Head YOUTEK IG Prestige S Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I love this racquet! I bought it thinking it would be okay, but it turned out to be amazing! I play Varsity High School Tennis and all the Varsity players loved the racquet so much, they bought one too! Even my coach bought one and loved it! Overall, this is an amazing racquet and I would recomend it to any player with any tennis ability. My overall game improved with this racquet.
From: Bahud, 4/15

Comments: Most sensitive string racquet I have ever played with. When strung with a soft poly, the sweetspot opens up impressively and when strung with a firm one, the sweetspot becomes very small and the racquet becomes almost unplayble. All in all, a very good bargain.
From: Bzazut, 4/15

Comments: This racquet is the best bargain available at Tennis Warehouse. You can't go wrong for $69. Just don't buy it if you are expecting it to feel like a real Prestige. Otherwise, if the specs are in your range go for it. You won't be disappointed. The full-head bumper guard is nice for lead tape and customization. It's nice to add tape and not worry about ruining the nice paint job.
From: Mario, 4/15

Comments: I recently purchased this racquet based on the specs (without demoing) and I am happy that did. I was playing with a Babolat PS GT and the swingweight was getting to me. The PS GT is a great stick but I have more control and spin with the Prestige S. The Babolat feels more muted and the Prestige S feels livelier, more crisp. I am still able to produce ample power and flatten out the ball when needed to go for a winner. Plus, the Head is much more maneuverable and comes through the contact point quicker. I am able to hit out due to the spin this racquet produces and it is extremely arm friendly. Besides the great playing attributes, the paint job is one of the best. It does not feel like a true Prestige but with that being said, it is still a great feeling stick. I use a full poly setup at a lower tension (45-50 lbs) and it really cups the ball. Amazing racquet! I'm a 4.0/4.5 player.
From: Scott, 3/15

Comments: I had high hopes with the Head IG Prestige S due to the Prestige line, and have to say that it feels and plays nothing like the other racquets in the Prestige lineup. The ball comes off the racquet with a pinging sound, and the feel is just not there. Not deserving of the Prestige tag. I thought maybe I am biased due to playing with heavier racquets, but one of my friends tried it and she didn't like it either. Maybe adding weight would help with the stability and someday I might customize it and give it a second try, but for now I am looking at other racquets. I usually use a headsize 95-98 square inches in the high 11 or low 12 ounce weight range.
From: Sam, 2/15

Comments: I currently play with the 2014 Head Graphene Prestige Rev Pro and I love it. The Rev Pro, with its 93 head, is a great baseline racquet but I mishit a lot of volleys. So when I saw this older Prestige S model on TW, with a slightly large head and for the value -- I just bought it blind. The specs were close enough to the Rev Pro that I thought the play wouldn't be too different. Boy, was I surprised and not in a good way. Strung exactly the same way (Gamma Professional 17 at 55 lbs), this Prestige S is a much stiffer racquet. Even with a vibration dampener, the sound of the racquet as the ball leaves the string bed is a little annoying (it sort of boings). There is noticeable increased power when I hit the ball in the sweet spot but without the same feel as the Rev Pro. I might have to experiment with different strings and lower tension to see if I'll learn to enjoy this Prestige S as much as my Rev Pro. Any suggestions in this area would be appreciated because I love the look and cosmetic of this older Prestige racquet. Thank you.
From: Alex, 2/15

Comments: I am looking to try a heavier racquet (over 11 ounces) and something smaller than a 100 square inch head size. For $69, this is worth a try.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: I bought one Youtek IG Prestige S and after two hours of play I ordered another one. The feel of the racquet is in my opinion rather soft, flexible and it is quite pleasant to hit with this stick. The swing weight below 320 and is necessary for me since I am not strong enough to hit with pro sticks with SW around 330. I customized the racquet a little bit by adding 3 grams of lead tape to handle because I wanted more recoil weight for more stable volleys. I still use the original strings which I really love. Unfortunately I don't know what string it is. It is textured poly string with good feel. I used to play with a Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Pro Staff 95 racquet. This racquet is completely different in one aspect. It has narrower range of power. I mean more power you put into shots more muted response from racquet. The result is you hit like crazy and it still stays in. It is definitely control oriented racquet. More forgiving than wilson pro staff especially when playing defense. I think this racquet is a very smart choice since it is very close in parameters to some new 3 times more expensive models. I can serve 10 kms more than with a Pro Staff. Spin is what I hurt my opponents the most. This stick is really good for that.
From: Martin, 12/14

