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Comments: This string is flawless. In other words perfect or without mistakes. Agree with Keith from 06/10 -- the Isospeed Control combines the playability of a multi with the control and spin of a Poly. Strung in the Donnay XRed 99 at 59 lbs.
From: Joe, 4/16

Comments: I love this string. I have confidence when hitting all shots, plus my serve is good with it. The durability is better than expected. I recommend this string!
From: Todd, 10/13

Comments: Exquisite! This is a fantastic string to use. I agree with most of the positive comments here. It's rather stiff for stringing, but once installed it exhibits natural gut-like characteristics such as feel, ball pocketing, dynamic resilience, etc. IsoSpeed claims that the ribbons move freely against each other. There's no way to verify it, but by the sound it produces and the way it feels I can attest to it. Head's IntelliTour string is made in a similar construction which Head calls "Ribbon Improved Performance(RIP)". I've been wandering around a lot to find a right string for me. Now this is it! Best kept secret!
From: Mike, 12/12

Comments: This is a great string and I use it in all of my frames. It offers good pop with decent spin and durability. The feel is very soft and I love the playability that I get from it. I am a hard hitting all court player and I get 15-20 hours before I feel the need to replace. ISOSPEED makes some great strings but this is my favorite as it is a perfect balance of everything.
From: Thomas, 8/11

Comments: This is one of the best multifilament available in the market. This plays soft and comfortable. Durability is good; the string starts to fray after 20-30 hours of hitting. While I agree with the rest of the comments that it loses tension quick be sure that you string it at 10% tension or higher. It's a perfect match with my Volkl PB10 Mid as a cross. I cannot find any better one yet.
From: William. 08/11

Comments: This has a nice soft feel with some pop without the trampoline effect of some other multifilaments. I've tried it in a hybrid setup in the crosses and also in the mains. The only negative I have is that the string doesn't last long at all.
From: Jeff, 8/11

Comments: Best of everything for me. It gave me plenty of pop. I had it strung at 62 lbs on my Microgel Radical and it was perfect. The string was very soft and gave me the best feel I have ever had from my radical.
From: Josh. 7/11

Comments: Had this on a full bed on my liquidmetal radical strung at 60. It felt great with very muted and soft. I got great control and power and it was perfect. Until the tension dropped after about 4 hours of play. Everything started flying long and uncontrollable. Its a great string just make sure you string a little higher if your looking to not restring every three days
From: Joshua, Wiggins, MS, USA, 09/10

Comments: Simply one the greatest strings ever made for the money. It has the control of a poly and playability of gut. Definite home run with this string!!
From: Keith, New Jersey, USA. 06/10

Comments: This string is very close to natural gut. It is reasonably durable and the comfort that you get is amazing. The only downside is that it loses tension easily so you might string it higher than normal. The feel and touch are awesome.
From: George Eleftheriadis, Thessaloniki Greece. 06/10

Comments: If you have used the ISO Classic Control string, be warned that this string does not play even remotely similarly to the older version. It is much harder on the arm, has no pocketing qualities like the older version, and strings up much harder than the older version, losing a lot of feel for touch shots.
From: Craig, Brisbane, Australia. 3/09

Comments: Ideal cross string. My 12yr old sons who play at the national level use this in hybrid with two leading co-polys and they've been pleased. "Great feel" and "good control" are adjectives they've used to describe it. Also, good tension maintenance after initial loss and above average durability. A no-brainer for us!
From: John, Austin, TX. 2/09

Comments: Felt stiff and "wire-like" even at low tension, wasn't for me. The classic is a great string though...
From: Tommy, Norway. 9/08

Comments: This is the perfect string. It's very comfortable, and feel/touch on it is incredible. Durability is surprising good for a multifilament. Used as a cross string, it's great. I use Leopard Plus Control 17 for the mains.
From: Daniel, Newport Beach, CA. 9/08

Comments: This is a very nice string. It is fairly durable even though it moves quite a bit. It has great comfort and great feel. Overall, it's a very playable string. Also recommend the string as a cross string in hybrid combinations. Increase 4-6 lbs tensions used for traditional multifilament strings, and it's awesome.
From: Reinaldo, Lencois Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2/08

Comments: Hands down my favorite string. You get the comfort and feel of a nice multi (close to gut, in fact) with the low power and lack of string movement of a poly. Feels like it grips the string a little longer than most, resulting in excellent control even with an open pattern. I use full sets as well as employing it as the ultimate cross string with Gut or Live Wire. A must- audition for the serious player.
From: Bill, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: Great string. Once set, it holds tension perfectly. For a polyester, this string has super spin, and awesome feel. Used Alu rough, and I get way more spin with this string.
From: Nataniel, J.C., ME, USA, 01/07

Comments: This string is amazing! I use it in a Prince O3 Tour @ 63 lbs. It doesn't move or lose tension! It has gut-like playability! Very, very comfortable.
From: Luiz, Brazil. 9/06

Comments: Great string, especially if you want to get some "action" on your groundies. You have to string it a lot tighter than most other strings, but once it settles in, it's really awesome and you'll have a hard time switching back to any other string...
From: Matt, Mt. Kisco, NY USA 07/05

Comments: Simply put: a great string with everything. The feel is very similar to natural gut only better because it has a nice crisp feel. The ball seems to be on the string bed longer than other strings. It somehow seems to have good pop without much power. The control is fantastic and the durability seems to be at least decent. But even below average durability will make these strings worth the money. My favorite strings of all time. I am an advanced player with n nCode 6.1 95 strung at 56. I use a lot of topspin and pace, and this string works great for my game.
From: Damon, Lansing, MI, USA. 06/05

Comments: I am a heavy spin, 4.0 all-court player, and I seem to restring both racquets every two months or so. So far, the Iso-Speed Control has lived up to expectations. After an initial drop in tension there seems to be little change. I Switched from Gamma Livewire XP 16 which had similar playability.
From: Bill, Tampa, FL, USA. 3/04

Comments: Thomas Muster and a lot of other "Alp" pros used this string. Muster strung this with up to 80lbs! I have tried to add 10 % as the manufactures said, but you need to increase the tension even more because this string will drop a lot of tension very fast. But if you can find the right tension there is no doubt that this string is the string that is virtually a natural gut, it looks the same, it plays the same. The first thing you notice is the bite you get in the ball, it's like an extension of your arm. It's also very durable if you play the 16 gauge. The professional (17 g) is exactly the same string but in a thinner gauge. If you are playing with a Head i.Prestige MP or Mid, the professional is your choice. In a Babolat Pure Drive and other open string pattern racquets, the control is your choice.
From: Henrik, Gothenburg, Sweden

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