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Comments: I agree with Pete's review below here. This racquet felt unstable, very flimsy, and played nothing like the Radicals in the past. I kept checking the racquet between ball machine refills to make sure I was actually hitting with the right racquet. Keep your older Radical versions if you like them.
From: Mike, 8/14

Comments: As a 5.5 all-court player, I have used every incarnation of the Radical Oversize. This one is the worst. It is nothing like the previous Youtek Radical Oversize (non IG). It had less power and feels flimsy and unstable. Unfortunately HEAD has abandoned the Agassi Radical 107 size. If you like the previous models just stick to those.
From: Pete, 6/14

Comments: Since my review a year ago, I stopped using this racquet for some unknown reason. I have bounced around from other Head racquets, Wilson and Babolat. I have come full circle now and started using this stick once again. I must say it felt right on the very first swing. The weight/balance is just perfect for doubles. The volleys were crisp and the groundstrokes were precise and powerful. Hopefully I won't feel the need to switch again.
From: Mike, 3/13

Comments: This racquet has been a thrill to use. After 15 years with an original Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 95 and a couple years with a Head Youtek Prestige Pro I was looking for a slightly larger head size to help with return of serve. But still play like the prestige pro. After reading the Tennis Warehouse official review I decided to give the Radical Oversize a try. It hits exactly like the review states it does. Particularly Chris' review, since I'm a guy and not a girl. It is very much a players frame with a little more room for the ball on the strings. Chris's review is spot on except I do get excellent spin and pace on my serve. It feels like an oversize version of the Prestige Pro; which I love. Nice job Head. This frame was the perfect upgrade from my Youtek Prestige Pro.
From: John, 8/12
String type and tension: Wilson Reaction 16, 50 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This racquet is simply perfect for me. It's a players racquet but with a larger sweet spot, which is really welcome if you do not play every day, sometimes not even once a week, but still like just get on the court and play your usual game. You can take the balls early, aggressively, brushing the ball very heavily when needed to make a lob or to get an extreme angle thanks to the spin. Also it can be easily customized since it's just on the lighter end of the players racquets weight range and is head light. E.g. I put around 0.35oz of lead tape in 12 and 0.35oz around the grip. The larger head size would have implied less control if the pattern was 16X19 (like for most other oversized racquets), but with 18X19 pattern it's roughly equivalent of 16X19 pattern of a 100 sq in racquet.
From: Chris, 4/12

Comments: This racquet hit very well on all strokes. I cannot tell a huge difference between it and the previous model. It did appear to have a little more stability. I was able to hit touch shots and real power shots very easily.
From: Mike, 3/12

Comments: This racquet is great from all areas of the court, it is a must demo. We all hit the ball differently, so my feedback won't make your decision...you should demo this racquet and see for yourself.
From: Dave, 2/12

Comments: Ive played radical over sizes my whole career, the last 14 years. Played the TI Radical, Flexpoint, and then tried the IG last few days. IG has less vibration than the Youtek without doubt. This racquet definitely felt unstable at times, particularly on tough returns, volleys or defensive shots. Ive never felt this on previous versions. This may be in part from trying a string I hadn't used before however. I think this racquet could be better then by adding weight, especially needed in the head.
From: Tony, 1/12

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