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Comments: The first Prestige I got was the Prestige Pro before this model and absolutely fell in love with it. The control is incredible! After that, I decided this was my racquet and now own three of them. The best results I've gotten with it has been strung at 46 lbs with a full bed of poly. I typically play with a red triangle shaped string (can't remember the name) but also like Solinco Tour Bite at 46 as well. This racquet is great if you want to take your game to the next level and are willing to clean up your strokes since it does not respond very well to shorter swings less aggressive swings. There's really nothing you can't do with this racquet!
From: Mauricio, 10/14

Comments: I have used this raquet for over a year now so feel I know it inside out. Having previously used the Dunlop Aerogel 4d 200, a lighter, more control orientated 18x20 racquet I was surprised to find the heavier Prestige Pro to be so much easier to swing. The Prestige weighs 345 grams with a shock absorber but with a swing weight of only 321 it is both manoverable with great plough through. I can generate much more power and spin on groundies than with the comparatively sluggish Dunlop and its vastly superior stability makes it a dream at net. The biggest upgrade has been on serve where I am generating (genuinely) an extra 20kph. Other strengths include great feel and control (although not quite as controlled as the Dunlop). Weaknesses of the racquet: - Less consistent backhand as I sometimes find it difficult to manovre especially on the run (compared with my old Dunlop) - Very string sensitive and small sweet spot - Slices tend to float - can be difficult to return on fast serves Overall a great racquet which has a unique feel so give your game some time to adjust as it really is a great frame.
From: John, 9/14

Comments: Good racquet for its weight (heavy) and string pattern of 16x19 -- it balances spin with pace needed, swing weight could be a little more but that's just to my liking, and I can always add lead tape on racquet head. The other aspect I would prefer is for the beam to be thinner for more control at the net, you can always generate power by adding swing weight and stepping into your groundstrokes. Balance between control and power; control always prevails because it improves consistency, which equals a win.
From: Alpha, 8/14

Comments: I just tested it yesterday and must say it's one of the best raquets I've ever played. It's just so solid, that it seems impossible to miss a shot, even when I (more often than I like to) hit off-center, the Pro jsut sits there and pulls me through. That gives confidence and I was putting way more power into returns than I've ever done before. Plenty of spin too and serves can be steered and delivered at will. Nothing more to ask fro0m me -- I love it and will make the switch.
From: Christian, 7/14

Comments: Pound for pound, or in this case, ounces for ounces, this is by far the best racquet that I ever played with. Baseline to baseline, it has great depth, lots of power with unbelievable feel at the net and confidence. With the correct strings and tension you can do anything for 4.0+ players. When you do play with it anything in your bag doesn't matter. Great gift for any time of the year.
From: Efrain, 6/14

Comments: A magisterial racquet, to say the least. I switched from a Dunlop 200 because the forgiveness on my one handed backhand wasn't there. I picked this one because the specs looked great and it was only $89. Got some Gosen Syn Gut at 55 pounds put into it and it feels great from the start. I can command points now with my forehand and now my backhand, probably the first time in my life. The leather grip gives this racquet amazing feel. Volleys are a breeze, same with kick serving. There's a guard that goes around almost the entire head the racquet, I think stringing will be pretty annoying with it. Besides that though, this is a top class racquet, especially since it's discontinued and it's at a good price right now.
From: Will, 5/14

Comments: This is a 'Rolls Royce' racquet. Solid, powerful, plush and with excellent control. If you prepare early for your strokes the mass of the racquet is very manageable. Serving is precise with good power. Volleying is rock solid as this frame can absorb whatever power is coming at you at net. Groudstrokes are a pleasure. This is a far better frame than the Graphene version which I have also tried. The Graphene version is not a bad racquet it is simply not a patch on the IG version.
From: Craig, 4/14