Comments: I bought the Youtek IG Prestige S blindly when I started playing tennis about a year ago. I had no game to base my racquet choice on, and the least demanding racquet from the flagship line of a reputed brand for a low sale price seemed to fit the bill. After playing with it for a year I must say this is a very solid choice for a 3.0-3.5 player like me. It provides good power and spin on serves and ground strokes, and good stability at the net and on serve returns. Touch shots were average at first, but the feel of the racquet became surprisingly better after putting on Wilson Pro over grips and I started producing what my coach described as "ridiculous touch shots." It does have negatives -- harsh vibrations from off center hits especially from the top of the string bed, only about average control, and relatively heavy swingweight for a racquet of its weight. It is string sensitive -- synthetic gut at mid tension felt flat and unremarkable, and multifilament at mid tension generated too much power forcing me to check my strokes. Poly mains at 50 lbs crossed with synthetic gut at 54 lbs played the best -- Luxilon ALU Power and Solinco Outlast mains played too stiff and I felt them on my elbow, but Babolat Pro Hurricane, a softer poly, with Prince original synthetic gut crosses was fantastic. I have tried many different racquets along the way ranging from Wilson players racquets, the popular Babolats, to the arm friendly Volkls -- and none of them made me wanna switch. The only other racket I really liked is the Head Microgel Radical MP for its superb control, amazing comfort, great maneuverability, and fantastic feel, but it's too demanding and low powered for a player at my level.
From: Sonny, 11/14

Comments: Early comment -- still tinkering with the strings, but wanted to comment based on the one directly below mine. Funny how one man's treasure is another's trash. I strung mine with Volkl Cyclone at 48 lbs and thought it was absolutely horrible. I typically play with a Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 with a hybrid string setup. I bought this because I wanted more spin and a larger head size. The racquet feels really nice weight/balance wise, so I think I'll like it once I figure out the strings. The Cyclone at 48 lbs had a ridiculous launch angle and offered little control, especially on volleys. I was able to load up on spin though, especially on my one-handed backhand. I hit extremely loopy shots that were fun to strike, but I couldn't flatten it out with any control.
From: Chris, 10/14

Comments: Update from previous feedback -- still love this racquet. Been tinkering with string here and there and have found that no matter what poly (full bed) I put in there if you get the tension anywhere higher than 52 lbs it becomes way too muted and dead. The latest string I have is Volkl Cyclone at 48 lbs and it has been working great. I also beefed up the racquet with some lead in the lower throat, and at 3, 12, 9. Since adding the weight and lowering the tension I have been serving a lot better, much better pace, control, and spin on second serves. If you are looking for a great priced racquet with control, spin, and possible power (when added weight and lower string tension) then this is the way to go. Can't beat the price!
From: Preston, 10/14

Comments: I loved the feel and control of the Midplus and Pro. I'm happy this racquet (the prestige S) has the plush feel of both these racquets and the spin of the Pro. I won't say it has more power than the Pro but the power is easier to access and control. While it doesn't have all the plow thru of either the MP or Pro, it has enough. I usually play with racguets weighing around 11.7 to 12.0 ounces -- while this is lighter at 11.4, it is slightly less head light still gives enough stability to feel like you have a good racquet in your hands. It seems to have found the right combination of being a lighter racquet with a heavier racquet feel, power without loss of control and very spin friendly. It is very maneuverable as well. It has improved my serves as it is easier to get a little more pop, but still very controlable. My only concern is I have not played a heavy hitter on a fast court -- hopefully it will still feel as stable then.
From: Rondall, 9/14

Comments: This racquet is simply amazing. Fresh out of the box I could just jump right in with this racquet! Besides the fact that it is atiny bit more stiffer than my older racquet (Wilson Bold BLX), but didn't start to notice its stiffness difference after hitting with it once. It is easy to swing and perfect for my long pro like strokes! Serving with slice or power was excellent in my opinion and I found that this racquet really helped improve my backhand shot. I strung this with a full bed of Kirschbaum Pro Line X at 55 pounds, it was a beautiful combination with this spin friendly racquet and this racquet gave me a lot of power, I had to hold back some and could hit clean winners from the baseline! Awesome! But I would not recommend this string if you aren't willing to spend a bit of money. It wore out after about a week of play I think, but i cant really tell if its the racquet that lost alot of tension or if the strings wore. It has a smaller sweet spot than other racquets which forces you to hit a bit more precisely on the strings but it is more forgiving than other people say. Also, it is only a pain on the arm if you dont stretch your arms befote using it. All in all, this racquet is a 7 out of 10 for me, but I question the string tension durability in this racquet. I recommend it! Get yourself one.
From: Shamar, 9/14

