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Comments: Ordered two of these racquets, got them in last night, and played with one of them. I demoed this racquet about a year ago when I was looking for a new racquet but I wasn't quite ready the almost 12 ounce frame then. Been playing and improving over the year and wanted to get back that solid feeling racquet I remember when I demoed it. My current racquet was the Youtek IG Prestige S. It was a great racquet for a fast, maneuverable, and spin friendly. But it got pushed around on return of serve, and volleys were horrible for me (could be my form though). I instantly felt connected with my new Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0 last night. I added a leather grip, and over grip (my personal grip set up) and immediately saw improvements from all parts of my game that I was wanting improvement in (returns, and volley). My one-handed backhand felt a little sluggish at time but that is just because I was used to an 11.4 ounce frame as oppose to the 11.8 ounces of the Extreme. Once I get some more play time down with it I will be fine I am sure, just need to adjust to the added pop, and plow through I get from this frame. It really is controlled power, pop, and plow through when needed while giving all the spin you still need. I strung it with that string special Gosen Lumina 16L at 50 lbs, and the strings gave me good spin, comfort for a poly, good power, but the strings did not slide back into place like other polys do. I will try some Volkl Cyclone again with the next string set up but I will play this one out in both racquets I purchased. Great all around racquet and can't wait to play more with it. With the sale at $80 you can't beat that!
From: Preston, 1/15

Comments: I've played this racquet for 1 1/2 years after coming from the Wilson Six One. I've recently tried the new Head Graphene Extreme Pro, Head Graphene Radical Pro and Yonex Ezone Ai 98, and none of those are knocking the IG Extreme Pro 2.0 out of the bag. This racquet is well balanced and feels lighter than its static weight, which allows you to whip through the ball. With its open string pattern, this racquet has a lot of power and spin to create heavy shots, particularly on serves. Plus great stability for returns and allow you to really take a crack at the return. The Yonex is very similar, but less power and plow through. The Radical Pro has a bit less power and spin, but has that nice feel from the Graphene; the IG feels more plush but less crisp on volleys. The new Extreme Pro feels very light compared to the IG and lacks power (maybe a different string is needed) on serve and returns. The IG is a great all-around racquet and highly appreciated by this attacking baseliner (my best weapons are serves and returns).
From: JohnnyZ, 12/14

Comments: This racquet is similar to the Babolat Pure Drive, but the main difference is how much more user friendly it is. The Pure Drive can feel cumbersome at times, especially when trying to hit one handed backhands against aggressive baseliners. On the other hand, the Extreme Pro is relatively easy to use, and unlike most other racquets which have been given the designation of "pro," this "pro" was not heavy, yet, it kept all of the qualities you would expect from an advanced player's racquet: excellent plow through, lack of twist on impact, dampened not muted feel, precision placement, predictability. Regardless of what string I used, (multi at mid tension, poly at 52 lbs), the racquet maintained all of the aforementioned attributes.
From: Orangeplasticbird27, 11/14

Comments: I trusted Andy's opinion on the TW Review and he came through for me. This stick is amazing in so many areas. Return of serve is awesome. Volleys are SUPER stable and there is a plush forgiving feeling on all shots. I put a leather and added a 12 inch strip of lead from 10 to 2. Without the lead forehands were sailing a little long. the lead perfected it. The only gripe I have is the kick serve didn't perform as well as the rest of the categories. Not the best looking racquet but oh well. Thank you TW!
From: Billy, 10/14

Comments: I have played with player's frames (tour) and some tweener racquets. As one of the TW reviewers mentioned on the review, "It is a tweener racquet for advanced players," and it is. The specs may compare to the Babolat PD Roddick but, it is slightly heavier yet comfortable. My only con is I cannot generate enough head speed with it, feels like you're swinging a players frame racquet like a classic Head Prestige or Wilson Pro Staff.
From: Triggz, 10/14