Comments: The Head Youtek IG Prestige Pro is a very good racquet, but it can be a little too demanding depending on your level and also depending on your opponent's level. When I am in good physical and technical shape, I really enjoy playing with this racquet. But there are sometimes when I see myself almost impotent and when I change to another racquet easier and more powerful, it seems my game improves. Perhaps all my problem is that I do not have level enough to play with this beast. Exceptional feeling and the main downside could be it is not very areodinamic and it is hard to swing and not due to the weight.
From: Juan, 1/14

Comments: Im a 5.0 level player and I have used many racquets in the past like Prince, Yonex, Wilson and I must say that after you have all your shots dailed in you wont want to change to another racquet again. I made the mistake of trying to add some wieght to my Prince O3 citron and it's just not the same because some racquets still have a hollow feel even after adding the lead tape. My best shot is the one handed backhand topspin and I have noticed that the shot has improved with huge amount of power because of the wieght of the IG Prestige Pro. I love hitting that shot because I can get good depth and pase the racquet gives me good control it would be a long time before I change to a new racquet and I have learned that a new racquet won't necessarily be better for your game just because its new technology. That's what the IG Prestige has tought me. I am going to drop the tention just a but and put in a new string to get more spin. I currently have it strung with Head Sonic Pro at 59 pounds.
From: Virgil, 1/14

Comments: I have hit with the Head Prestige Liquidmetal, Prestige Microgel, and Radical line in years past. I currently wield the Yonex V Core 98D as my stick of choice, and I swear by it. I wanted to go ahead and purchase this stick after trying a friend's. I had used the newer Prestige IG Youtek Midplus as well as this frame within this year, and I must say that the solid control and stability of the Pro suits my game. Although heavier than the Yonex, it offers unbelievable guidance for shots, healthy spin generation, and impressive pop for a frame of it's heft and specifications. If you have fundamentally sound footwork and stroke mechanics, this frame will reward you. After using the Microgel and Liquidmetal versions as a young kid, I can see the improvement in my athleticism, footwork, and stroke mechanics paying off. I can finally handle the racquet now, and it's a machine. If you can generate the power and racquet head acceleration, this is a dangerous weapon. I had my doubts about the prestige line for years, but I have become a believer! Head has engineered a marvel with this frame in my opinion. The frame is playing well with the Vokl Cyclone Tour strung at 58 pounds, but I do believe it would benefit from a decrease in tension. I will take it down to 55 pounds next time. I highly recommend this for players with an NTRP Ranking of 4.5 and above.
From: Tunde, 11/13

Comments: A fantastic frame that offers all-in-one to an advanced player who has a long swing and the right footwork. It provides a nice solid feel on impact. Beautiful touch, more than adequate power, and superior spin. The idea that HEAD might discontinue this version saddens me.
From: Daniel, 10/13

Comments: I am an all-court player with heavy rpms on my serve, flat forehand and good 2h backhand. I found out that with this racquet, I can finish more points at the net. I am a proud user of a Volkl PB 10 mid, but the Head Prestige Pro is number 3 right after the Pacific Xforce Pro in 2nd place. If you like solid feel with great spin, then the Prestige Pro is your choice!
From: Jan, 8/13

Comments: I am playing with this raquet for almost two years and for the first time I have no doubts in my choice. It is simply a great piece of art!
From: Andrej, 8/13

Comments: Phenomenal racquet. I was a life-long Wilson user (Jack Kramer Autograph, Pro Staff Original, Six One 95) and this is a massive upgrade. Feel, control, quality -- it's all there. If you have proper technique this frame will reward you. It's simply amazing.
From: Joe, 7/13

Comments: This is the only racquet I've tried, and I will look no further! Great player's stick.
From: Paul, 7/13

