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Comments: I'm a 40 years old 5.0 player, heavy hitting baseliner currently playing with the Pure Storm Tour. I had read so many good things about this legendary racquet that I had to demo it. I've been playing in the past with the Youtek Pro version that I enjoyed. My expectations were so great that the disappointment was huge, the sweetpot is just too ridiculous, I consider myself as a very technical player but it was so hard to hit the ball clean in the right zone, the stick is really intolerant. I think this racquet is oriented to professionals players and since Marat Safin, I don't know any player using this model, all tennis pros use the midplus and few of them with the pro version. I don't really agree with TW scores, how can the mid have a better spin potential and more power than the pro? I even don't like the Head grip shape, I feel really unconfortable on my forehand. The only good thing I like from this model is the beautiful paintjob, it looks like a work of art, good to hang on the wall of the room. This racquet is just not for me.
From: Raphael, 12/14

Comments: I recently returned to playing league tennis after a 20 year hiatus. My racquet of choice in the 80's was the Head Graphite Director, when I returned I played with the Pro Staff 90. I did demo over 30 racquets including the Head Youtek Prestige Mid and Head Youtek IG Prestige Pro, neither of which I would choose over the Wilson. Then out of the blue I had an opportunity to audition the Head Youtek IG Prestige Mid and immediately I felt like I was 16 again. Weight, balance, rigidity, power was harmoniously balanced. I'm hitting a much bigger ball with the Prestige than the Pro Staff 90 and winning matches easier. I wholeheartedly recommend this racquet to anyone looking for a vintage feel with just the right amount of power and comfort. I bought three and had Tennis Warehouse match the weight and balance point of all three for me. Simply one of the best online retailers, great customer service, just a class act.
From: JP, 11/14

Comments: Optimum weight/balance/swingweight/twistweight ratio. Slightly soft response, but very well defined, very good feel for the ball. Both solid and fast moving. Big sweet spot for 93 square inches, more like 98 square inches. One handed backhand and serve are heaven. Strung with Lux 4G 1.41mm at 57 pounds; sounds funny, but plays perfect. Next best would be the Babolat Pure Strike Tour.
From: Andrew, 9/14

Comments: One of the best racquets I have ever payed with. It doesn't feel as plush as a Prestige Tour Classic 600 that I used to play with back in high school. It feels similar to Fisher Vacuum Pro. Creating depth, pace, and spin was easy for me. Surprisingly, I found a lot of pace and spin on the serve which I didn't expect from this racquet. Probably I will get more since Head decided to discontinue it.
From: WC, 9/14

Comments: I have been using this Mid for a year now. It does take some getting used to, mainly on the grip shape, like others have said. Unlike a Wilson 6.1 90 which I played with for a long time, it feels more manuverable and easy to swing with for the racquet with almost the same weight. Although I ended up adding 2-4" of lead tape to 3 and 9 o'cloack, as well as another 2-6" of lead tape the the throat area to make it more stable. The racquet has a lot of control, and very predicatble even on the full run. Hitting topspin is not a problem, although I really enjoy flattening the ball out on both of my forehand and (one handed) backhand. I did play w/ Prestige Mid Tour when I was in college, this racquet allows me to do just about anything as an all- courter type. Currently strung with Genesis Black Magic at 53 lbs. Too bad Head decided to discountinue this model.
From: Joe, 7/14

Comments: I just resumed playing tennis after a 10 year hiatus. Before the hiatus, I was using the Yonex R-23 made in the 1980s, even though I had bought and played with newer racquets. I liked the R-23 for its solid and crisp response, despite the fact that it was heavier than just about any other rackets (over 14 oz). Being older now, I decided to look for a lighter racquet, and after extensive research, I settled on the Head Youtek Prestige Mid (not the IG version). I liked the Prestige Mid very much, and when I tried to buy another, none were available. I then bought the IG version of the Youtek Prestige Mid instead because it had similar specifications. I liked the IG Prestige Mid even better as it provided better shock absorption. I immediately bought another Youtek IG Prestige Mid after learning that it had been discontinued. The Youtek IG Prestige Mid is a superb racquet. It offers outstanding control and feel, and is easy on the arm. Though still a heavy racquet compared with most on the market today at about 12.4 oz strung, it swings easily and feels much lighter. Hitting groundstrokes and volleys with this racquet is a delight. I have not attempted serving yet because of a weak back, so I cannot comment on how it performs on serves. Its response is just solid as that of the much heavier Yonex R-23, so it offers the best of both worlds: the solid response of a heavy racquet without being heavy. One, however, has to have long strokes to generate power, and because of its small head size, one also needs to be precise. It is a player's racquet. I just wish that Head would keep making it. I bought both IG Prestige Mids from Tennis Warehouse, and both were delivered within one business day and at the lowest price that I could find online. Kudos to Head for the Youtek IG Prestige Mid and to Tennis Warehouse for the quick delivery/good price.
From: Allen, 6/14

