Lobster iPhone Remote Control Wi-Fi Router Customer feedback

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Comments: It sounds a great idea, remotely control the machine. In the current implementation the iphone It does not work. Pros: Cool idea. Cons: Extremely flaky wireless connection. Signal constantly dropped. Disconnects when you receive a text, phone call or alarm. Does not reconnect. Expensive $300 add on with poor documentation and support. No audible or visual signal that tennis machine has received iphone command. No telemetry, you should be able to see where you are in the machine menu settings from the iphone screen. Because iphone is on, any contact with the touch screen will trigger a machine change (if machine still connected.) Can not play with iphone in pocket, swipe controls may be a better idea to avoid accidental triggering. No troubleshooting log available to see if commands have been sent and or received. Review: It sounds pretty attractive, control your tennis ball machine with your iphone. That's where it ends. Firstly this is not a review of the Lobster Elite Grand IV tennis machine which I purchased as part of this package and which seems to perform well. This review is focused on the iPhone Remote Control package which is an additional $300 add on and for which this software is a free download. I purchased the tennis machine and you have to have the iphone interface prefitted at the US wholesaler. I have used the lobster for almost a month. Overall the tennis machine has performed extremely well. The remote, "Not so good." The machine comes with an instruction sheet outlining how to connect the iPhone remote to your machine. You ensure that your iphone wifi is on and log into a specific open network generated by the lobster named Wifly. You enter an IP number and a Port number and then connect. The remote documentation is sparse, a key point that needs to be made is that in the iphone Settings>General> Autolock needs to be set to "never", otherwise the iphone will drop the lobster wifi signal. This needs to be returned to you regular autolock setting at the conclusion of the lobster session. The documentation does not include any other information.
From: Iain Grant, 5/12

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