Comments: I have used the original Prestige Classic Mid for many years until it became too demanding. I then went to the Volkl C10 Pro but the swingweight was over 350 and too much for my arm. The Prestige Pro feels very similar to the Classic, however more forgiving. The stability is the best I have ever seen and the swingweight is manageable. The Prestige frames are serving machines and there is pinpoint precision on the groundstrokes. This frame uses pace very well. It is also comfortable on the arm. The Tennis Warehouse review was right on the money. Lastly, I agree with the other comments that frame plays better at lower tension, in the low 50's with a co-poly as well as a hybrid set up.
From: Ken, 6/13

Comments: This is simply the best racquet I have ever touched. I am particularly impressed by its performance on the serve. Access to spin and power are out of this world. I feel like I can take an enormous swing and still get the control and pace I want. Off the ground, the racquet performs amazingly well. It is maneuverable enough for returns and a shorter back swing. The mass is distributed so well that that the moment of impact is crisp and amazing. The only adjustment I feel I have had to make with this racquet is on the slice. I have to be a little more precise on a slice or they tend to sail high and deep. Volleys have never felt better because the stability is the best I have ever experienced.
From: Joshua, 5/13

Comments: Awe-inspiring racquet! I love hitting with this stick. From hitting crisp, consistent groundstrokes to beautiful volleys, this racquet hasn't let me down yet. It took a little to get use to the weight because it felt less head light when I picked it up but afterwards, it felt amazing. I can see why Soderling liked it. The frame felt really stable and solid, and I got easy access to spin. My backhand slice was pretty decent as well. Serving with this made my game a lot better. I got great pace and kick with my serves so that my opponents had a difficult time returning my serves. I also got good plowthrough with this stick because of the 12.3 oz weight. Now that I have all 3 Prestiges (Pro, Mid, Midplus), the Pro barely beats the Mid by a hair because of the spin potential, and the Mid beats the Midplus. I would recommend this stick to a 4.0 - 7.0 player. Great players frame! I used it with Solinco Barb Wire 16G at 52lbs and it was heaven.
From: Eddie, 5/13

Comments: I agree wholeheartedly with all the praise given to this racquet. I previously played with a Babolat Aero Storm Tour and was looking for something new. I demoed Wilson 6.1 95 16x19, Volkl Organix 10, Volkl Organix 10 mid, Yonex tour 89, Wilson Blade Tour. This frame has all the power and spin of the Wilson 6.1 16x19 but is easy to maneuver. It serves with the power and precision of the Volkl Organix 10 mid but is much more forgiving on volleys and has better topsin. If you want a topspin monster that is great for all court play, serve and volley, or baseline rallies, this racquet is it.
From: John, 4/13

Comments: A fantastic frame. When I first started playing with it, I had to adjust a bit to the weight (coming from the Aeropro Cortex '09) but after a week, boy was it great. Plow through is simply wonderful but the touch is equally as rewarding, slices were crisp and clean and volleys were a dream. Flattening out my shots were simple and efficient but still had lots of spin potential. Has a similar feel to the Six.One 95 but less power. Maneuverability was a little difficult for me, but I'm only 15 so I'm maybe not quite strong enough for it, still a fantastic player's stick none the less. If you string with a poly, I recommend going no higher than 54lbs. The only fault I could find was stringing the thing was horrible because of the wrap around guard but besides that, one of my favorites by far, if you're looking for a new frame and have decent longer strokes - this will rock your world.
From: Kevin, 4/13

Comments: The best racquet I have every used, ever. You would think that it wouldn't suit a counterpuncher with compact strokes like me, but it does. Just beautiful touch, and more than adequate power. The spin is also ridiculous. I love trying new racquets all the time, but now, for the first time I am afraid to switch, I'm on a crazy winning streak. I have such complete confidence, the response is very predictable and therefore I can just stop making errors! They have to hit winners past me when I get into this frame of mind with this wonderful frame.
From: Mark, 1/13

