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Comments: After playing half a year now with this stick I can honestly say that this stick is the best I've ever played with. In my opinion, it is way too underrated by TW. This stick is a 9 out of 10. I did put silicon and lead in the frame. With it being 12.4 ounces strung, this racquet plays best. The flex and feel reminds me of a Pt57a 16x19. The flex at 62 RA is perfect. I don't like the new Graphene. I also love the cap grommets that come with this stick. Hope HEAD goes Inegra again. I played a long time with a Six.One 95 18x20 and now I have to admit that this racquet plays plusher and way more arm friendly.
From: Carl, 12/15

Comments: This is an outstanding racquet! This is the first frame in years I'm not having arm pain after long matches. I personally think that the 63 RA isn't that flexible at all. For me, this one fits the bill since a Babolat PD with a 71 RA is way too stiff for my liking and harsh on the arm, too. I weighted all of mine up to 12.15 ounces and I made mine more HL. Strung with Gamma Moto 17. I'm switching from a Wilson PS97 due to arm pain. I'm an open level player. This is a perfect all-court players frame and in my opinion the better racquet over the new Graphene version. Hope this helps.
From: Matt, 7/15

Comments: I went through a similar experience as Noel did, while I fully support his enthusiastic review. Struggled with this frame until I found the right string set-up. Settled with Luxilon BB Alu Power at 50 lbs. This frame plays phenomenal and so comfortable. No wonder it remains a best-seller. I would not understand that HEAD could ever discontinue this outstanding Innegra version.
From: Daniel, 1/14

Comments: Decided to buy this stick as a replacement for my Wilson Blade 93. I can generate plenty of my own power with the Blade but I just didn't like the feel of the head balance, it's a bit too light, which seems, at times, a lot of effort if I wasn't right in the sweet spot. I wanted something with a more forgiving feel and a bit more weight in the hoop! Enter the Head Youtek IG Radical. If I am being honest, I hated this stick at first! I strung it with RPM Blast Mains at 53 lbs and XCel Crosses at 55 lbs. Also tried Alu Power BB at 53 lbs in the same hybrid setup. All my shots were running long, directing the ball was pretty awful too, my deep corner shots were running wide most of the time and the frame just didn't feel stable. I added a little weight at 3 and 9 o'clock in the hoop and under the grip. Not a great deal of difference. I was about to look at maybe trying a Youtek IG Prestige Mid Plus 18x20 -- its heavier, but more head light though! After thinking about my previous setups that I had used in the past, I restrung the Radical with RPM Blast 17 Mains at 56 lbs and Prince Premier Attack 16 Crosses at 59 lbs. The difference was unbelievable! This stick was transformed -- stable, super accurate and this thing rips off with power and spin in abundance when you go for the winners! I have much more weight behind my serves too than with the Blade 93. Due to the flex of the frame, it still plays really, really comfortable at high tensions when using a poly main string. I can't say enough good things about this stick, it is very string sensitive though for sure!
From: Noel, 1/14

Comments: Awesome frame. It has a truly unique feel to it, flexible yet powerful and controlled at the same time. One of my all-time favorites; try it out for yourself, you won't regret it.
From: Ulrich, 12/13

Comments: Decided to get this racquet after reading so many good comments here. So thought I would give my feedback too. Fantastic, stable and solid racquet, just like many previous comments made here. I like trying out different racquets to find one that suits me. Racquets previously used by me are Wilson Prostaff 95, Head Radical (Microgel) MP, Head Radical (Microgel) OS, Head Youtek Graphene Speed Pro. The Prostaff 95 was good but as the head is rather light, I tend to get bullied by big hitters when returning serves. The Speed Pro was solid too but I experienced some elbow pain after games so stopped using it. Strung my Radical Pro with Topspin Cyber Whirl 17 at 53 lbs. Played with it for about 15 hours already. Initially I had to get used to the heavier swing weight of 330 but I liked the solid stable feel of the racquet after only just a few shots. My game has definitely improved, especially my serves and my double-handed backhands. Although the stiffness of the racquet is 62, it is able to generate powerful shots. My elbow pain is gone too. I highly recommend this racquet for people who intend to take good care of their arms so as to play enjoyable tennis for many good years to come!
From: Vic, 11/13

