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Comments: This racquet is amazing. I can hit so much spin and my serve had gotten so much faster and harder. The d3o really work as well.
From: Ryan. 6/11
String type and tension: Prince syn gut w/Duraflex @56 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I'm mostly a doubles player, playing 2, sometimes 3, times a week. I purchased this racquet after playing with the MicroGel Radical Team for a few years. It never felt right. I demoed the Speed MP and found it to be too heavy. The Speed Elite turned out to be just right. It's got enough heft to plow through at the baseline, but I find it plenty maneuverable for reaction volleys at the net. I find that strung at 55 lbs with NXT 17 my groundstrokes are generally falling somewhere close to the baseline. I'm taking the ball earlier and I find that I can generate loads of topspin with this setup. Playing 2-3 times a week I go through a set of the NXT strings in about 5 weeks, but it plays so well that the cost seems to be worth it.
From: Chris. 6/11
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 17
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I was a Wilson man before I bought this racquet. I had to say that this racquet was beautiful on spin. I could make a great topspin with this racquet more easily than my previous one (Wilson k factor blade team). I think I am changed to be a HEAD man right now because of this racquet.
From: Okki, Jakarta, Indonesia, 12/10
String type and tension: Prince syn @ 57 lbs
Headsize: 100 inch
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Very nice and I could feel the racket whenever I hit a shot. This is my 3rd Head racket and it's best out of the 3. Feel very controllable and I could control the shots very easily. Recommend to mid- beginners.
From: Brock, Anaheim, CA, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: Head Control String @59lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.25

Comments: Great stick! I found I could generate good power and accuracy on both flanks. It felt very natural, almost an extension of my arm, which is what I generally look for in a racquet. I am in the process of updating my 20yr old Prince XB Lite OS and Tricomp 90 sticks and this one has made the shortlist (the others are the Boris Becker Delta 3 and the Head Microgel Radical OS). I would agree that while it does seem to lack power on the serve I was able to accurately place the ball consistently within the service box. Groundstrokes felt effortless and I could generate topspin, slice, drop shots, and lobs with ease. I didn't have much problem with the stability of this stick, as others have mentioned, but I tend to squeeze the handle as I am hitting the ball.
From: Jonathan, CA, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: demo
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Indeed it is a great racquet. At first it seems low powered, but in time you start to notice benefits of 22 mm frame. It has great control, great feel and most of all - it's great for volleys. It is also very maneuverable. I agree with those who say it requires a bit of effort to execute powerful serve with Youtek Elite. I think its the best tweener among new Youtek line. My game improved much with this racquet (previously I used head extreme team.) Great stick!!!
From: RAF, POLAND. 8/10
String type and tension: Luxilon BIG BANGER ACE

Comments: After trying many racquets from Wilson, Prince I found this racquet is suitable for me (1.75m, 75kg, age: 32, playing time: 5 years).
Forehand: 8/10
Backhand: 8/10
Serve: 7/10
Slice: 8/10
Voley: 7/10
Drop shot: 7/10
Maneuverability: 7/10
From: Tran, Hanoi City, Vietnam, 08/10
String type and tension: Gosen, 27kg
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I just hit with this racquet today, it is an amazing racquet. It has solid control from the baseline, and great volley. However, if you are a big server, don't get this racquet, get the heavy version because this one doesn't have enough to push the ball through the net. I would give it a 8 out of 10 rate..
From: Phil, Warner Robin, GA, USA, 07/10
String type and tension: Wilson nxt 16 by gamma, 60 lb
Headsize: 100 square in
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

Comments: This is a great racquet!!! I hit this along with the aero pro cortex and found that it was much more comfortable and had I better consistency with it. I think that I will have to go for the heavier one though I found the swing weight to be low compared to my k 6.1 tour 90. I was looking for a racquet that could help me and I found just the right one.
From: Zach, Oregon 03/10
NTRP Rating: 3.5ish