Comments: I'm an advanced player, 19 years old, with a medium-full swing, and not crazy on spin. I'm coming from a Prince 03 White racquet. Now about this racquet; it has a solid response, the feel it gives is great (especially at net) just as long as you hit the sweetspot, which is not very big. I don't complain about it since it forces you to develop your technique. Low powered? I don't think so. I don't have the biggest of swings and I got it strung at 56 lbs, and all I can say is that my groundstrokes are strong and are going deep in the court. On serves, big serves come out naturally, and are better compared to my previous racquet, but technique is key though. I found it harder to generate spin but this is not such a big deal. If you make a few adjustments, you'll be fine. This racquet has been an upgrade to my game. Hopefully by providing my background, previous racquet and string of choice it will help you out somehow to make a decision.
From: Ryan, 12/12
String type and tension: Volkl Cyclone 17g @ 56 lbs

Comments: This racquet has a nice solid feel on impact, with low power. It does seem a little string/tension sensitive, and I would probably need to string it in the low 50's. Also, mine came in weighing 328g strung (synthetic gut), which was a lot lower than advertised and will require a lot more tinkering than I was hoping for. Overall, I'm not sure yet if the racquet is worth the additional customizing, but I'll have to do some to it just to get it back to original specs. Disappointing quality control as this is my first Head racquet. It has a similar feel to my old Yonex RDiS 100 MP.
From: Anatoly, 12/12
String type and tension: synthetic gut @ 55 lbs

Comments: I like it! I've played with the Prestige MP for 10 years or so and decided to try the Prestige Pro. The racquet is very solid. It can power back the serves and return volleys of the hardest hitters. There is plenty of spin, feel, control and comfort. I never thought I'd find a racquet that I liked better than the old reliable and trusty Prestige MP, but in the Prestige Pro I've definitely found one that is preferable. Thank you Head!
From: B.K., 10/12
String type and tension: Gamma Professional 18g @ 52lbs

Comments: This is the best racquet made since the Pro Staff 6.0 95 abandoned us almost 15 years ago. It plays quite similar, with the same awesome control on fast balls, same low power as the Pro Staff, excellent placement on first serves and very good on slice. If you take it for a demo it will be your new racquet of choice. Some of the racquets I had in the past are the Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 95, Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 18x20 europe edition, Head Prestige Tour 600, Head Radical, Volkl Powerbridge 10 Mid and the Volkl DNX 9. I hope the review helps you out.
From: Alex, 10/12

Comments: I switched to this racquet from the BLX Six.One 95, and I find it to be an upgrade in every department. It has a larger sweetspot and more ample power, especially on serves. The open string pattern actually does provide more spin on groundstrokes, and while this racquet swings pretty light, the stability is still there. Having tried nearly every racquet on the market, I have found the perfect one in the Prestige Pro.
From: Jeremy, 9/12
String type: Babolat RPM Blast 16g

Comments: I rarely take the time to contribute reviews like this, as I believe much of what individuals find to be positive or negative about a product is very subjective and unique to the player. However, when a product strikes me as exceptionally good, I feel compelled to share my thoughts with others who might benefit. The Head Youtek IG Prestige Pro is my new muse. I have spent years in search of the perfect racquet and been forced to compromise on one front or another time and time again, but no longer. The Prestige Pro satisfies in all areas of play and exceeds in most. This racquet is sublime and has all but eliminated my ability to blame my racquet for any shortcomings in my game.
From: Eric, 9/12
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Control @ 55 lbs

Comments: I was on the lookout for a new racquet recently and after play testing Babolat, Wilson, and most of the Head racquets I went with the Prestige Pro. I love this racquet, it feels so solid and smooth on groundstrokes. I feel like I can really crush the ball with great spin and the shot don't fly out. The racquet will improve your game as it requires you to get the racquet back early and follow through on your strokes. Once you do, the thing just becomes a beast! It is easy on the elbow for me to, I tried many Babolat racquets and the stiffness gives me elbow problems the next day. There isn't much more praise I can give the racquet than what has already been said by other users. It is a great racquet! Give it a try if your in the market for a new one.
From: Jakk, 8/12

