Head YOUTEK IG Ltd. Edition Prestige Midplus Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm pretty sure I have struck gold with these racquets. I've been a long time PC600 user and decided that it was time to embrace midplus racquets, and this did not disappoint. Relative to other brands, Head seems to have a tendancy to measure from the outside of the frame, not the stringbed. That means that the midplus Prestige's 98 sq. in. is far closer to 94 sq. in.! This is the sweetspot for me as I found midplus level forgiveness, power, and spin with midsize level feel, maneuverability, and plow throw. And I can't stress this enough, this racquet cuts through the air. I've used various 18x20 racquets, and though it may not seem like it, this dense pattern can actually make a racquet feel more sluggish as it swings through the air. No such problem here! I found myself swinging freely with each stroke. I found that the 11.9 oz weight was very fluid. By fluid, I mean that when starting a stroke, it didn't feel heavy or slow. However, once the racquet is moving, you can really feel the weight at contact. It felt like I was crushing shots left and right with this thing! Swinging this racquet feels so effortless but at the same time so completely rewarding! For players accustomed to 18x20 control sticks, you'll recognize a distinct long dwell time on contact. It feels like the ball sticks to the strings just a little bit longer making those reflex drop shots and drop volleys feel like you have days to hit them. It did take some adjusting to as my previous racquets (I had been hitting with the Yonex RQiS 95 Tour XLs for the last few months as I didn't think I was fit to hit with the PC600s) would launch balls off of the stringbed as soon as I made contact. My first handful of drop shots dumped into the net because I was so accustomed to letting my wrist break when I made contact. Now I just keep the racquet out in front, and the racquet will just bleed pace off of the ball. If I ever want a more forceful put away, I just need to punch through the shot and the racquet's weight kicks in. I honestly couldn't be happier with my purchase. It's the first time in a long time that I've bought a racquet and found nothing to complain about. From performance to aesthetics, this thing is a perfect 10. Now that I mention it, just look at this racquet! It's gorgeous! Quite possibly the best looking racquet I've ever seen. Anyway, that's it from me. If you have solid strokes, enjoy that classic Prestige feel, or just want what's sure to be a piece of racquet history, check out this racquet.
From: Mark, 7/13

Comments: I bought one of these sticks about a month ago purely on a hunch and reading some of the comments in here. I have been playing with heavier sticks all my life and tried to switch to a much lighter one a year ago (Wilson BLX Team) with disastrous outcome on my elbow. Spent 2 months doing accupuncture to get well again. This racquet is supposed to be 11.9oz strung, but my 4 1/4 one was closer to 11.3. I added some lead around the hoop to bring it up to 11.7 oz and it's almost perfect. I always loved control racquets and this is one of the best. I also switched to an 18x20 pattern for the first time and I enjoy that bit of extra control. My previous heavy racquet was a Wilson K Factor 95. I have gone for the NRG2 18g strings at 58 lbs and I like the feel and power I get from the thinner gauge. My serve accuracy and speed has increased thanks to the lower swingweight and mass of the racquet. Since then, I bought a second one and strung it with the Technofiber Biphase 18g so that I can compare the 2 strings. I will also try the NXT Tour at some point but the NRG2 is certainly pretty good. I am 50 year old and I am a strong 3.5 player. I think this may be the last racquet I will play with. I may buy a 3rd one just in case. I thought I may have to get used to the Head grip but it didn't bother me at all. Can't say enough good things about the racquet. This racket definitely needs a good swing to get power but if you can do that and you have soft hands at the net, you will be running circles on your opponents.
From: Adonis, 7/13

Comments: I had been using the Microgel Prestige Pro ever since it came out, and I had been looking to switch to the 18x20 Midplus. When I saw the paintjob of the Ltd. Edition, I pulled the trigger, and boy, am I glad I did. What I lose in spin, I gain in pop, especially on my serve. As soon as possible, I'm getting another one.
From: Darrin, 1/13
String type and tension: Head Sonic Pro 17g Black @ 52 lbs

Comments: I switched from a Babolat Pure Drive to the Head Prestige Ltd. racquet. Right off the bat I noticed how the head weight increased the power of my groundstrokes and added pop to my serve. The smaller head size gives me more control with lots of spin. All in all, the look of this racquet definitly makes the product worth the money and rewards you greatly.
From: Eric, 12/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Big Banger Rough @ 52 lbs

Comments: My current racquet is the IG Prestige Pro which has an edge over the the Mid+ in power and spin, especially on serves. However, the Mid+ is not far behind and feels better when attacking the net due to its maneuverability and control on volleys. Definitely a serious serve-and-volley or doubles stick. It's hard to pick between these 2 racquets, but the Mid+ 25th Anniversary Edition is easily the best looking racquet out there!
From: Luxinterna, 11/12
String type and tension: Gamma Zo Verve 17g @ 60 lbs

Comments: I have played with the Prestige in different iterations for many years. I never liked the red color and always wanted a simple black frame. When I saw this limited edition I had to have it. This stick is so nice looking I hate to play with it, but with this intimidating black frame, I will. I may buy another just to hang on my wall.
From: Dave, 11/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 @ 57 lbs

Comments: This racquet might have been worth buying if it was the mid re-issued with original cosmetics. Instead, they just reissue the 98 with a "limited edition" paint job and expect everybody to buy it. Not to mention, until the last 10 years or so the 93 has been the more popular and preferred model on tour. My hat is off to Wilson with the Pro Staff 85 and Prince with the Original Graphite Mid to bring these racquets back to the players without the marketing gimmicks and at a fair price.
From: Kelso, 11/12
String type: natural gut

Comments: I've been using Head since my age group competition days. I'm presently using the IG 93 Mid and IG 98 Pro and love them both. I just ordered the IG Ltd. Edition Prestige Mid+ for the lineage of a great racquet and for the spectacular history that goes with it. And by the way, the paint job is awesome!
From: Joey, 10/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Tour 17g mains / Tecnifibre X1 BiPhase 18g crosses @ 57/55 lbs

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