/08

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