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Comments: Excellent racquet. Sweet, strong, stable, fluid, consistent, and comfortable. A very nice playing racquet that I would recommend to most players 3.5 and up. A great all around racquet and I have played with many types over the years. Highly recommended.
From: William, 3/14

Comments: I'm a mid to lower level 4.5 player in USTA Mid-Atlantic, and fresh out of the juniors. At 19 years old I'm built like that of Jo-Willfried Tsonga, a solid built body and could easily play with a a heavier racquet, but this one is just right for me. I can play on clay and not have to worry too much about mishitting from an odd bounce. It gives me effortless ability to constantly hit 95-105 mph first serves throughout a match and rip a kick serve for my second. On my forehand I can easily rip topspin from behind the baseline or step inside and hit a flat approach put away shot when going into the net. On my backhand (I have both a 2hbh and OHB) I can stay consistent behind the baseline and rally with the 2HBH with good power and consistency or step in the court and really rip a one handed back hand. Volleys are pretty crisp but tend to pop too long from the racquet's decent amount of power and pop. I noticed a more dampened feel from the 2.0 from the IG tech that was added on in last iteration, and more pop from the s-tech grommets. But overall, a very similar playing racquet, and you should not sweat changing from an older model of this frame having to adjust! I have been playing with the 2010 Youtek version (27.2 inch version) since it came out, and I had played around with the IG Pro when they came out, but came back to the 2010 YTs, and surprisingly enough the shorter length was a seamless transition. Head did a good job at maintaining a consistent balance and flex from model to model. I typically use a 17 gauge full bed of poly anywhere from 40 pounds, all the way up to 60 (depends on time of year and whether or not I'm playing singles or doubles). I have a stringer, and I highly recommend a full bed of poly with this stick to maximize the spin potential. I have gone through 2 beds of poly in 2 weeks from popping strings, so I highly push going full poly if your a baseline topspin grinder like my self. Overall I give it a 8.5/10, with the only areas lacking from the last model being feel, and a little overpowered for my powerful game, but nothing too much to harness
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: My husband and I both demo'ed this racquet among many others and both of us ended up liking it the most. The owner of our local tennis store told us that everyone who has walked in and demo'ed it has raved about it. As other reviewers have said, the spin that you get from this racquet is great! It makes it fun to play with, especially from the baseline. I also noticed an increase in power and spin on my serves. This is a great racquet, and if you are reading these reviews and even remotely considering it, then you should take it out for a demo.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: It had great control (despite the open string pattern), it was very easy to get around on fast topspin stokes, meaning more topspin because you can swing faster and harder, which also means more power. This isn't a very powerful racquet, it just makes it easy to hit hard and keep it in with spin. I loved it from the baseline in that regard, but on serves I felt that it was hard to hit a nice flat serve. On the flip side, I could hit kick and slice serves much better because of the EXTREME spin potential. It was very fun for just hitting, but in a match I need my flat serve to take control of the point. Also, returns felt a bit unpredictable and uncontrolable which leads me to believe that the racquet isn't very stable. It's a great racquet but not the best one out there for me.
From: Steven, 7/12

Comments: I got to hit with a couple of seed racquets of the new (and MUCH improved) Extreme. It was the most impressed I've been within the first 10 minutes of hitting a new racquet in years. I was especially impressed with the stability and lack of unwanted vibration (no dampener, of course); in this regard it feels like 11.6 oz, not 10.6. The fact that this racquet does weigh in at 10.6 oz still makes for a very manageable swing weight and effortless spin and power (the one I hit with was 304 grams, but we all know how wide QC tolerances are for racquet manufacturers). Compared to the super head light racquet I've been using since 2004--my taste in racquets is anything but ephemeral--playing with the new Innegra Extreme felt like cheating. Anyone looking at the Pure Drive, Juice 100, or Warrior (nice racquets all) should give it a try.
From: Anon, 6/12

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