Comments: I've always liked the Prestige line with its great feel, control, and solid weight. But I always found them to be underpowered, so was using the Radicals (Flexpoint, Microgel, IG) for the past 5 years as my main racquet but used the Prestige (Microgel, Youtek, and IG) as my hitting/practice racquet. Well, maybe I got used to the lack of power because I made the decision to fully switch to the IG Prestige Pro. Yes, it is still not as powerful as other racquets, but the pros outweigh the cons for me and I have no regrets whatsoever. Tremendous racquet.
From: J.L., 8/12

Comments: I like the frame but feel it doesn't offer the power I thought it would with a poly strung at 60 lbs. I polarized it with 3 grams of lead at 12 and 1.5 grams in the butt and it plays a lot nicer now. I was surprised to find that this racquet strung only weighed in at 318 grams. It's marketed as weighing 345. Very misleading. I'm still tinkering with weight and balance to find that perfect blend of power and stability.
From: Chad, 7/12
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite @ 60 lbs

Comments: This play test was part of my annual racket testing cycle. My current stick is Head Prestige Pro YT from last year, so I was not that surprised that Innegra model suited my game well. I think it is slightly softer feeling racket in comparison to my current model; for example I could play without any dampener and there were no pinging noises whatsoever. I struggle with topspin on my current stick, unless it is strung with 18 gauge but this year model was very spinny, even with 16 gauge string. Backhand seems better then last year version, but my return game was slightly worse, although it might be down to different unfamiliar string. Racket seams to be swinging heavier then my current racket, but it is probably just weight and swingweight racket variation. Overall rackets maintain the great tradition, but I do not think it plays so much better and/or different than a non Innegra version that switching from older version is required unless you want to save money by playing with thicker string.
From: Andrew, 5/12

Comments: I was looking to update my Wilson K 6.1 90 to a racket with a little more forgiveness and I tried the BLX Blade 98 and I did not quite like the control of the racket although I liked the feel for volleys and touch shots. I have just gotten a sponsorship with Head and after all the reviews I read on this racket I decided to try it. The Tennis Warehouse review was spot on except for touch shots. Overall I was firing with accuracy from all corners of the court and my first serve percentage was up due to the added control of the racket. i highly recommend this racket for players that like to dictate play for the baseline.
From: Marty Ace, 5/12
String type and tension: Tourna Big Hitters Rough, 55lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 6

Comments: After a long and selective demo process, I chose this frame over my previous Babolat AeroPro Drive. I was having trouble controlling my shots with the Babolat and I was having tennis elbow related symptoms. After all, I settled with the Head Prestige Pro with a soft poly at 52 lbs. This frame is the best serving/backhand frame I have played in my life. While I do concede that my forehand is not as consistent as it had been prior with the Babolat, the increase in stability, and control on my backhand side has given me confidence that is incredible. I went from having the worst backhand on my varsity team last year to being in the top 3 backhands this year. This racquet is just a serving machine, and a backhand animal.
From: Alex, 5/12

Comments: This is the best racquet I have ever hit with and by a clear margin. When I first bought it I thought it was a nightmare and hated it. I didn't think it was forgiving and very hard to play with. I was playing with a Head YOUTEK Prestige MP and felt it lacked spin and power. But getting used to this racquet I have improved my game tremendously as it has forced me to move better around the court in order to hit my balls well and follow through my swings. This is not a lazy man's racquet, you need to be prepared to play tennis the right way. And when you decide to do so and put your trust it this racquet, the reward is and incredible combination of spin, power and control. I finally found the racquet I will use for many many years. By the way, make sure to string it low as it will enhance the playability of this racquet.
From: Anon, 5/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Rough, 52 lbs
I made a big decision to upgrade my racquet to Head YOUTEK IG Prestige Pro 2 weeks ago. It is 0.7 oz heavier than my old racquet and probably a bit out of my league, but what the heck I only live once, why not play the best stick and make it work. This frame forces you to prepare early and swing smooth. It also quickly revealed my many flaws. Serve is probably the best shot for this racquet. I am still bit struggling with the volley due to added weight, but I am sure I can improve. I lowered my string tension by 4 lbs although my previous racket was also 98 square inch. Tight string bed will shrink its sweet spot. This racquet is very dependable and will force you play better tennis.
From: Matt, 5/12
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite, 54 lbs