Comments: I have been playing tennis for almost 25 years and have played with the original Head Prestige classic and the midplus version of the classic. The Prestige S is a good frame that offers good spin, control and decent power for a mid weight frame. Balls hit near the tip of frame are a little harsh feeling. I have noticed that over the last 10 years that the frames are made with stiffer materials. This is a negative in my opinion. You get better feel with a more flexible frame. That being said, the prestige s plays well with a soft string like head fxp tour. If you are going to use all poly, I would recommend stringing the racquet in the high 40s to about 50 pounds. I strung mine at 55 pounds with Head FXP Tour which about right. I might go another pound higher. Please note that I am a 4.5 player. Lastly, I would say the real strength of this racquet is on the serve as well as the maneuverability. I will be back to buy a few more!
From: Ken, 8/14

Comments: One of HEAD's best at $69! These Innegra sticks feel more plush than the newer Graphenes. Buy two, put on a HEAD Leather grip and you will understand why it's called a Prestige. Great control, moderate power. No better bang for your buck (and I paid more).
From: Jack, 7/14

Comments: Looking for something lighter with more spin (without going as far as Wilson Spin Effect) after finding my Extreme Pro 2.0 and Radical Pro from the same Youtek IG range, both swing too heavy for me. Spec-wise this falls right in the middle of my current group of sticks at 305g (325g strung plus one overgrip). For your reference, my previous sticks are APD 300g, YTIGRP 310g, YTIGEP2 315g. This Prestige S grip size is a tad more square than the other two Heads and with the same 16x19 string pattern but only 3 grommets at the throat promises some excellent spin potential due to wider spacing at the center of the stringbed (this by far has the widest among those mentioned). In play, the balance is very even. Control and maneuverability are great at the net and very stable for volleys. The only thing I miss from my other heavier frame is the big flat heavy first serves but this Prestige S kicks better and second serves are easier to manage. The reason for switching to sticks with more flex is because my arm complains if I play regularly with stiff racquets. This doesn't feel as flexible as the legendary flexy YTIGRP in a good way perhaps due to the even balance and lighter frame (maybe Radical Pro's more head heavy balance gives more flexy feeling). One small downside is the FXP Tour 16 string that come strung with this racquet does not bring out the spin potential my regular Tour Bite 17 hopefully would while feeling very low powered. Ordered a second one from TW strung with Volkl Cyclone 18 at 53 lbs and spin was much more accessible and reliable. A much livelier pop as well making this a more powerful combo but less comfortable. Overall, very happy with it and is my current racquet of choice.
From: Ping, 7/14

Comments: Beautiful. Perhaps the best racquet I've ever played with! Serves, topspin, backspin, forehands and backhands are perfect and precise. Unfortunately it does vibrate a lot.
From: Andrea, 7/14

Comments: I now have purchased two of these racquets and love them. I was looking for something with more control than my Babolat PD, so I tested 12+ racquets. At first I fell for some heavier racquets, with stiffer frames (Head Extreme Pro, Wilson Six.One 95, Babolat Pure Stike Tour) because of the initial feel and pop they gave me. After playing a full match with a 12 oz frame I realized I needed a lighter racquet (but not as light as the PD was) with a more flexible frame for my game. Played a full match with this and fell in love with the feel, precision, and needed pop when necessary. This frame strung at a low tension with poly allows me to serve big still but keep my control on ground strokes when necessary. I added a leather grip, and two over grips for even more feel, and cushion and there is not a better racquet if you are looking for some added control to your game in a frame that is not quite a "light weight" frame and not quite as heavy as a "tour weight" frame -- Not to mention the price is amazing!
From: Preston, 7/14

Comments: Coming from the MP, this racquet is surprisingly harsh. My arm felt the vibrations from it immediately. I was using a hybrid of Lux ALU power 16ga at 50 lbs on the mains and Prince Synhetic on the crosses. I may try NXT or a softer string all the way around, but it is not a pleasant hitting racquet. Ntrp 4.0
From: Mark, 7/14