Comments: Strung this up with Cyclone 17g and this frame is amazing. Great feel that is soft, but still solid and packs a punch at the same time. Tons of spin with a great amount of control. The head size provides a great amount of maneuverability and I love it!
From: Lo, 10/13

Comments: I demoed this racquet along with the IG Radical MP. I really liked both and couldn't decide so I bought both. The MP was a bit too light whereas the Pro was a bit too heavy. I could play better with the MP at the time but the Pro was just too damn solid and had great feel. I went with the Pro and after a month, I am used to the weight. Mine is 12 ounces with the leather grip. I was used to 11.5. As soon as I found the right string for this frame, my game has improved by leaps and bounds. I'm 60 years old. My slice hasn't been this good since college. My serve is the best I've hit in my life. Same with my forehand. I am a 4.5-5.0 doubles player. Compact strokes with a continental grip for a strokes. Strung this with Technifibre X-1 Biphase in the low to mid 40s. Occasionally use my old Semi-western for high forehands will a full swing. I haven't hit with Head since college. I'm glad I returned.
From: Burt, 8/13

Comments: Excellent racquet, I have bought 3 of them recently but only because of the possibility to replace the TK82 palletes with TK82S, otherwise it would be difficult for me to switch to Head (grip shape is really different). I played with a lot of different player's racquet but this one is best for me -- flexible enough and still with power, good for spin shots as well as for flat, reliable response for serves. My experience is the right string setup is a low tension of a soft main string may significantly decrease your control (before this one I have played with Donnay X-Dark Red and it was just opposite -- the softer the better string bed). My favourite setup for this racquet are hybrids: Weisscannon Turbotwist 1.18 on mains and WC 6Star on crosses (better on faster/hard courts) or with WC Silverstring on crosses (more spin, more controll, longer life of stringbed on clay).
From: Vladimir, 8/13

Comments: This stick is a wonderful choice and has helped me improve my game. In addition to that, it has gotten me the fastest serve in my tennis club. This stick took less time to adapt to. One can say that I immediately adapted to it. My forehands have become a huge weapon. This stick really suits my game. Thanks to the improved, controlled flexibility of the stick, I can hit topspin forehands anywhere I wish to. With serves, extra, but crucial power is rightly provided to hit out hard serves wide and down the line. Great, fluid and fast backhand slices work very well from the base line to the serve box area. Volleys are like pops that return fast to the opponent. Overall, I like this stick and i will surely continue to use this stick for the next few years in my tennis club.
From: JA, 7/13

Comments: First my current stick is a Babolat Pure Storm Tour. I usually use a full bed of soft co-poly strung around 50+ lbs so I won't hurt my elbow. In regards to this stick, I really want to like this racquet, but my elbow is too sensitive for this. It is solid at the net. I cannot miss a volley with this. It has excellent plow through power since it is slightly head heavier than the Pure Storm Tour. The serve is solid and the 16x19 string pattern provides extra spin. I can see the ball kick up to about 8 feet high without much hard work. I spent about a week with this stick. I strung it with Gosen Sidewinder at 53lbs (this is an extra soft string) but still can feel the soreness in my arm. So it's is a love/hate relationship. I love it, but my elbow hates it! Go figure!
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I really like this racquet as it does have everything - it has comfort, power, touch, and spin. Drop shots and the net play are at the best. After playing with different strings, I found that natural gut its the best fit for it (around 55 pounds). I have added lead and made it 12.5 with 6HL (and added a leather grip as well).
From: Vergica, 3/13