Comments: I switched to the Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0 from the original Microgel Extreme Pro. The original Extreme Pro was good, but I wanted something more comfortable and with more spin. I was not disappointed in the switch, the improvements are immense in terms of power, spin and comfort. This is the first racquet that I have felt to be an extension of my arm, I can hit the ball where I like without fear of over-swinging since there is so much spin to bring the ball down. Racquet is strung with Vokl Cyclone.
From: Joey, 6/14

Comments: I've been hitting with this on and off over the last few months. I'm a 4.5 aggressive baseline player with a lot of topspin, but I can flatten out the ball as well. My first impression was the weight. The specs are almost identical to my regular stick (Pure Drive Roddick), but the Extreme feels more head heavy and not as maneuverable. I strung this up with a couple of different tensions and find the lower tensions play better with my game. Currently have Black Widow at 50 lbs. Left the dampener off and prefer it that way as the silicone grommet system is doing a nice job of reducing the worst vibration while leaving a little to provide some good feedback. Topspin comes easy. Both forehands and my two handed backhands are easy to hit. Taking a little time to get the hang of flattening out the forehand side. Backhand slice is also easy to hit. I hit a topspin kick serve and working on finding depth with my serve with this racket. I think with some time, I could love this racquet and plan on trying some different tensions -- particularly want to try mains at 48 lbs and crosses at 52 lbs to see what that does. Overall, a very nice racket for topspin players who can handle a hefty stick.
From: Jeff, 6/14

Comments: I have previously played with a Wilson Six One 95 18x20 and Wilson Pro Staff 95. I ordered this racquet only because of the reviews here on TW and what a good decision that was! Excellent maneuverability and control. Great power and precision. I feel very confident with this racquet which has taken my game to a new level.
From: Vic, 1/14

Comments: Overall, I give this racquet a 9 out of 10. Why? Because it doesn't give nice feedback when hitting flat balls, but the spin is superb!
From: Kenny, 11/13

Comments: I just finished my USTA season with a 24-1 record with this racquet, after switching to it last winter. I have played with POGs, Pure Drive/Control, Prestige Mids, Dunlop 4D 200 Tour, etc. in the past, but this racquet seems to have pretty much the best attributes from all of them. It doesn't slice quite like the Prestige or bomb serves like the Pure Drive, but for me, I found this racquet to be a perfect match with a great deal of power, spin, control, stability, comfort, and feel. It also plays well with seemingly any string and is a very forgiving racquet in general. The weight and balance is also nearly perfect for me. In my opinion, this is one of the best racquets out there now. It certainly helped me become a better tennis player. Many thanks to Head for making this great racquet!
From: Sunny, 10/13

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player and was playing with a Wilson Six One Tour for two years. I decided to change because of the lack of maneuverability and small sweetspot. I demoed many sticks -- Pure Storm, Prestige Pro, Six One 95, Blade 98, etc., but finally demo this because of the comments. At my club, the MP is the most used by the pros. I find it very light so I went for the 2.0 Pro and fell in love. My game really improved -- touch, volleys smashes, groundstrokes -- everything is perfect. It's a pitty I didn't try it before. For me, it works perfect with Signum Pro Tornado at 22.5 kg and with a heavy overgrip. Please take the opportunity and try this weapon -- believe me, you will not regret. I have to say thanks to Tennis Warehouse for the best demo program ever that allowed me to be really involved!
From: Luis, 9/13

Comments: The racquet is great, my only complaint is the top heavy weight, the racquet is already heavy why not make the head a little bit lighter. Then it will be an excellent racquet.
From: Manny, 8/13

Comments: I bought this racquet as a 40th birthday present for myself. After buying 2 frames, I had to get used to the higher swing weight. Now, a couple of months into playing 3 times a week (and experimenting with string set-ups), this frame is luscious. The TW review nailed it. My volleys are slick with some serious stick, returns are silly, and the racket is downright nasty on slice backhands with all the extra plow through. I'm in tennis heaven. On a technical note, if you're going full bed poly, string it around 48 lbs or lower for better comfort and massive spin. As far as a multi, go 58-60 lbs and enjoy the feel, comfort, and pop. Hybrids strung at 48 lbs mains (poly)/50 lbs crosses (multi) offer a good compromise. It's a win/win with this racquet.
From: Adam, 7/13