Comments: I purchased 2 Prestige S racquets and it is the best stick I have ever used. Being a 4.5 player using Luxilon ALU Power and Babolat RPM Blast at 52 lbs and it has great feel. Lots of power and no strain on the arm. Great feel at the net playing doubles and baseline to baseline gives you confidence to hit hard or have a soft touch no matter your style you will be unhappy.
From: Efrain, 6/14

Comments: The TW playtesters all made good points about this racquet. I have two YouTek IG Prestige S racquets. Two setups, happy with both. One is strung with HEAD Sonic Pro 17 at 53 lbs, HEAD leather grip (size 3) and Slazenger over grip. Amazing Prestige control and spin. It's my doubles racquet. My other Prestige S (grip size 4) is strung with HEAD FXP tour 16 at 54 lbs for singles play as it gives me more power albeit less spin. I'm a 57 year old, 3.5-4.0 club player aspiring to be a Super Senior 5.0 lol. (Hey, didn't Granville also like these?)
From: Jason, 6/14

Comments: What a wonderful racquet. Light, yet stable. Easy on the arm. Can be an all time favorite with the right string.
From: Ron, 6/14

Comments: I had bought 2 Prestige S racquets for my daughter and I liked it so much, I bought 2 more for myself. I just had them restrung with my string and tension and it became a completely different racquet and just don't like it. The racquets came strung with blackish strings when I bought them and I love them.
From: Greg, 6/14

Comments: I have demoed about 20 different racquets from Tennis Warehouse in the past year and, up until recently, found that the Youtek IG Radical Pro and Radical Midplus seemed to suit me the best. I did not demo this Youtek IG Prestige S because of its lower TW rating and some of the Customer reviews/comments. Also, I had demoed the Prestige Pro and Prestige Mid and found that they were a bit heavy and demanding for me. Then I saw the Prestige S on sale at TW and decided to demo it. I was pleasantly surprised. Strung with Head FXP Tour Black string, this racquet played even better for me than the Radical Pro which has similar specs, including 16/19 string pattern. It feels a bit more solid and a tad more power than the Radical Pro. And I can hit a better backhand (one-handed) with it. My brother tried it, and it also played better than his racquet. So we bought 2 from TW, one for him (strung with Head FXP Tour Black 16 at 52 lbs) and one for me (strung with Tecnifibre NR G2, 17 gauge at 51 lbs). He has yet to play with his, but I've already played with my stick twice. It plays very nice and suits my style well. As of 2/18/14, the price for this racquet has dropped some more to $89.95. It's definitely worth a demo if you are seeking a stick similar to the Radical Pro.
From: JT, 2/14

Comments: I have been looking for a racquet for 2 years now, and have tested/bought more than 20 sticks. This one definitely has the Prestige feeling into it, but without that 335 swingweight of the Pro version. It is a very, very good racquet, and if you are looking for something on a tour level but don't have the hands of a pro to manage the weight, this is definitely one of the best choices out there.
From: Darko, 2/14

Comments: This might not be a Prestige but its a very nice racquet. It has a very nice blend of control and power with great pace on serves and good location on groundstrokes. It reminds me of the liquidmetal instinct but with better control and power. I would highly recommend it as a more forgiving player's frame.
From: Jerry, 1/14

Comments: I really like this version of the Prestige. I switched from the IG Youtek MP to this because the MP was just too demanding for me after returning to tennis from a 16 year break. I also like the more open string pattern. I added 4 grams of lead at 9 and 3 and it increased the stability and control.
From: Todd, 11/13

Comments: This doesn't feel like any Prestige I've ever hit with. I don't know why they call it a Prestige. I was not a fan -- way too light and nothing about it made me want to lead it up and give it a good hit. From the first stroke, I just felt like this is not a Head Prestige in my hand.
From: Brad, 11/13

Comments: This is a great racquet for all court players. I was a Radical MP user, constantly looking for a similar racquet with an open string pattern, until I found this one. The trick is, you need to cut off the full length grommet to the same as a regular Radical grommet. This will light up the racquet head. I also changed the grip to leather, which added a little weight to the handle. On stringing, I skipped the #2 and # 15 in mains, and skipped #2 and #18 on crosses. The skip makes those shared holes only have one string.
From: Siminator, 10/13