Comments: I am coming from the AeroPro Team which is a pretty stiff racquet. It had good spin and good power but not enough control it seemed like. So I went to look for a head size a little smaller. This racquet performed great. It took a while to get used to, but once I did it was great. It has good power from the base line, and you can generate a lot of topspin. When you come to net, there is a lot of touch and feel with this racquet. I strung this with RPM Blast at 56 pounds and with the flex on this racquet there was no problem on my tennis elbow. I wouldn't recommend this racquet to a big hitter simply because you will lose control due to the flex of this racquet. This would suit someone with a control and spin orientated game that likes to hit drop shots and approach the net when needed. Overall, I really liked this racquet.
From: Andrew, 12/12

Comments: This is the best racquet ever. It has great power and has easy access to spin. My slice backhand has heavy spin and also goes deep with little effort. Power is easily controllable thanks to the Youtek technology it has. Serves are great because of the easy power. Control takes a bit of getting used to because of the flex, but once you get used to it, it's easy to hit the lines. The racquet is also very stable but still maneuverable. It's great at the net cause of the stability and maneuverability. My favorite shots with this racquet are the backhand slice, the deep topspin heavy down-the-line forehand and the serve out wide.
From: Anton, 12/12
hybrid @ 57 lbs

Comments: I have been an avid fan and user of the Prestige MP racquets for some years now, having switched from the Yonex MP Tour 1s before that. The IG Radical Pro is the only racquet I have found that positively benefits my game, as opposed to just feeling different to the Prestige. Whilst slightly lighter overall, the balance makes the Radical Pro feel rock solid and the open string pattern gives me access to more spin, which I certainly need from time to time! I personally do not feel there is a sacrifice in terms of 'feel', as long as one choses the correct string - and though more powerful than a Prestige MP, there is still plenty of control as long as you have a long swing style and drive up the ball. In the end of course, no racquet is going to magically improve your tennis, but the right racquet can help you focus on your strokes and overall game and not the racquet, which is what it is all about. The Radical Pro enables me to do this, which is all I seek in a racquet.
From: James, 11/12

Comments: Radical Pro IG with a leather grip and natural gut 55 lbs is amazing!
From: Jeff, 11/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut @ 55 lbs

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for past 2 months. I am coming from a Donnay Gold 99. I tried this racquet just to find something that has more power than the Gold 99. It's great for loopy shots but flat shots lack power. This racquet is perfect for both flat and spin shots. I could hit loopy FH and at the same time flatten out winners. But this racquet takes some time to get used to because of its flexy top hoop. You could feel the hoop bending. But the advantage of this flexy feel is you can keep playing with a dead poly and the racquet will still play comfy. In short this racquet is a pillow that hits like a brick. But one needs patience to find this gem. The racquet I demo'ed was very stable but the one I got as not stable in stock form. I added 3 gm of lead at 12, 3 and 9, and now it is fine.
From: Krish, 11/12
String type and tension: Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 16g @ 54 lbs

Comments: I played with this racquet for 6 months and did not like it. It's an extremely flexible racquet, and often feels like you have poor control and a tendency to spray the ball. It does not handle off-center shots well, and the ball tends to die. It's surprisingly powerful for such a light racquet, but it comes at the cost of control. I thought it had poor plow through. I loved it for serves, but pretty much disliked it for anything else. It could just be me, but it killed my elbow and I've never had problems elbow before (in 20+ years). Since I switched to another racquet, I have no more elbow pain. I would not recommend this one for anyone who likes stability and control in their racquet.
From: Chip, 10/12

Comments: This is the closest racquet that matches the FXP Radical MP. This is why I tested it. It's not the same exact balance, not the same string pattern, not the same weight, but it's close in terms of SW, which ensures my shots timing will remain the same. I needed to adjust a bit, as some shots started landing consistently long. I was about to switch to the IG Radical MP but finally the IG Radical Pro is the one that better fits my needs, as the timing on my strokes is more critical to me than other characteristics.
From: Sebastian, 10/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre TGV @ 50lbs