Comments: Wow. I have demoed this twice. It's so good that it almost seems unreal -- I don't get how a racquet can be so solid and soft at the same time and also have so much access to spin and easy power and yet be the most controlled racquet I've ever played with when blocking back serves and volleys with a continental grip. My only concern has been the stiffness rating but after two demos playing 2-3 sets with a poly at mid-tension, my wrist, elbow and shoulder feel fine. Time to buy. I have played with the Prince Original Graphite OS for 5 years and this is the first racquet that has made me want to switch -- this feels like a modern version of the POG. The same sweet combination of feel, solidity, easy spin and power but more of all of it in an easier-to-use package. To put my comments into context, I am a very fit 3.5 and 4.0 USTA singles player in his 40s with an all- court game.
From: Dave, 7/13

Comments: Used it for two months. I like the feel and it improves my volleys. Feels less stiff than the rating suggests. Very good plow through but I find the 340g final weight reduces manoeuverability and swing speed so my serves and shots seem flatter. But also, tires quicker. Luckily, the comfortable stringbed only requires a small rubber band to remove the bit of high frequency vibration/sound helps to keep the weight down. Maybe I'm not as strong as I thought! The grip also seems more rectangular compared to Wilson or Babolat. I find the frame a bit on the thick side and seems to frame the ball a bit more than with other thinner frames. This is my current racquet of choice.
From: Ping, 7/13

Comments: Demoed this racquet last weekend. Compared to the previous version, the string pattern is denser in the middle, sweetspot is bigger, more comfortable, more forgiving with more pop, and more control when I flattened out my shots. To me, the previous model has more spin potential and the slice is better than the new version. This 2.0 is definitely an upgrade, but the Youtek IG versions seem to fit my game better.
From: Jacky, 5/13

Comments: Update to my review, after more than one month I would say this stick is more spin oriented. I am having a bit of a hard time with down the line flat shot that dont need any spin. This racquet is for the modern game no question. It can serve like mad, the slice and spin serves are awesome. There are times when I am playing against players that I can beat with flat shots so I bring out the Dunlop Biomimetic 200. All that being said, I am only a 3.0, so take my words with a grain of salt.
From: Jon, 5/13

Comments: It's a ripper of a stick if you have the right strokes (long) to access its spin, control, and stability! The stick is very easy to swing, yet offers great plow through on groundies. Slice, kick and flat serves are also a breeze! With some gut mains and Luxilon crosses, this stick rocks when leaded up to 12 ounces. This is a must have racquet for serious all-court players!
From: Vance, 4/13

Comments: My thoughts are the same with Nik. I was using a smaller head size guy with the Dunlop 200 and PS 90 but it was just too hard to put enough spin and pace on the ball so I decided to buy this just from the TW review. Spot on - I have never hit with so much easy spin and pace with control of course as now. Slice serves are a treat with this. I have it strung at 53 lbs with Prince Premiere Attack. It just makes everything easier on court. Some people do not like the round head shape but for me it helps a ton with off center shots.
From: Jon, 4/13

Comments: This racquet rocks! I'm a thin beam Wilson guy. PS85, N90, K90, Blx90, PS88, BlxPS90. I've been trying to make the switch to a larger frame for years to no avail. I've gone thru Bab Apd, Head Prestige MP, Head Rad Pro, Dunlop 300 Tour, and numerous others. This current Extreme Pro plays like my BLXPS90 feel wise, control wise but with a lot more spin. It has improved my 1 hand topspin backhand immensely. Extremely easy to play with, loads of spin off both sides, fun fun fun. Definitely worth a test drive. TW review was dead on. This frame does everything well. Best larger frame I've ever hit with. Plays very soft and is very maneuverable. Don't let the stiffness ranking and swing weight fool you.
From: Nik, 4/13