Comments: Amazing frame!! Very good mix of solidness, power and maneuverability. I used to play with Wilson Six.One Tour before changing to Prestige Pro. Comparing these two racquets, solidness are OK on both but Head leads on power and maneuverability.
From: Paulo, 4/12

Comments: This racquet is one of the best I've ever hit with. I've been wanting to improve my game, and this racquet is going to help me do that. When I first saw the specs, I thought this one was way out of my league at 12.2 ounces. First of all, it doesn't feel anywhere near 12.2 ounces. The balance is perfect, which allows for surprisingly great maneuverability, and the mass gives it the stability one would expect from 12.2 ounces. Saying this, a full swing is definitely needed to get this racquet to perform. It won't give you anything extra, but if you're playing tennis right, this racquet is awesome. You'll get great depth, spin, and control, and you won't have to worry about over-hitting at all. Great for serves and volleys because of the stability and maneuverability. Overall, I'd say this is a great racquet for any 4.0+ player trying to improve their game, or just anyone who wants an awesome new racquet will benefit from this. P.S. I originally got this strung at 57 lbs, and it's very demanding strung that tight. I'll go about 50-52 lbs from now on.
From: Geoff, 4/12
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite, 57lbs

Comments: This one is very solid. I can generate good power with lots of spin without the fear of overhitting. I feel lighter weight than 12 oz. Volley and serve are pretty good. Most surprising thing is that this one is very comfortable on hitting despite the stiffness of 66. Very good stick.
From: Kurt, 4/12

Comments: Solid and stable. My favorite out of the 3 Prestiges and my current racquet of choice! Offers more power and spin compared to the other 2 models. Best shot has to be serves and volleys. Loads of control!
From: Kevin, 3/12

Comments: True greatness. The only downside is power. Even at low tension when strung with co-poly you will have to add at least 6 grams in the hoop. I have been playing with prestige pro line for almost 4 years and it has made me improve so much. It just makes you move and prepare better, think the point. It will free you of any habit of forcing the ball. Only a long, fluid swing is allowed and rewarded.
From: William, 3/12

Comments: I only used it for an hour before I broke the strings on the demo but I must say, this is a great stick! Its very controlled and with it I felt I could put the ball on a dime. It has a very unique feel, you hardly notice that the racquet is there, it literally feels like an extension of your arm. The sweet spot is not very big though as could be expected but even hitting outside of the sweet spot (which I did quite a lot of :P ) feels very solid. I am really considering switching for my Head IG Instinct as I love the control I get with this one but I want to demo a couple others first.
From: Donavan, 2/12

Comments: One of the best racquets I have hit with in a long time. Coming from a 6.1 95, the Prestige pro offers more spin, more control and better handling, especially at net. Shots have a solid feel, serves have great pace, with very good spin. For a 12oz plus racquet, it comes around very nicely. Great all around stick.
From: Dave, 2/12

Comments: Currently playing with the fantastic old YOUTEK SPEED PRO I tried this one. An excellent racket on every aspect. I ll switch to as my excellent SPEED PRO is no longer available (the European version of SPEED PRO IG is terrible).
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: This is my favorite out of the all the Prestige line. I like to hit both flat and spin shots. In my opinion, the mid is good for flat hitters only. The pro is the best for both worlds. The head size is actually 95 square inches, which is perfect for my control game. The pro produced heavy and deep balls. Flat serves were a lot easier than my previous POG mid. It is a very stable stick. I might add some lead tape to 9 and 3 and see how it plays.
From: James, 2/12