Comments: I played with Babolat AeroPro, Pure Drive 107, Volkl Quantum V1 Mid, and POG Tour before this. The POG Tour was great but I couldn't handle the tennis elbow it caused. The IGRP is comfortable, powerful (string and tension dependent), great control and stable. It took a couple of days to get used to the balance but it was a non-issue after. So far, I tried RPM Blast 57, Mantis Syn Comfort 57 and B5E 50/Gosen 52. B5E/Gosen being the best since its lower power compliments the IGRP well. It also produces good spin. RPM Blast caused most balls to go long. The Mantis was good but only lasted 4 hours.
From: Euric, 9/12

Comments: This racquet is fantastic. I used to use the old Wilson Pro Staff and about two years ago I switched to the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT. I recently made the switch to the Youtek IG Radical Pro and have had tremendous success on the court. I feel a bit of a blend between the Wilson and Babolat with this racquet. The power is great and it has the perfect amount of touch for volleys and dropshots. Baseline rallies were also a plus for me as I was able to keep the ball deep with heavy spin. Even those I have played with feel that the ball coming off my racquet is heavier than before. Contrary to what other posts say about the sweet spot and losing tension, I feel thats mainly due to what you string with. I've always used synthetic gut and never had tension problems with this racquet. I've used Gosen 16g and Tecnifibre Synthetic 16g.
From: Brandon, 9/12
String type: Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut 16g Black

Comments: This is an update to my previous review. While I really like this racquet, the one thing I found that's weird is that while it feels great freshly strung, the sweetspot gets really small and the racquet performance drops noticeably if you do not get it restrung consistently. This holds true for all poly and a gut/poly hybrid job.
From: Max, 9/12

Comments: Amazing racquet! I play varsity high school tennis, and my previous racquet I had was too unstable and not right to be playing varsity with. So, I ordered this racquet and it is very stable, has tons of spin and power, but there is also tons of control and comfort with that as well. I've been winning lots more matches with it now. Great job Head!
From: Tyler, 9/12
String type and tension: Babolat Hurricane Feel @ 53 lbs

Comments: Tennis Warehouse definitely made it seem super powerful. It's powerful but not at the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick level. More like Head Prestige Pro power. Control is surprisingly outstanding! I thought that switching from the Head Radical MP would be hard because of less control in the Pro, but it's about the same. Spin generation was similar to the Pure Drive standard. Without a dampener it felt fine, although with a simple dampener it has tremendous feel. I play with a big serve and heavy topspin groundstroke game. I really need to generate a lot of racquet head speed in my game and I had no problems with maneuverability. This gives the the control, spin and power to kick some serious butt.
From: Scott, 8/12
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: I think that the IG really helps enhance your strokes. This is definitely the best Radical so far.
From: Luke, 8/12

Comments: This is such a fun racquet to hit with. I was looking for a softer arm-friendly replacement for the Pure Drive Roddick, which hurt my elbow after a 2 week love affair with it. While the Radical Pro is a totally different beast in terms of flex and how it plays, it offers much of the controllable power on serve and groundstrokes minus the pain. The flex of the racquet really allows you to absorb pace really well, and the racquet provides an extremely comfortable and satisfying hit. I had to adjust to the flex a little bit, but directional control came easy, and topspin was easy to generate. Tons of second serve kick with little effort, and slice backhands were exceptional. Love the cosmetics too!
From: Max, 8/12
String type and tension: Volkl Cyclone 17g @ 48 lbs

Comments: I like the racquet. I used the previous YouTek Radical Pro, which I also liked. This IG version has more stability and control, and is overall a better player's racquet.
From: Bob, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power @ 50 lbs

Comments: I like it a lot and find it similiar but better than my old Babolat Pure Drive Roddick, especially at net. Good racquet.
From: Bobby, 8/12