Comments: I enjoy this stick. The only thing that seems to give me trouble is it often leaves the ball short.
From: Thomas, 8/13

Comments: Used a Volkl Tour 10 Mids for 10+ years, and the C10 Pro more recently, but only briefly. I wasn't looking for a tweener with a bunch of free power, forgiveness, spin, etc, just a lighter player's racquet, as I'm now 48. I tried all of the YTIG Prestiges (except the Mid), YTIG Radical MP and Pro, along with a couple of the Graphene Speeds and Instincts, and chose the Prestige S. Very happy with my choice. I'm about 90% acclimated to it, finding plenty of pop, spin (or not, as needed), depth, control, and comfort. Thanks for the indirect recommendation, Granville! Worth trying, despite all the naysayers. I'm a 4.5 traditional all-court player and strung it with Volkl Cyclone 17 in the mains at 53 lbs and Forten Sweet 17 in the crosses at 47 lbs.
From: Doug, 7/13

Comments: I am 50 years old and thought this racquet was going to be too heavy for me. I was very nicely surprised as it is very arm friendly. I could generate power with a lot of control. The only issue with the racquet was that it was very sensitive to the strings I used. Have to try different strings to get the best feeling for the racquet. Overall, a must try and a great addition from Head.
From: Aladin, 3/13

Comments: Really nice racquet in a less demanding weight and it does everything well! But the big issue is the strings because in this racquet they loose tension really fast, like in less than two hours. Putting that aside, this is an awesome racquet. It seems to have the same control as the Bio 300 Tour or PS LTD but is more maneuverable. The spin is awesome, power is there if you need it - it does everything well. A must try!
From: Sebastian, 3/13

Comments: I am a Prestige Pro user but like Andrew (who commented below), I was looking for a less challenging frame due to advancing years. I have tried several frames and I'm not really sure why I left this one until last. Probably because I didn't like the thought of a Prestige "Light" but in actuality this is exactly what I was looking for. It reminds me of the Prestige Pro in many ways but is so much easier to swing. If I was playing mainly singles I would probably stick with the Pro - because you have the time to shape up for bigger swings. Because I play mainly doubles these days, this lighter version is much better for those quick fire exchanges and reaction volleys. I can still serve big enough and hit the groundies. I feel that the TW Review of this frame is spot on.
From: Simon, 2/13
String type and tension: Yonex 850 Pro at 55 lbs

Comments: After trying several racquets, I chose the Prestige S. Very good control, good groundstrokes, good volleys, excellent topspin, great service and very maneuverable. Thanks Head!
From: Antonio, 11/12
String type: Head Sonic Pro 1.25mm

Comments: I love this racquet, I have changed mine to leather grips and with two overgrips they sit at ~350 grams with a balance of 31.5 cm strung, and they are easy to swing. I'm able to generate great spin and it's solid in all areas of the court. It does seem string/tension sensitive, as the synthetic gut the racquets came pre-strung with made me think I had made the wrong racquet choice. It felt harsh with a tiny sweet spot, but after trying different multis at different tensions I'm now playing with Prince Premier Attack 16g at 52lbs and it's sensational, forgiving, and comfortable. Amazing racquet.
From: Shane, 10/12
String type and tension: Prince Premier Attack 16g @ 52lbs

Comments: This racquet has exceptional control, and it is also very solid at the net. The Prestige S may feel different from the other Prestiges (I would argue that it actually feels quite similar to the Prestige Pro), but it complements my game wonderfully. It's great for doubles and singles.
From: Matt, 10/12
String type: Prince Lightning Spin XX

Comments: Great racquet but not for a novice or if you do not follow stringing instructions. This stick does not play well with stiff tight strings. Drop the tension and use 17g instead of 16g at least on the crosses. If you use poly on the mains (RPM, Gosen Polylon, Gosen Polybreak, etc) go with 17g and no more than 52 lbs. Use a good multifilament on the crosses at no more than 55 lbs. Then this racquet will play for you. Nice pop and spin, great on serve, very predictible on ground strokes and volleys. Excellent stick.
From: Alex, 6/12
String Type and Tension: VS Touch 16g @ 54 lbs mains / Gosen Polybreak 17g @ 50 lbs crosses

Comments: This is a great racquet in the right hands and is not for everyone. I found this to be a fantastic racquet and I can still hit 120 mph serves (checked). So the power comes if you have it. It also has great touch if you have it. This is not a racquet that will give those things if you do not already have them within your game. I love this racquet. Thanks head for a great product.
From: Marc, 6/1