Comments: I recently came back to tennis after a 5 year absence. I was a strong 4.5 player with big ground strokes and a massive kick serve. This racquet was the best choice I could have ever made. It is amazing. From the ground, it instills confidence with its accuracy and power. The spin potential is amazing on topspin strokes or kick serves. My slice backhand is better than I even remember it being. I do string the mains with a 19 gauge string, so spin is much easier to access doing this. I bought three of these and recommend anyone purchasing do the same. You will not need another upgrade for quite a while. This racquet is a monster.
From: Eric, 4/14

Comments: This racquet is a monster with 4 inches of lead tape at the 3 and 9 o'clock. I'm an 18 year old modern player with a one handed backhand, if you're not used to mids you're going frame alot when you first start hitting with it, once you get the sweetspot. Serves:9; groundstrokes: 16 out of 10; volleys: 8. Greatest racquet I've ever played with by far, the only downside is that it's not a lazy guy's racquet, form is mandatory.
From: Avery, 4/14

Comments: Head got it right in every area. With the Mid+ and Prestige Pro -- though very good, just does not have the same sting. This is the best Prestige Mid I've ever owned. I hope Head is not dropping the Mid from their Prestige lineup as rumored.
From: Szl, 12/13

Comments: Just a solid hitting racquet. So much fun to serve with, so precise with every single shot. Balance is real good. Looks good too. Warning though, once you pick this racquet up, you'll refuse to pick up any other racquet.
From: Stimpy, 12/13

Comments: I love this racquet! I have already stocked up and purchased an additional 4 more since Head is going to be discontinuing the Prestige Youtek IG Mid for now! I have a total of now 10 racquets. I think Head will bring it back in a year or two however.
From: HW, 11/13

Comments: Such a shame Head are going to stop making this racquet. Very short-sighted. Great racquet. Poor decision by Head.
From: Claude, 10/13

Comments: I tried the Prestige IG MP version because I am a fan of Prestige Youtek MP, but for some reason the IG MP didn't work well (the balance is a little off). So I was looking for something that could fit and replace my Prestige Youtek MP, I got the specification and tried the racquet finder on this website, and then this Mid version was in line of what I was looking for, so I bought one to test and check if it could work. Now I can tell you that I made the best buy in my tennis life, it is exactly what I was looking for on these last years -- plays like my Youtek MP, but due to the small head size it is also better for my serve and one hand backhand. Now, I am winning many more games and playing much better. Just bought 4 and now I have my personal stock, since I don't know for how long Head will release this baby!
From: Juliano, 10/13

Comments: Really enjoy playing with this racquet, switched a year ago from a Wilson 6.1 90. It took several months to get used to though because of the grip shape. Eventually, I had to add some lead tape to 3 and 9 o'clock and in the throat area -- it still swings very nice and is easy to maneuver. When in the rush, I can snap my wrist easy and ball still goes where it should. Spin, control, and feel are all there, as well as the touch. Nothing bad to say!
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: Best racquet I've ever used. I switched to this from an APD and experienced a significant improvement in my game. It can be a challenging racquet, due to the smaller head size, but you'll adjust. When you do, you won't consider anything else!
From: Andreh, 8/13

Comments: Even though this racquet is 93 square inches, I find this thing less forgiving than an open string 85 square inch frame. It obviously is everything to do with the dense string pattern but you can take a big swipe at the ball with terrfic accuracy. I strung it with Intellitour string (poly mains 52 lbs, multi cross 54 lbs) and found the response in between soft and crisp. My new racquet of choice this year at least.
From: Michael, 7/13

Comments: My son is a USTA player (top 50 in his region). He broke one of these during a normal forehand. He is powerful but obviously this was defective. It was inside the warranty period and Head rejected the claim. As a matter of fact, when I called the warranty department wouldn't pick up and their voice mail was full. Very Disappointed. This is not a Tennis Warehouse issue but rather a head issue. I wouldn't buy another Head racquet.