Comments: I love this Racquet! Lighter then my MG Radical OS and with the open string pattern lets me generate more top spin with less effort. Which is good since I am now 50 anything requiring less effort is appreciated.
From: Eric, Modesto, Ca, USA 02/10
String type and tension: Head FXP 16 55
Headsize: 102
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: Like other reviewers have stated, I think this frame is more like a player's frame than a tweener. I always played with the Radical series. After a 10+ year layoff from tennis, I tried the Radicals but felt something was missing from my 40+ yr old "game". The Speed Elite allowed a bit more pop for my ground strokes and serves. The volleys felt slightly unstable but that was easily fixed with some weight at 12:00, 3:00 and 9:00. Overall, I'd give these frames a solid "9" out of 10. I'm also deciding between this frame and the Speed MP (18x20) due to the tighter pattern.
From: Alex, NC (USA) 11/09
String type and tension: Gosen OG Micro 16g
Headsize: 102
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is a fantastic racquet. I have tried all the racquets in the new Speed and Radical lines and this is the one I liked better - amazing combination of power and control. What impressed me most is how solid it feels in baseline shots. True, it is low powered but that makes it even better, closer to a players' racquet than a tweener. Kudos to Head for coming up with such an amazing stick.
From: Mike, Washington, DC. 9/09
String type and tension: Hybrid NXT Tour/Prince Duraflex @ 61 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Like Matt, I also weighed this racquet myself. TW must have received a heavy batch of racquets. On a postal scale, my demo racquet measured 10.6 ounces strung with Head FXP 16 string. This racquet has nice feel, touch, and flex. It is also very maneuverable. However, the power level of this racquet is very low, especially on baseline shots. You need to put some lead tape and/or some powerful string in this racquet. While I liked this racquet despite the low power level, I think similarly spec'd racquets in the outgoing Microgel line (Radical Team and Mojo for example) are better choices at lower prices. One thing to consider...this racquet does have the new square (Wilson/Prince style) grip instead of the rectangular grip found on most Head racquets.
From: Eric, Oakland County, MI. 8/09
String type and tension: Head FXP 16 - Demo

Comments: I am a long-time Head fan....currently using the Instinct Microgel...love hitting with new racquets. Overall, I am a power hitter, but I like my racquet to help a little, particularly as I get older. The Speed Elite, while listed as a more powerful racquet than the Instinct, is quite a bit lighter and it takes a decent amount more work to deliver the same punch, particularly on the serve. On the plus side, it has a great at rest feel, it has excellent control, feels nice and stable on volleys and groundstrokes, and has great maneuverability all over the court. I would add a bit of weight and string at a low tension to gain power. I'll probably try the MP racquets or wait until the Speed technology is added to the Instinct line.
From: CBD, MA. 8/09
String type and tension: Prince Premiere,17ga, 58lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: We demoed and bought this racquet & the Extreme Team. Also hit with the mid plus. The pro said as a group the new YOUTEK racquets were the best group of racquets overall he had seen in the 5 years he had been there. I always can tell a racquet is good when it has cheap strings and still feels beautiful. I weighed the racquets also and ours were 304 grams not(315) or 10.75oz. These were bought for my wife and sister-in law but I will probably end up with a YOUTEK in the future. I do wish it was the 315 grams or 11.1 OZ I think it would make a difference for the stability.
From: Joe, Gold Coast Australia. 8/09
String type and tension: Head syn gut
NTRP Rating: 4

Comments: I demoed this racquet from my club shop. As a stringer the first thing I did was check the specs. It is NOT 11.1 oz strung, but rather 10.5. It is NOT 1 pt head light (strung) but rather 3.5 pts. That said, you'll need some lead tape at 3 and 9 to stabilize the racquet. The 16X19 produces great spin if you swing long and fast. I don't think it is the best of the YouTek Speed series. Decent all courters will prefer the MP.
From: Matt, Lake Sherwood, CA. 7/09
String type and tension: Luxilon TIMO 122 @ 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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