Comments: I purchased the IG Radical Pro about a month ago. I was coming from a Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tour, a heavier racquet with a close string pattern. I had an injury last year so I lost my conditioning, and it was hard to play with my beloved Dunlop. I searched for something easier to play with, but with some power and good control. I think the Rad IG Pro is just that. Had some good power and superb control. I needed some time to adjust to it, because of the big differences with my old racquet. Actually i almost regretted buying it, but after playing more, I really enjoy it. It's a great racquet to flatten out shots despite its open pattern, but also provides some nice spin. Forehands are extremely fast, heavy and deep. Kick serves are great, as I hardly make double faults, although I still fight a little with my flat serve. But when it goes in, it's a real bomb. Volleys are good too, as the head heaviness is not noticeable and is very maneuverable. You need good technique to get the most out of it, but it's worth it. Still, if you don't have a polished game, this stick will force you to improve. I tried adding some lead, at the handle, and at 3 and 9, but I just love it in stock form. Give it a try, you won´t regret it.
From: Ron, 7/12
String type and tension: polyester string @ 52 lbs

Comments: What I liked about this racquet is the depth on ground strokes, and ease of power that it provides. At net this racquet is fantastic. Made volleying precise and easy, touch or driving volleys. What I didn't like is that the racquet is extremely flexible (even more so than it's rating indicates,) and on off-center shots the ball seemed to sail out of control. The weight of the racquet made it tough for me to generate racquet head speed on spin serves. Over all just not the racquet for me. Currently using the Babolat Aero Drive Cortex. Looking for a racquet that plays as close to it as possible that doesn't hurt my arm as much.
From: Rob, 7/12
String type: Gosen Sidewinder 17g

Comments: Hit with a Babolat aero pro for 2 years. Overhitting a lot. Now its precise. Have to lower tension to maybe 50 lbs and enlarge grip for my my size and playing style. But its precise like my old pro staff with a little more oomph!
From: Shah

Comments: About 2 weeks into playing with this frame and I'm getting comfortable with the higher swing weight - 330 as compared to 320 which is what I was hitting with. Frame is stable on off center hits. I have noticed also that my shots are deeper with more spin, yet my consistency is off slightly, however, with early preparation and good technique it is not an issue and I can be very accurate, moving the ball around and being crafty. Serving however was easier to adjust to and I'm certainly getting more pop. Slightly more demanding overall but worth the effort.
From: Tyko, 4/12

Comments: I was finding my Head YOUTEK Radical MP lacking in power and stability a little so I gave the Head YOUTEK IG Pro Radical a try. The first couple of hits my wrist was hurting on my whippy groundstrokes from the extra weight and it was hard to get the control I wanted. But, after a few adjustments and a little patience, what a fantastic piece of gear. Lots of depth and pace on shots. Return of serve a breeze and groundstrokes with more plow through and precision than anything I've tried before. No need to force the volley, just direct it and it is there. I also have more confidence on my two handed backhand and flat forehands which for me is a game changer. It definitely takes a bit of getting used to but once you do its like a magic wand.
From: Jared, 4/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Savage Black, 57lbs

Comments: This is a fabulous stick. I love the way it feels, and I switched to it right away after demoing it for a few days. I've been using the Babolat APD Cortex and GT since they were released, and I couldn't believe that I liked this so much that I ditched the entire Aeropro Drive series I've been using for many years. I would recommend my choice of stringing which is the rpms at the mains and the n.vy at the crosses. They work magnificently well and it's also very affordable as well.
From: David, 4/12
String type and tension: RPM Blast Mains, 52lbs, Babolat n.vy Crosses, 55lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0+

Comments: Played with this racquet for a week, trading off with my current Prestige Pro. I normally play with more spin than power and struggled to apply the amount of spin I'm used to. My wrist was fatigued wrestling with the swing weight during fast topspin strokes. Once I changed my mindset and smoothed out my stroke, I found great consistency and feel hitting flattened out forehands. Any waist high ball encountered at the baseline was lights out! Addicting enough that I would consider getting this racquet just to hit that shot. Radical Pro was also great at redirecting big serves. Serving was controlled but not as big as the Prestige Pro.
From: Luxinterna, 4/12

