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Comments: I got that racquet with the soft shock sleeve and with regular length handle unstrung. I play with 98 square inch sticks and smaller. After adding .5 grams of lead on 12 and 6 and 1 gram on 3 and 9 and stringing with Dunlop S-gut 16 on the mains at 53 lbs and Pacific X-Force 17 at 49 lbs on the crosses. I very much liked the maneuverability and arm-friendless of that stick. The stability was lower than Fisher and Pacific racquets which are my favorite sticks and the feel was so muted. The spin was great. Then the next day I hit with the same stick but with the extended handle and with medium sleeve. That version I like a lot! The serves are effortless and kick is very high. Forehand is powerful and precise. My one-handed backhand was good, spin was crazy. Feel got much better. Even stability I think was better. This model of Dunlop is very under appreciated, but with slight customization this is a very nice racquet to play with -- powerful, easy to hit with, and spin is terrific. And in humid Florida conditions Dunlop U-sweet overgrip adsorbs moister very well. The concept to change sleeves, handles, and hoops is brilliant -- everyone can find the perfect match. For me it is 98 square inches with the medium sleeve and extended handle and with lead on the hoop.
From: Eugene, 8/16

Comments: Very nice racquet from Dunlop and my favorite of the new iDapts. Lots of power for a 98 square inch frame and has a pretty firm feel. Slight flex to it and you can soften it up more if needed with the soft shock collar. I currently have the medium and it feels good. Sweetspot hits feel great, but miss the middle and you get some bad vibes. Feels heavier than it's specs and also feels very solid on impact...not flimsy at all. Anyone looking for a more powerful that most 98" should gove this a demo.
From: JackB1, 10/14

Comments: I'm a tour level player and have had serves officially clocked in the low 130s. Have hit the 100 and 98 for a few hours. Frames are a bit 'brassy' unless I use the softest sleeve, but really liking the 27.5 length in both frames. Zero issues with this racquet! It's a serious edition of the Babolat Pure Drive, but I like a tad smaller head, but with collar adaption (I- Daptation), you take out a lot of the brassyness of the Babolat without having to use a damper on the strings, which few upper- level players use as it does dampen your string's characteristics! You can bring some serious heat on the serves with this frame. My experience so far has been 100% positive, one would never know there are 2 pieces. PS: The paint jobs rock. Overall, a fantastic frame, fantastic idea.
From: Gosurfboy, 9/14

Comments: I am sponsored by Dunlop and I have been thrilled with the M3.0 and 200 series of racquets in the past, but this new racquet is nothing short of disastrous in my opinion. It has zero stability. I was spraying balls everywhere and the frame has a weak fragile (ping!) feeling every time I made contact with the ball. The second thing is there is no weight in the racquet to go through the ball. The racquet bounces off the ball when heavier balls come. Imagine hitting the ball with a tin trash can lid -- no stability, no control, no plow, no feeling, just lots of wild power and light weight. I'm disappointing in Dunlop for blowing this one.
From: Jordan, 9/14

Comments: Played with 9the 8 in 27.5" form with the medium comfort sleeve installed. There was good pop with this racquet. I had a good dampener on the ball and there was a hybrid that muted the feel, but you could still feel an underlying crispness to the racquet, but certainly not stiff. There was a little more heft in the head similar to a Prestige, but not too bad. There was also a bit of a woosh sound, sort of like off a Prince racquet with the holes. I did feel that the ball did fly a bit if you caught it late, which is normal with extended racquets. I would like to try again with the softest insert. I have very sensitive wrists, so I doubt that I could play with this racquet for the long-term, but I was very impressed. It was the best Dunlop I have demoed in years.
From: Jon, 9/14

Comments: This racquet seems like the biggest gimmick for a serious player. However, it is absolutely pure! I initially tested it with Black Widow strung at the recommended tension which was around 57 lbs. I tried it with the standard grip length with medium shock sleeve and also the extended grip with firm shock sleeve. For the ultimate tennis customizing nut (or Taylormade golf enthusiast),this racquet is fantastic. Its a softer version of the Aeropro Drive. And if you get the extended grip its the lengthened version of the Aeropro as well. The only mistake Dunlop made with this concept was the fact that you cannot personally customize the handle/sleeve yourself and need to bring it into a retail store (or send it to Tennis Warehouse). They should have went down the golf route and gave you the tool and options to buy different grip handles to pop on/off the court to find which works and also for better storage in bags! Missed the opportunity there, unless they end up selling it later down the road or on ebay/amazon somehow if it gets popular enough. Again, very amazing racquet that is very soft and responsive. Great spin and feel. Try it!
From: Alex, 8/14

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