Comments: I am a 3.5-4.0 level player playing doubles and singles 2-4 days a week. I switched from the Microgel version of the same racquet. The new Youtek IG version is very similar with a slightly more solid feel and seems to have a little more flex on impact as heavy balls and mishits are slightly less jarring than the microgel version. The power level is similar to the previous racquet, although I've not had the new racquets long enough to experiment with string tensions. The Youtek IG version feels like it gives a little more spin on serves, forehands, and both slice and topspin backhands. Weight and balance seem to be the same as the microgel. The grip on the Youtek IG feels less noticeably rectangular and I have measured it against the microgel and it is slightly larger even though all are size 4 grips. I measured the circumference of my 2 microgels and 2 Youtek IGs at the buttcap, 1" up and 2" up from buttcap. The end of the racquets are identical but the Youtek IG are about 3/32" larger than the microgel 2" from the buttcap. I don't know if this is due to grip wear on older racquets (never played them without overgip but they could be compressed due to wear), a new type of stock basegrip on racquet, or an actual difference in racquet pallet. I've simply started wrapping my overgips with more tension and less overlap and I don't notice any difference during play. All in all, this is very similar to my previous version and I've needed very little adjustment time. The biggest differences are how easy the Youtek IG is on the arm and the small spin increase.
From: Brian, 7/13

Comments: I am a 4.0 player and currently play with the Wilson BLX Six One 95 16x18. I'm partial to thin beam racquets with 12+ oz weight as my game is old style with flat shots and continental grip on almost all strokes. I found the demo version of this racquet very effective on serves with higher placement accuracy and feel. You can take a full swing with both your serves for deep placement and pace. Groundstrokes need more effort to generate pace but you are rewarded with more accurate placement. I found this racquet to be more maneuverable than the BLX Pro Staff Six One 90 and it has more power too. It provides more feel than Six One 95 18x20 and if you can live with a smaller head/sweetspot than you will enjoy this racquet. Thanks to all the folks at TW for a great demo program.
From: Dushyant, 6/13

Comments: If you play all-court tennis and hit a one handed backhand, this is the racquet for you. I've tried many other racquets (mostly 98's or lighter) and every time my backhand slice started to float more, challenging volleys felt unstable and attacking shots lost some precision. To get the most out of this racquet your tension should be in the mid 40's and put something softer in the mains and a textured poly in the crosses.
From: Marty, 3/13

Comments: It took a while to get used to the square handle and extra heft of the Prestige Mid. However, now that I have, the racquet is smooth as silk. There is so much control, stability, and plow through with the Prestige Mid. I would definitely recommend this racquet for serve and volleyers, doubles specialists, and all court singles players. You will spray a few balls given the small sweet spot, but when your strokes are grooved this racquet will allow you to put the ball anywhere on the court. I also find that the extra heft enhances my defensive abilities because big hitters can't push me around.
From: Peter, 1/13

Comments: I am a top DIII college player (5.0 - 5.5). This is hands down the smoothest racquet I've ever played with. I've never felt such precision or control from any other stick I've used. When you're fully relaxed and are swinging out comfortably, there's this beautiful, buttery response, and you feel every hair on the ball when you make contact. When you make good contact with volleys the ball goes exactly where you want it to go. Serves are pinpoint, however getting pop on second serves requires some unconditional strength. However, if your strokes are not technically sound, i.e too much wrist, arm use, you muscle the ball at times, this racquet can take away as much as it gives, and you'll have a much deader response. You have to put in work with solid preparation, footwork, and movement so that your strokes can be as sound as possible, but when you do, you will be rewarded greatly. This is a man's racquet, only suited for those who can handle it.
From: Avi, 10/12
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite 17L mains / Tecnifibre NRG2 16g crosses @ 48/51 lbs

Comments: This is the best racquet I've played with so far. If the Six.One Tour came in an 18x20 pattern, I'd stay with Wilson, but until then this is the one. All my strokes feel silky smooth when strung with Kirschbaum Pro II 17L. This is a totally different, much better performer than the previous Youtek model. If you play with the midplus Prestige, you may enjoy a demo of this smaller head size.
From: Joe, 10/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Pro Line II 17L @ 51/49 lbs

