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Comments: In the process of experimenting with many different racquets, I recently returned to this but have modified it to 12.4 ounces strung. Lead under the bumper (the whole length of it on both sides). 8 points head light. It has given me new found joy in hitting spin-heavy, accurate balls with a solid feel. The lead seems to have fixed the flimsiness toward the top of the hoop that others have commented on and which I also felt caused it to be jarring and dead when hit in that area. Weight in the bottom of the handle to make it polarised and it still shines with characteristic maneuverability. Gives me tons of pop while keeping that comfortable feel that the IG line is synonymous with. Strung with MSV Focus Hex 1.18 at 52 lbs. Might have to stop searching for that magic stick.
From: Sean, 10/14

Comments: I just start playing the Radical MP about 3 months ago. I am a pretty solid 3.5 player with moderate power. I switched over from the Microgel Radical. This racquet has more mass than the Radical Microgel. It's exactly the same weight but it feels a bit heavier. I had a bit of an adjustment moving from the Micro to the MP but after playing with this a full season I love this racquet. I'm really able to take full swings and get power and control with confidence. I don't serve was well with this racquet but once I dialed into the head weight my ground strokes feel amazing with this racquet. I'm going to invest in another one and probably retire the Microgel. I've also played with a Babolat Pure Store. I'm really sold on the Radical series; as far as I am concerned both the MP and Microgel are phenomenal racquets. They really allow you to have confidence with your swing.
From: Lou, 9/14

Comments: So I've been playing with this racquet for a few weeks now and I can say that this stick is amazing and has changed my overall game for the better. This string pattern and head-face is completely new to me but it all worked out great. It gives me a lot of control with the perfect amount of spin and power. The only flaw I have is a minor one, the design sucks. It is really orange and sliver, so ugly! I give it a 9.99/10.
From: Matthew, 8/14

Comments: I am greatly enjoying the feel and response of this Radical MP. I used a Youtek Prestige Pro for a number of years before and while I love and feel and mass of the racquet when I'm fresh, the racquet is just too demanding over the course of a long singles match. While I'm not getting quite the stability and plow through as I did with the YTPP, the lightness of the racquet increased my spin potential despite the denser 18x20 string pattern. Because of this I'm finding my balls are a lot more consistent and I'm generally performing better despite a small decrease in ball pace. Tons of control, a nice soft feel, and a price you can't beat; this is a stick I'm quite pleased with. After slapping on a leather grip and some lead at 3 and 9 to increase the stability I think I have it dialed in. Props to TW for fantastic service and a great stick.
From: Phil, 8/14

Comments: This has been my best investment till date. I was using a Head Liquidmetal Radical MP for the past 2 years and hadn't had a complaint till now when the racquet was quite worn out. I'm a solid 4.0 player and decided to switch to a newer similar racquet. After looking at the current sales options, I figured out this one was similar to what I am used to and it's a good deal (+ a $25 gift card, definitely!). I configured it with my favorite strings LXN 4g 16 at 52 lbs and it proved to be simply perfect! I get amazing power along with top spin from the baseline and control over my shots increased drastically! It's not quite exactly suitable for volleys but still works quite well.
From: Rishabh, 7/14

Comments: I simply love this racquet. Switched to Wilson after an aquaintance offered me to try out his racquet on the courts after a splendid game. I immediately noticed the super control this stick offered. My groundstrokes improved, BH slices became wicked, and serves were unreturnable (mostly 1st serves). I would recommend intermediate to advanced players looking for more control to demo this stick. You'll be pleasantly surprised! A huge thank you to TW -- did an awesome job with getting my new stick to me promptly and a terrific job on the strings. Using Technifibre NRG2 16 at 51 lbs tension
From: Jay, 6/14

Comments: I got a pair of these a month ago blind, based on specs and reviews and also because the Prestige Graphene Pro started giving me a shoulder problems after about a month of hitting (great racquet, especially in terms of stability and directional control, but my body did not love it, we had to part ways). Back to the Radicals. A perfect blend of maneuverability, comfort, and mobility. Power has to come from the player, so does spin, stability/plow through is exceptional given it's static weight. Great racquet, a steal at this price.
From: Yuri, 5/14