Comments: Fabulous racquet! Makes you feel like you can hit anything with power or touch. Has that quintessential "knife through butter" feel. Put lead the length of each side bevel and one wrap at the top of the handle and also modified the handle with card stock to make it feel more like a Wilson, Babolat, Prince in that department. Just put good old Prince synthetic gut 17 in it at 57/55. In many years of playing tennis it's the best feeling racquet I've ever used. Great looking too!
From: Scott, 3/12

Comments: Been using this frame for about two weeks after it won an 8 racquet "demo off." As others have observed its most notable characteristic is a very plush feel off the stringbed. Have better control and it really shines on defense absorbing pace from big hitters and directing it back to them. Have had several opponents comment that it hits a very heavy ball particularly on the serve. I would call it a control frame with a little more pop than most player racquets. It does have a high swing weight and it plays heavy so if you like a lighter, whippier stick this one isn't for you. For the same reason I'd say if you play with a ton of top spin or a full western grip, it may not work for you.
From: Anon, 3/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X one biphase 17, 52lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Really nice racket that plays super soft. Power is there as well. Highly recommend this one!
From: Glen, 2/12

Comments: I am a great fan of the old Radical Youtek with a swingweight of 349.Currently my racquet of choice. Purchased the new frame as I need more racquets and have added lead to the hoop to increase swingweight and change balance same as older frame. I think Head have aimed this racquet at club players as many struggled with sw of old youtek including playtesters. In standard form this racquet does not perform as well as I would have liked. Don't tail weight this racquet, it is designed to have a different balance than other racquets, just buy a different racquet that is more head light. Of all tennis racquets the Radical is still my favorite by a long way just not sure about the new frame yet will keep you posted when I have had more time to play.
From: Jason, 2/12

Comments: Really awesome racket head nailed it perfect amount of wait in head/handle recommend to all advanced players.
From: Suraj, 2/12

Comments: I was recently playing the BLX Pro Open. But my problem with that stick was against hard hitters the racket got pushed around a lot. Tried adding lead, but it just played stiffer and not as arm friendly. Pro Rad is a great racket, and very comfy on the arm. Serves are awesome, and ground strokes feel really nice. Definitely a major improvement over the previous Rad Pro. Highly recommend this one! It's a keeper.
From: Glen, 2/12

Comments: I liked this racquet. I thought it was powerful for a Radical. My forehands were definitely exploding off the court with this one. I did struggle a little with the balance of the racquet. I am used to playing with racquets that are more headlight. If I bought it, I would put some weight in the handle. Overall though, it was a winner for me.
From: Chuck, 2/12

Comments: This is one on the most powerful 95-inch-head rackets. TW sure got it right in their review. I would disagree though with Sean who said it was overpowered because of the flex of the frame. I believe it's because of the spacing of the strings. The center strings are closely bunched, but the outer ones are widely spaced, more so than other rackets, especially at the upper and lower ends of the string bed. This also shrinks the sweetspot slightly, especially at the the upper and lower ends of the string bed. I will add that this racket needs weight to counter balance the 330 SW and to make it more stable on off center hits. Up at net, this racket plays great, whether it be a drop, slice or punch volley, it does it all well with good maneuverability. Overall a good frame for the all-around player who hits with a ton of spin and/or slice.
From: Ben, 2/12