Comments: I'd been looking for a production frame to replace the discontinued Dunlop 300 AG 4D. Tried several new frames (Dunlop, Wilson, Head, Prince) before settling on this one. Great balance and feel. This frame is very sensitive to what string is in it. Tried several different multis (Tecnifibre NRG2, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase, Wilson NXT Tour, etc.) and they were good but not great. Had been avoiding poly due to arm problems, but after a couple months without pain I decided to try a hybrid and really lucked out. This frame with my current string set up produces by far the best feeling racquet I've ever hit with in some 20 years. It's literally perfect. Control when I want it, power when I want it -- and all points in between. And incredible feel for the ball. I am very, very glad I picked this frame up.
From: Richard, 6/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Touch mains, 57 lbs/ Luxilon ALU Rough cross, 54 lbs

Comments: Well, I agree with many people reviewing this racket, i.e. it does not fit well within Prestige line. While specs look great on paper, nothing worked well for me: not much spin, so-so power but not great control, serves ok but without pace and ball weight, returns deep but again I was never quite sure whether they would land when I intended. I play with Head Prestige Pro YT and I played with Prestige MP Microgel before and both rackets were much better, although obviously harder to swing. I wanted to check out Prestige S because advancing years and declining physical ability would benefit with something easier to play when not executing at 100% of my level. But what is the point of lighter racket, which requires player to swing harder (so with greater error rate) to achieve the pace on the ball I can easily get with "player" stick like Prestige Pro? Anyone looking for more manageable stick in Head range should check out Speed line in both open and close string pattern. Usually TW descriptions of rackets fit well with my experiences, but not this time. Maybe TW testers could tell us how they got all this great things they talked about in the review :-)
From: Andrew, 5/12
NTRP Rating:4.0

Comments: I demoed this racquet from TW recently and was very disappointed. This may be labeled as a Prestige but this racquet in no way shape or form deserves the Prestige namesake! On paper this sounds like an awesome stick, nice open string pattern instead of the classic Prestige 18x20, middle of the road weight and beam thickness, not horrifically stiff, etc. and seems to fall somewhere in the middle of the Radical and (normal) Prestige frames. While this may look like a nice tweener or lighter players racquet spec wise I found it to feel very dead and extremely sluggish to use, particularly for a one-handed backhand and on serve.
From: Rob, 5/12

Comments: This racket seems to have nice specs spot on for a strong junior or an adult who wants a little less weight. Power is very low, string pattern very wide so if you want to compensate the low power with a more flexible powerful string you will end up breaking the string every one or two hours, not an option. If you put in a more durable stiffer string the racket has too little power for its relatively light weight. Very string sensitive does not leave much margin for a successful set up. The racket has always some rest vibration left and although the racket has a reasonable low stiffness it is quite arm unfriendly and not solid at all, unlike the prestige pro which is rock solid. At the start it seems a nice racket but after playing for a while it is going to get to you in an (arm)unfriendly way. All in all unfortunately not a racket which is going to make many players happy. Unfortunately!
From: Jim, 4/12

Comments: I have a BLX Tour (last model) and thought the S would be similar since it's the same flex and close to same width. I found the Tour to be a better racquet all around; it gave more depth, better volleys, & a faster serve. I really didn't notice an advantage with the slightly larger head, extra weight and more open string pattern on the S. The S demo was strung at 54 and didn't feel loose. I like the old Prince 107 but the Tour is hard to beat in it's class.
From: Michele, 4/12

Comments: I tried racket and was nice surprised: very good control, nice feeling at the net and on serving. You can simple play deep balls, very good at backhand slice and for for 305 grams it's very stable. So- nice racket to try it!
From: Alex, 2/12
String type and tension: Polyfibre-viper, 49 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5

Comments: I had such high hopes for this racquet. Judging by the specs, I thought it was a perfect match for me...unfortunately, I found it stiff and unforgiving. It actually created some discomfort and I am not prone to arm/elbow troubles. I thought it might be the string until I saw it was strung with Gamma TNT Touch, one of my favorites, so I couldn't blame the discomfort on the string. For the brief time I hit with it I found it more beneficial at the baseline than at net, but overall, this was not a suitable stick for me (Currently play with Dunlop 300 Biomimetic Tour).
From: Seralee, 2/12

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