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Comments: The YOUTEK Radical Lite is built like the old triple threat OS Hornet cut down to a 27 length. This stick is engineered for aerodynamics and has better control. Serve and volley is excellent and drop shots are uncanny. I put a leather grip with over wrap and lead on the top of the handle to make it more head lite, mine was a even balance when I got it. With a one handed back hand; you must hit through the ball for good result and the back spin is awesome. I have two other OS Radicals and enjoy them all. The YRL pattern is 16X19 compared to the 18X19. Wider string pattern giving you some multi-spin craziness. Well done Head.
From: Don, 3/12
Headsize: 105
NTRP Rating: 4.5/4.0

Comments: I found it hard to find the sweet spot in every shot. But overall good groundstrokes and volleys. 9/10!
From: Matthew, 12/11
String type and tension: Head Sonic Pro, 57 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I've found that as I get older, the desired racquet weight gets lower. After much searching, the Head Radical Lite is the best compromise I've found between lightness and maneuverability on the one hand, and solidity on the other. My racquet with VS gut (16 gauge) and a Wilson Comfort Hybrid grip, is 9.4 ounces. It offers good control, and when strung at the low end of the recommended tension, produces adequate power as well. I demoed it against the Dunlop Biomimetic 700, also a fine racquet, but the Radical Lite won by a hair (all things being equal, I prefer the standard 27 inch length to longer racquets.) Worth a try for anyone looking for a lighter racquet.
From: Jeff, 11/11
String type and tension: VS Gut, 16 gauge, 52lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: With this Youtek frame I found that my strokes were really nicely delivered with pace as well as my touch shots. Lobs and under spin felt very good. I just bought the racquet and I will be playing with it soon so more reviews to come. First impression demoing this racquet as the guy from Texas said, great solid baseline strokes and very nice and soft at volleys.
From: Claudia. 7/11
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Tour @ 59 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This has been my racquet for about the past year and a half. I absolutely love it. I demoed for a few weeks but feel in love with the weight of this one. I love the weight because I am not ready for a full on adult raquet because of the weight of a normal one, but I am ready for the length of one. This racquet is awesome!
From: Anon, Saratoga Springs, NY U.S.A. 7/10

Comments: Demo-ing this racquet right now, and I absolutely love it! Really light, which is usually annoying, but I really like it in this racquet. I fell in love with it after first hit ... I've been trying to play with the other racquets I am demo-ing, but I find myself setting them down quickly to get back to this Head.
From: Valerie, Walnut, CA USA. 4/10
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: This stick was great it offered a lot of maneuverability and the d3O actually works. The racquet feels softer at the net and very stiff on baseline rallies. The stick was really light and that helped my game a lot because I have a lot of racquet head speed and I hit with a lot of topspin. Overall best racquet I have ever played with.
From: amine, Houston,Texas, u.s. 11/09
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I did test different series of Head demo rackets on Microgel and Youtek. Will be very comfortable with this Youtek Radical Lite especially come to net play for double game. Have the confident to switch over to this new racket and continue to enjoy good social tennis at Club.
From: Richard, KL, MALAYSIA 09/09
String type and tension: Ashaway Gauge 17
Headsize:105 midplus
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Demoing this racquet right now and I really like this one. I've been trying out new racquets now for about 6 months and this is the best one yet. I've tried various frames from Babolat, Wilson, Prince, Volkyl, Technifibre and Yonex. I decided to try a couple of Head Youtek frames, this one and the Speed Lite. I play mostly doubles, so I wanted something that was very easy to move while volleying. The balance on this frame is spot on. I think this will be the one. Was using a Prince Turboshark 110 for the last few years.
From: Geoff, Gastonia, NC, USA 07/09
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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