Comments: People say that the ig Prestige Pro has an actual head size of 95 sq. inch and Head is just marketing it as a 98 sq. inch racket. I Compared it with a Prince rebel 98, and yes, they are right. It is slightly smaller than the rebel 98. Anyway, after playing with it for some time now, i can say it is one of the most solid rackets on the market now. It has a lot of power, if you can swing fast. However, it is punishing on off-center shots, especially when you are tired and don't get your foot work right. A great fit for 4.0 and above.
From: Oliver Perington, 2/12

Comments: I've upgraded to this racket from the Youtek (non-IG) Prestige Pro. However, IMHO it feels nearly identical to the old YouTek, save for a slightly more dampened, comfy feel on impact. To me, it only felt a tinge heaver at first as the leather grip packed down, but after 2 weeks, the racket swings the same as the old one (again, aside from impact). If you liked the old Prestige Pro, you like this one! As with all Prestige Pros, it's a superb racket!
From: John, 1/12

Comments: Tried numerous racquets over the years and settled on the Volkl PB10 mid due to its incredible feel, precision, spin and comfort. However, generating powerful BH shots can be challenging with its frame flex and balance (+9HL). Demoed the Prestige Pro and was impressed by the step up in power all around with little loss in spin and precision compared to PB10. At +6HL, this racquet strikes a great balance between power and maneuverability. Stiffness of the frame allows for optimal power without the punishment you'd get from a PDRGT. If you've ever had a BLX 6.1 Tour and felt you couldn't quite maximize its potential b/c of your inconsistency and its weight, try this racquet; I felt many of the same benefits with more margin for error. Bought the new Prestige Pro this week and will get a back up soon.
From: Luxinterna, 1/12

Comments: I usually hit with the Head YOUTEK IG Speed 18x20, which I have been happy with. I borrowed this racquet from my clubs Pro back in December when he first got it, and never gave it back. It is heavier, and a little slower to move around, but it makes me stay focused. It is a very solid feeling racquet, with great stability and plow through. One thing I have always disliked about my Speed 18x20 are the small vibrations, it never seemed to really be solid, but the Prestige Pro feels awesome. My serves have more kick, with less effort due to the weight of the racquet, volleys are crisp, and strong. The most improvement has been on my service returns, this racquet has very low power, but i love taking a good cut at the ball, so long as I stay on the ball, its hard to miss with this stick. Returns and ground strokes alike feel great, good spin when you want it, and great feel for when you want to roll one into the corner or alley. I hit a one handed backhand, and it feel s amazing with this racquet! I string it with Luxilon Rough in the mains, and Savage in the crosses, both at 58 pounds
From: Mark, 1/12

Comments: Tried this racquet out the other day in a few sets of doubles and some just hitting around afterwards. Many positives - great plow through, stability, precision, power, feel, spin. Can't really find much to complain about, other than the lack of mobility due to the weight, but you have to trade that to get stability and plow through. I think this is a great stick; couldn't tell much difference in relation to the Youtek version, except this one is a little heavier and definitely has more plow.
From: Steve, 1/12

Comments: One of my friends bought this racket about 3 days back. I had a chance to hit with it for a few hours. The feel is solid and sweet. Coming from the Pure drive GT, which pretty much gave me all the power i needed, i obviously felt it was too under powered. However, by the second hour I was swinging hard at the ball with exceptional pace and control. The sweetspot is big and the comfort was great. I would also say that it improved my game, as I needed to swing hard at every ball in order to get the power i was getting from my PDGT. Overall, I felt this racket would also suit people who are trying to improve their game, though it requires a lot of energy to swing at the ball and it is a little heavy. I will be ordering 3 of these soon.
From: Jack Robson, 1/12

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