Comments: Best racquet I've played with. Best combination of all attributes - power, control, easy access to spin but can hit flat, good weight and balance, maneuverable, etc. Most of all, love the "feel" of the racquet. Does not feel as stiff as its rating (70). It is rock solid, but doesn't feel "stiff." Has plenty of feel and touch. Excels on every shot, in my opinion. Anyone in the market for a 'tweener racquet is missing out if they don't demo this stick. You won't be disappointed. Do not let the stiffness number scare you. This racquet really is as good as the TW review rates it.
From: Mitch, 4/13

Comments: I took this stick for a ride, and immediately was ready to switch to this racquet. I come from the Babolat PD Roddick Plus. I have to say that my Babolat helped big time in changing my grip to a more western grip thus developing a more spin oriented game. Going back to a standard length took a little bit of adjustment, but it was worth it, timing is much easier now with the Extreme pro. To me this is a players racquet with specs suited to the modern way of playing tennis. It's great on both wings, generating lots of spin. You must have a long and fast swing to get the most out of it. Serves are solid and volleys are very controllable. One thing I noticed when I started playing with this stick is that returns were very easy to control. I feel like I've been looking for this racquet for a long time and finally have founded it. It's very versatile in the sense that you can also flatten your strokes a little bit when needed. If you watch Gasquet play you'll understand what I mean. I hit a one handed BH and this racquet allows me to add spin to my backhand. I've never tried the extreme line, so, to me it is hard to compare to previous versions, but what I can tell you is that if you're looking for a topspin friendly stick with controllable power that is the weight of a players racquet, you don't have to look any further.
From: Jorge, 2/13
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger, 57lbs

Comments: Smaller head size (96-98) with a tighter string pattern (16x20) and I would immediately make the switch. I'm still playing with the Juice Pro (too heavy)! Itīs a pity that the K Pro Tour isnīt available any more!
From: Pete, 2/13

Comments: This stick is beyond any imagination. The more you swing the better it plays. The stability is insane. The returns are so deep I get shocked every single time. Man, it can't get any better than this. Seriously. It's a sick stick. It's not for anybody, so be sure you have a full stroke.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: Words cannot express this racquet. If you haven't bought this racquet, I don't know your motive in life.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: Just got the demo from TW. Absolutely beautiful racquet to play with. Extremely smooth and maneuverable from the baseline and surprisingly solid and accurate at the net. Access to spin is effortless while slices remain well controlled. Very powerful on the first serve and it kept my kicker bouncing high on the opposite side of the net. It does not feel as heavy as an 11.8 ounce frame. Best racquet I've played with in a while.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: This is a great racquet. It's very very stable, with big topspin and power. If you are hitting with heavy topspin taking big swings, this is definitely your racquet. If you are not an advanced player, avoid it because of the high swingweight. Touch shots are ok.
From: K., 1/13

Comments: This is a great racquet, but the only thing it didn't seem to have was touch and feel.
From: Chris, 1/13

Comments: This is the best racquet I have ever played with. A perfect balance between power, spin and control. I have played with many different racquets, including the Babolat Aero Storm, Wilson BLX Juice and earlier versions of the Extreme Pro, but this update is by far the best.
From: Rickard, 12/12

Comments: This is an amazing racquet. It's not as heavy as I thought, so that's good!
From: Evan, 12/12

Comments: This is an amazing racquet, as it does every thing well. It has good power with incredible control. You can hit the ball with topspin on the forehand and flat strokes on your backhand go deep. Serves are awesome. Drop volleys are pinpoint. Angle shots are easy to play. The racquet reduces vibration too. Overall, it's a perfect stick for those who like 100 sq. inch racquets. Try this, it's a real weapon.
From: Arun, 12/12

Comments: Really nice touch and incredibly comfortable for a frame that has substantial power on tap. It can do everything well, with the most notable shot being controllable lunge slices back with control when stretched out wide - other powerful frames don't typically offer this ability. No weaknesses for a solid player.
From: Anon, 12/12
String type and tension: polyester @ mid tension