Comments: Playing with Wilson made me struggle with my game. I made the right decision buying this frame from my coach! This racquet gets the best out of me and makes me feel like a pro. Best racquet ever! Very good control, a blend of power, and maneuverability! I'm so glad I bought this frame!
From: Isaac, 4/14

Comments: I was expecting a soft, very light low powered racquet. But to my surprise it felt very stable and crisp. Although it has an 18x20 string pattern I thought it provided lots of spin. On off center hits the power level dropped off quite a bit but when you hit it right in the sweet spot you will find plenty of power and depth. Overall it's a great raquet that requires good technique to maximize its potential.
From: Isaac, 3/14

Comments: I love this racquet! This racquet gave me the feel of control I was looking for. I don't think I could have chosen a better racquet! I definitely recommend this raquet if you are looking for an upgrade for more control and power.
From: Kristin, 2/14

Comments: This is the best racquet I have ever used! It gives me a ton of control with a nice blend of power. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of bite I got, despite the 18x20 string pattern. Also, I was extremely impressed by the power level. I am an advanced junior and an all court player. Overall, this racquet really was a game changer and I will be buying another soon! I string mine with Wilson Sensation 17g at 56 lbs.
From: Rohan, 10/13

Comments: I absolutely love this racquet! However, it took me a while to get settled in. Initially, I felt that although the control aspect was great, it was a tad bit low powered when strung with a synthetic gut, even when strung at lower tensions. So I switched to the Graphene Instinct MP when it was released, and was loving the easy power, but my shots were definitely straying a bit from where I wanted to hit the ball, or they were sailing out more easily. (On the plus side, I did get more spin with the 16x19 string pattern on the Instinct). I then restrung the IG Radical MP with the Technifibre NRG2 16 at 52 lbs, and I found the perfect match for my game. Now I can swing with good pace, and hit ground strokes with confidence and precision. My favorite shots with this racquet are the volleys. The maneuverability and feedback is amazing up at the net. I think I've found my racquet TWLoveMatch!
From: Tony, 4/13

Comments: To each his own, but for me being tall at 6'2" and 200 pounds, I'm an all-court/love to serve and hit hard -- this is the perfect racquet. It has control, it has power, it has touch, it adds wicked spin to the ball, yet it will also flatten out a serve or groundstrokes when asked to. I can tell this will be my frame for years. It is exactly what I've been looking for - I honestly would not change a thing.
From: Martin, 2/13
String type and tension: VS Touch/MSV Co-Focus at 55/49 lbs

Comments: I am an attacking player who likes to vary his shots, and having made the switch from Wilson to Head I am thoroughly happy with my new choice of stick. The Youtek Radical MP has great depth from the baseline, and with a full swing you can really generate the pace and depth to put your opponant on their back foot at no expense to accuracy. This is where I was left most impressed by this racquet, as it goes exactly where you want it to. Total control. It's great on volleys, and took a few minutes to adjust on serve but was sending down some vicious flat first serves at the end of my first session. I need to practice a bit more to get the slice out wide though. This is my top recommendation for the intermediate to advanced player, as it does everything really well.
From: Lorenzo, 11/12

Comments: The Radical IG is really a great racquet with exceptional control, feel, and great maneuverability. I have played with the Youtek version, but the IG is a really great upgrade from Youtek, with better feel and control. If someone sees a Prestige as too demanding (as for weight and low power), the Radical is the best choice.
From: Mateo, 11/12
String type and tension: polyester @ 53/51 lbs

Comments: This racquet has great control, the best of any racquet I have ever played with.
From: Terence, 11/12 String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 52 lbs

Comments: After playing with all the K, N, PS Codes of Wilson and more recently the BLX 95, which I felt was really a much heavier racquet in the hand than I expected. I had played with the Head Microgel Radical before but found it had no mass or feel. I picked this up as a second racquet, but having played with it a few times now it seems to have some redeeming qualities. Serving is great and pretty accurate, but there's not to much slice available. But playing active doubles is really great, even big serves can be handled really well. You can really hit big forehands with this racquet and also cross court backhands. Keep the tension around 54-56 lbs and relax your hands on the shot, and the ball will go there. This is a great all-around racquet with no arm issues.
From: Graham, 11/12
String type and tension: Babolat Xcel Premium @ 56 lbs