Comments: I really wanted to like this one. My current stick is k90 with synthetic at 60 lbs and I am looking for something softer on the arm and with more free power. I tested the prior Youtek Rad Pro last year and liked it, felt control was lacking from the flex and hitting was kind of a guessing game as to what the ball would do. But this new one, serving was pretty sweet. Good pop, good spin, it was automatic. Then I went to groundies. I strung the IG rad pro with poly at 64, and I laid off the first few forehands I hit to just get a feel for the frame/ball connection ball hit this way with the k90 would barely make it to the net, with the rad pro it went screaming 10 feet beyond the baseline. I got my swing accustomed to it a little more but still could only place the ball within like one of the four quadrants of the court when going for targets I can hit target after target. Overall, the swing weight on this felt ridiculously low for what it was listed at leaving balls way too short, the flex just felt like I was hitting the pressure-less balls for kids, and most people myself included liken the k90/pro staffs to a scalpel, I'd say this rad pro was a buzz saw. Needs poly at like 66 and a significant amount of lead added.
From: J, 2/12

Comments: Way too flexy and has absolutely no power. Didnt like this racket at all!!!
From: Earl Heffner, 2/12

Comments: Really nice plow and controllable power (strings likely can't be in lower end of suggested range). Hits a heavy ball and is equally good for topspin, flat, and slice. Similar to the Boris Becker Melbourne but offers more plow and maneuverability. Soft flex isn't a problem when hitting back in the same direction that the ball comes from. But when trying to change direction, I could really feel the flex, which robbed a bit of confidence in how precise I could be. Overall, an excellent frame that likely requires some time to get used to given its super flexy nature.
From: Anon, 2/12
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: As a huge fan of the older Microgel Rad Pro, I searched for a while looking for a replacement once it got discontinued. I never liked the Youtek Rad Pro, not my style, way too much plow and head heavy feel. The Youtek Prestige Pro, while it is a great racket in itself, needed a little more pop for me. I wanted something in between and this new Youtek IG Rad Pro seems to be it. It is different from the MG version with the 98 head (compared to 100 for MG) so I don't get quite the spin and hop on the ball as before but get better drive and precision. I'd like for it to be a little bit heavier, more along the lines of the Prestige Pro, but I guess nothing that a little lead tape won't fix. So far so good.
From: JL, 1/12

Comments: This racquet is amazing. Plenty of power and control from the baseline, powerful serve, and crisp volleys. Very good racquet, I definitely recommend this racquet to anyone with an advanced game. Head really did a great job.
From: Harun. 1/12
String type and tension: Poly strung at 57 lbs.

Comments: TW was awesome and sent me a brand new demo, since demos have to start out brand new sometime. Coming from the Prestige Pro, this frame felt nothing like I was expecting. The flex along with the open pattern gave less control, and the feedback was pretty ridiculous -- I was either on or off -- it felt like a guessing game. Whatever I put into the ball was lost in the flex, and I just felt like I was back to square one in terms of ball control. When I switched back to the Prestige Pro, my control/power was obvious with the action I had on the ball.
From: Anon. 1/12
NTRP Rating: 3.5 NTRP

Comments: Just 2 quick hits with this frame, but I will summarize. Head FINALLY got it right with this Rad' Pro. Everything this frame was always meant to be. I've had a hit with Murray's frame, and this could be quite close with some lead.......The first frame was strung WAY too tight (sadly typical to most demo frames these days), the second was 56 and VERY nice hybrid. I didn't hit serves, but I'm willing to bet it's a beast.....This is a true player's frame, but I think many 3.5/4.0's would like the pop and feel of this racket.......Absolutely worth a demo - just ask for a softer string setup to get the potential....And it's gorgeous, too!
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: Happy to be the first to comment on this racquet. I have tried almost all the popular racquets on the market. Somehow, I still wasn't satisfied. Either it was the weight being too heavy after a set or 2, it wasn't powerful enough, or it was too stiff, or head size too small or too big, etc...and sounds like a cliche but it's absolutely true -- this is the best all around racquet I've tried. I can finally settle on a racquet! Great control with its 98 sq. in. head (trust me, 100 sq. in. head has less control), great comfort with its low stiff rating, great power.
From: A. Zheng, 1/12

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