Comments: I concur with the other commenters about how solid feeling the stick is. The balance is also just right for me. For its 11.9oz weight right now it's pretty light in my hands. I don't know how they did it but they did it right. It's firm but I don't feel any ill-feeling vibrations on my currently ailing arm. So not much complaints there right now. I don't serve aces with my spin serves but with this racquet I had served three aces in one match alone. The racquet has brains! I have no issues at all with this racquet.
From: George, 11/12

Comments: I am a big guy at 6'4" who likes to hit hard and with heavy spin. I find this racquet suits my style of play well, delivering more than enough power while allowing me the control to keep shots deep along the baseline. I found that spin and power went hand in hand. The more I dialed up the power, the more I seemed to rip topspin. None of the racquets I've demo'ed match this one when generating spin while attempting a big shot. The racquet does seem to lack a little on touch and feel, but I found it was easy to develop an understanding of what this racquet could do and it gave me the confidence to attempt difficult shots again and again. I really feel a kinship with this racquet, an innate understanding of it, and that it in turn understands me, we both want the same thing: see tennis ball, crush tennis ball. This racquet seems to reward and encourage hard hitting. Not only is it accurate, but the feel amplifies with solid contact.
From: Shawn, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power @ 59 lbs

Comments: The best racquet I have played with yet! I was using the Head Speed MP 18x20 315g and did not get along with it. I did not need to break in my strings and the frame gives the perfect pop and forgiveness on all shots, but I did notice if you shank it, it is going to go out. If you are looking for a racquet to help your game, order this one.
From: Jake, 11/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16g mains / Babolat Addiction 17g crosses @ 58 lbs

Comments: This racquet is amazing! I have been playing for the last year with the Wilson BLX Pro Tour (96 in head and 18x20) which is a control-oriented racquet. I was hoping not to give up that control and add a little more spin and power, and this racquet was the perfect choice! I can get those extreme angles on my forehand and my serve kicks above my opponents head with ease. I figured keeping my flat serve in with this racquet would be a little harder than my previous racquet but I was pleasantly surprised! The best thing about this racquet is the return, as I can get to everything and keep it in the court somehow (it's like magic!). I would recommend this racquet to anyone who hits with a good amount of topspin and enjoys hitting those beautifully angled forehands.
From: Taylor, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger @ 58 lbs

Comments: Update...I played it for an extra 3 hours, the flat serve came naturally. The speed of the serve is the fastest I've seen from any of the aforementioned racquets I've used, and is quite consistent as well. The second topspin serve proves to be very reliable. This is officially my weapon of choice, and I don't think I will be switching for a while.
From: Snoop, 11/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Pro Line II @ 57 lbs

Comments: This racquet exceeds its reputation. I've played with countless racquets, including the Head Liquidmetal Radical, Prince Exo3 Rebel, Dunlop Max 200g, Wilson BLX Pro Open, and the new Babolat Pure Drive GT Roddick+, and all I can say is "wow"! This racquet truly delivers in the groundstroke and volley department. The amount of topspin this racquet produces is unhealthy for your opponent. It's also quite stable; I have yet to feel anything "hollow" from this racquet and almost every forehand/backhand is likeable. It's definitely the most comfortable racquet I've played with, even with the 69 stiffness rating. Volleys are one and done as the stability makes this a wall. The only department this racquet feels stunted (compared to its positives) is the flat serve. Granted I've only played 2 hours, but the flat serves take some time to get used to. The slice and topspin serves on the other hand make up for it. My slice serve was almost as fast as my flat one. Overall this racquet is a good one and I would definitely demo it if you are a fan of stiff, 100 in. head size racquets. I came directly from an Exo3 Rebel, and felt like I benefited from this change. I would buy this again.
From: Snoop, 11/12
String type: Kirschbaum Pro Line II