Comments: Feels great on the serves and groundstrokes. Enough said!
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: I have used and demoed about 12 different racquets over the past year, and in comparison to them the IG Radical for me is superior in terms of feel, control/ball placement, and volleys. Of course the VS Natural Gut strings help a great deal too. However, I did not get the same results in comparison to other racquets when it came to serves and overhead smashes. Maybe it's the head light balance? Also, I find it takes a while to hone in or fine tune your shots during pre match warm-ups compared to a Babolat, for example. Despite this it has been enjoyable using this racquet, especially watching your opponents squirm when you wrong foot them during rallies. However, I am considering switching to the Babolat Pure Storm GT, where i know I can take an almighty swing at the ball with full confidence that it will stay in the court.
From: Joe, 8/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Natural Gut @ 55 lbs

Comments: AMAZING! I can whack the ball as hard as I can and I still have control. I can volley my way to victory, pull out a few aces here and there, and create loads of spin, despite the tight string pattern! Really, I mean is there anything this racquet can't do? It's a much needed improvement to the older YOUTEK model. It has increased stability and feel from the added weight in the handle, but it still feels very maneuverable for fast swinging rips at the ball. It's the perfect racquet!
From: Daniel, 7/12

Comments: I currently play with the YOUTEK Radical MP, and everything I didn't like about that model was fixed with this one. stability was lacking for the YOUTEK one, but stiffening the racquet and adding Innegra fixed that. I like low power frames so that wasn't an issue, however I sense some added power, and I love it! It's not much extra, but some. despite a stiffer beam than the YOUTEK, it still plays very flexible and has that Radical feel that anyone would be CRAZY, not to love. So it's a great stick. In stock form its amazing, but if you want the Radical feel, with a more heavy and powerful racquet, just add some weight. I added weight to my YOUTEK and it still feels like a Radical, but plays a bit more like a Prestige Pro. It's perfect!
From: Steven, 7/12

Comments: After playing with the Microgel Pro for years I decided to update to this frame. At first I was not sure about the tighter string pattern and losing some spin but that has not been the case for me. The racket is light, so first thing I did was add a bunch of lead tape to the 9-3 oclock positon (6" strips along the sides) and some to the grip to get the total weight to aprox 12 oz strung. This frame has a little more power and more control for serve. Head changed the grip a little from the MG. It's more square now which made it feel a little larger to me so I had to adjust to that. Sweet spot feels large for a 98" head size. I like the paint job but the Prestige is still nicer looking. I can really plow through the ball now. I chose this over the Pro cause I did not care for the full bumper gaurd look. I thought the adjustment would be minimal from my Radical Micogel Pro. Over all I am extremly pleased with this racquet. The feel is awesome, you just have to find the right tension and weight/balance.
From: Jim, 6/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase mains @ 55 lbs / Ruff Code crosses @ 45 lbs

Comments: I'm a 14 years old girl, I just bought this racquet and to be honest it took me like 10 minutes to get used to it and first I had some troubles adding spin but then I got used to it and its just perfect. The reason that I bought it was the control that this racquet offers so obviously it's great on volleys, the feel is great and is very maneuverable. I recommend this racquet to players that want control from a racquet.
From: Yuana, 6/12

Comments: Feel is outstanding, this racket has tremendous feel. Way above previous model from that perspective. No vibration, clean response, don't forget your footwork (as usual with Radical lineage). I have found it more maneuverable than the LM FXP Radical MP and slightly below in terms of power. Still really impressed. I'm considering switching to it.
From: Sebastian, 5/12

Comments: Not as good as the Youtek Radical MP but really has a lot of feel and maneuverability.
From: Tim, 4/12

