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Comments: It takes a little getting used to the ultra lightweight, but the huge, sweet spot and added power especially from the baseline is well worth making a few adjustments. I've just started playing with this racquet but I expect to be even more pleased as time goes on.
From: Ron, 7/13

Comments: The racquet is quite light and arm friendly. The beam is thicker than the comparable racquets and has a stiffer frame. Generating power with the racquet is quite easy and it is an excellent base line hitter. One negative point is that the white colored racquet and white colored grip gets dirty easily. Just after one game, my tennis racquet and white color grip looked dirty as if I played 10 sets in one go.
From: Shankar, 11/12
String type and tension: Gamma Astrik @ 58 lbs

Comments: This is the best racquet I've ever tried. It is light-maneuverable and with a lot of control and power. Helps very much when you start to get tired. It's big problem is vibration. It was too hard since the first day I bought it. When strung at 55 lbs tension and multifilament 17 strings it is better, but still hard on my elbow. I bought a Wilson 115 K Factor K Three, which is very soft on my arm but feels too heavy (head heavy) and I have much less control than with the Head.
From: Armando, 4/12

Comments: I exchanged my friend for this racquet. At first, I had a hard time controlling the Three Star's power and ultra light weight. But once I learned to use spins from the baseline and flat drives inside the court, my game immediately showed improvements. It's humongous sweet spot really helps me in reacting to opponents smashes and volleys. And it's gentle on the elbows too. I love this racquet!
From: Chito, 8/11
String type and tension:poly 17(main), synthetic(cross)
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I couldn't believe how much I liked this ultra light weight racquet. I shouldn't like this racquet. I currently play with the YOUTEK Radical MP. I hit just fine with this racquet. That is when I'm "on balance" and able to step into the ball. It's very comfortable and has a low power output but i can hit clean winners too. No complaints. I am an old school baseliner. Eastern forehand and one handed backhand. 55 Years old. 5.0 NTRP. This New Head racquet really surprised me. First off the sweetspot is enormous. I can take my usual big swing and pound the ball deep with pace with pinpoint accuracy. If you can get past the light, brittle/hollow feel at impact, the ball response is freaking amazing. The frame I demo'd was strung with some cheapo fat synthetic gut. I wonder how it would hit with a super soft 17g. multi filament or one of the soft Tecnifibre strings. I couldn't miss a volley. Generating topspin was never easier.Here's the thing. I play with a "players racquet" and have lost a step of two. I can hit beautifully when standing stationary, but put me on the dead run and my swing is not a precise. That's where a racquet like this is deadly. I had fewer errors and more winners. Now I'm just waiting 24 hours to see if my elbow or shoulder gets sore.
From: mark, san juan capistrano, ca, usa. 6/10
NTRP Rating: 5.0

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