Comments: Wow. That's all I can say after just a short 2 hour hit. Normally I would not venture anywhere near a racquet this stiff. However, to hit with it, you would think it is softer and it feels arm friendly. For someone who is older and plays mostly doubles now, the racquet is almost perfect. Not the holy grail, but dang close. Serves are pinpoint accurate, not huge but they really pop and go where you want. Volleys are almost effortless. Super stable. The biggest thing I noticed was being able to crack forehands back off of extreme topspin from my younger, western-gripped friends. I have a eastern forehand and those high shots always caused me fits. That is what I call plow-through. A ball you cannot get your hips into. The backhand slice is better than any racquet I have tried. I only have one gripe. Well, maybe two. First is driving sitters long. I pull that racquet way back on a sitter and rip. If I don't keep it low it flies. So, maybe a bit overpowered for me, or maybe I could use a polyester hybrid setup. Frankly, I don't blame the racquet so much. I should use a bit more topspin. Next is the HEAD grip shape. I prefer the shape of a Wilson or the Speed series. Is it me, or is the Speed series the only HEAD grip that is different? I'm going to go to the Message Board to ask about string setups for a flat eastern style.
From: Marc, 10/12
String type: synthetic gut

Comments: I love this racquet. I played my first match with it yesterday (I won), and it is a very solid racquet in all areas of the court. My serve had more kick then previous version's. The groundstrokes felt very solid, and the volleys felt extremely crisp. I have used the last four models of this racquet, and this latest version is by far the best. The new grommet system is a thing of beauty. Definitely my new weapon of choice.
From: Jonathan, 9/12

Comments: I demo'ed this racquet for a week and I really liked it! It's as powerful as the new Pure Drive Roddick 2012, but also generates slightly more spin, which is a nice bonus. It hits very hard, so it requires a modern stroke with lots of spin and a very closed face. The only minus I've found was the S-Grommets Technology. As it may increase the sweetspot, it also takes a lot from the feel, creating a numbing feeling when you strike at the ball. Hard or soft, you kind of get the same response. It's a little too muted for me, but it's a great vibration reducer. It feels a little like a Triad but much stiffer on contact. If you love to generate all your power, this racquet is for certain too powerful for you. For those of us who needs that extra snap however, you'll be very impressed with its natural spin and power. This stick is way stronger than Wilson's Juice 100, is more accurate but has less feeling. For me its between this racquet's spin and the Pure Drive Roddick 2012's more natural feel. I'm probably going to purchase one or the other. We'll see.
From: Andrew, 9/12

Comments: This is a good tennis racquet. I have been playing with the Dunlop 2Hundred Plus for the last eight years. Since it's not made now, I have been looking for a replacement. This one fits the bill. I even get a little more pop on the serve. I'm going to get a second one. I don't have a power game since I'm 69 years old but I'm very steady.
From: David, 9/12
String type and tension: WeissCannon Silverstring 17g @ 58/56lbs

Comments: I demo'ed several racquets, including the old version of this one, the Speed Pro, and some Babolat racquets including the Roddick. This racquet improved my power and gave me the depth on the ball I needed from deep in the court, especially on the backhand. I gained a lot of control and serving power form my old racquet, a Prince Senrgy DBS. Compared to others I demo'ed this racquet was the best performer and my elbow and shoulder are not sore after playing with it. I have a long fast swing and somtimes the ball does fly on me, but I am learning to be more patient and slow down a bit. In turn my game has improved and I have been more competitive then ever and plan on playing more now.
From: Tom, 8/12
String type and tension: Head HSP 16g @ 59 lbs

Comments: This is an incredible racquet! It's much better then all the previous versions and I think that it's because of the new grommet system!
From: Angelo, 8/12
String type: Forten Black 7

Comments: I tried this one out from my friend who just got it. It's more stable than the MP and just as easy to get around. It's still low powered and very spin-friendly. Flat serves werent good, but spin serves were great though. The control is pretty good too (better than the MP).
From: Steven, 8/12

Comments: Indeed it does give a crazy amount of spin. I would recommend this racquet to people who have a power game. However, if you hit topspin shots, it does feel underpowered at times. Great at net with great comfort and feel for the ball.
From: John, 8/12

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