Comments: Being a pretty exclusive Radical Series player and having just switched to this racquet from the MG Radical MP I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. The added weight to this version as opposed to its predecessors allows me to access depth of shot from both backhand and forehand wings almost effortlessly. The added stiffness combined with the added weight is a beautiful thing for my volleys; where the previous versions in the Radical series left me wanting more pop at the net, this racquet provides said pop in spades. Overall, to me, this racquet took everything I liked about the Radicals and simply made it better, and as if this racquet needed anything else to make it a great choice, the updated aesthetics of this version are freaking gorgeous. Seriously folks, give this racquet a try.
From: Taylor, 4/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17 Gauge

Comments: This racquet feels very light but has great feel to it with ground strokes, slices or serves. I had no issues with serving - in fact they actually went in more often for me with this racquet! With my previous racquet (IG Instinct) shots tended to sail long with a bit too much power. This radical definitely allows me to place the ball better in the court. As they say about Dilmah tea... 'do try it'!
From: Kelvin, 3/12

Comments: As a recreational player I bought this racket here in Hong Kong thinking it would fit my stable baseline and drop shot game. It did me very well in the groundstrokes, slices and volleys as I felt connected to the ball and I can easily direct the ball. Also the lower power of this racket did help me from hitting long on my groundstrokes but the tight string pattern did produce less spin than the open string pattern, causing me to overhit when trying to hit high with spin but it wasn't anything I couldn't adjust to. However, the biggest problem I found was with serving because you had to swing VERY HARD with a lot of pace in order to put the ball in place of the box and for some reason I found it hard to serve a flat one (probably because of the head being heavier than normal rackets) as I get my timing wrong. Anyways you really need some time to adjust to this racket but once you've adjusted, this racket is really a dynamite singles racket. I would recommend a Head Youtek IG Prestige S if you're a frequent doubles player. Also love the new paintjob on this racket is really looks nice!
From: Richard, 2/12

Comments: I have used the LM, MG and YT versions of this frame and this one is the best. Truly a crisp feeling racket with a nice flex, really comfortable. A good mix of power and control from the baseline, unlike the Rad Pro, which is just powerful. I would be adding 30+ grams of lead to this, but even in stock it's a stable platform. And of course, as for all the Radicals out there, I think only a poly would make it complete (for me, Lux BB Ace @ 55lbs).
From: Ben, 2/12

Comments: A great update to the YouTek version. The feel is superb, overall the IGRadicalMid+ feels crisper, more responsive and more solid than the previous version. It's still one of the lowest powered frames out there, so bring good footwork but is also an optimal racquet for customizing. Great touch up at net and from the baseline. I've been playing with Radicals since before the i.radical and this IG Radical is probably the most versatile I've swung so far.
From: Andre, 1/12

Comments: Hi guys, it's me again. I have to correct this: the new Head IG Radical MP has slightly higher stiffness than it's old version Youtek Radical MP (61 vs 59). I've tried 2 more different strings and found out about this stiffness issue. I think the new Youtek IG Radical MP is going to be hot for its awesome feels.
From: Ten_nuts, 1/12

Comments: I have demoed this new Radical MP IG along with other new offerings from Head the new Prestige YK IG. Unlike the Prestige MP, this racket is more spin friendly and maneuverable. Comparing to the previous model of Radical MP Youtek, this is surprisingly has much better feel. I like the crisp feedback of a well struck ball, whereas I found the previous version a slightly smudgy which leads to overhitting. Found both the Prestige and Radical's new paint job rather handsome but conservative. Lets put it this way, if you were Nadal and have to choose a racket from Head-this would be the racket. Killer spin, super maneuverable, and extremely precise. Now if you are Fed, I think he would choose the Prestige. Great touch, but not hell of a lot of spin friendliness
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: I must say "wow" when I first picked up this Utek IG Radical MP because of its beautiful paint job. After hitting with it for around 5 to 10 minutes, I could tell there's not much difference between this new version with the Utek Radical MP from Weight, balance, stiffness, swing weight. It's like this is the new paint job of the Utek Radical. The frame is very flexible. I added total of 6g lead tape at 2 & 10 and 12g on handle (same way I set up my Utek Radical MP), and I could get used to hitting it almost instantly because my current racquets are Utek Rad MP. The paint job is awesome.
From: ten_nuts, 1/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Power Rough, 57/55 lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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