Comments: I have been playing with Wilson Tour 90 in all the shapes and models and found the recent ones simply vibrating and unstable. Then I switched to this. I found this racquet very undefined in terms of all areas of the game. Serving, forehands, and volleys seemed very indifferent. The balance is very neutral. I have got some elbow problems starting with this racquet. I am looking at the Prestige Pro which is a bit heavier than this. Fabulous finish and quality on the Head products. I wish certain other manufacturers would do the same. Maybe it's just not my racquet.
From: Graham, 7/12
String tension: 57 lbs

Comments: This is the most comfortable racquet that I have ever used other than my circa 1987 Pro Kennex Silver Ace. I have previously used a number of player's frames: Dunlop AG 4D 200 Tour, Dunlop AG 4D 200, Babolat Pure Storm GT Plus, Prince Ignite 95, Head Microgel Prestige Pro, Wilson KBlade 98, and Prince Tour Diablo MP. The only frame that hits a comparable ball is the 200 Tour. Well-struck balls just penetrate through the court-- often to the point that opponents have outrighted missed the ball. Serves are heavy and skidding. Volleys are crisp. Poorly struck balls are just that-- weak, poorly struck balls. This is not a ridiculously demanding frame to use, but it does require aggessive footwork, good preparation, and a willingness to use your entire body to hit into a shot with a long, smooth stroke. This frame will not tolerate "arming" the ball and "wristy" topspin. The feel when you do it right is aptly described as "buttery" as you can absolutely feel the ball pancake on the strings, dwell, and the mass of the racquet plow through the ball. In addition, mishits are not jarring; they are just dead feeling. It's a tough choice between the AG 4D200, the AG 4D200 Tour, and the Prestige Mid. I can win slightly easier with the 4D200. I can hit absolutely huge with the 4D 200 Tour, but it's just a little too heavy to swing after the first set. It's the control and feel of the Prestige that ends up winning in the end. I may not be winning any more than before, but I am smiling a lot more when I'm on the court and don't have any aches afterward. That's enough for me.
From: Patrick, 6/12
String type and tension: Head FXP Tour @ 52 lbs

Comments: I am 40 and never had tennis elbow. If I hear one more person tell me that I have mechanics problems I will scream. I was a Div 1 college player, a league player, and a coach with PTR Certification. I think I would be able to correct any bad mechanics. When my tennis elbow started was about 1 week after I started playing with the Head Prestige Mid. First, I bought 4 of these and NOT ONE is the same balance or weight. They are very different. Come on Head!?!?! Where's the quality checks? The racquet is hollow feeling and lacks the plough through and feel and FLEX (yes Head, more flexible is better not stiffer!) of the Head Prestige Classic or Tour Classic. Those were racquets Head should just go back to producing and leave it alone!
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: It's definitely less powerful than my Babolat Pure Drive GT, but it's not extremely low either. It is a very stable racquet, and you get a decent amount of topspin despite it's closed string pattern. It does offer above average control and stellar stability on all shots. It is a bit heavy however, which has caused me some wrist problems.
From: Anon, 5/12
String type and tension: Signum Pro Tornado, 57 lbs

Comments: It's the best racquet for me. Love the feel from this racquet. Solid and stable!
From: Haroro, 4/12

Comments: I transitioned into this racquet from the youtek prestige mid. I loved this racquet from the get-go. It provides a livelier feel than the prestige, and while still stable has a hollowed out feeling to it. More maneuverable than the last, I have put lead tape at 9 and 3.
From: Gary, 3/12

Comments: I swear I hit the back fence no matter how much topspin I put on it. The power is a lot higher than the specifications said. I prefer the Speed or the Radical.
From: Aaron, 3/12

Comments: It is an excellent racquet,I have changed to HEAD leather grip that adds 10g plus a thin over grip ( dunlop gecko = + 3.5 g.better than Wilsons OG)and with a light dampener +1.5g . The feeling is A + , the weight goes total to 359 g., balance at 31.5 cm, great swing and it has the power (super) and total control in perfect balance. One of the best racquets in the market for heavy hitting, great aerodynamics, the racquet moves very fast, not like the super thin DONNAYS, but it moves very nice. You can go for the ball very confidently. When serving it goes fast, very fast balls, and flows easily. A must to try.
From: Alberto

Comments: I've been a longtime fan of the Prestige Mid lines, and own/played with Tour 300, iPrestige, Liquidmetal, Flexpoint, Microgel, and Youtek. The last three generations have been rather disappointing, and for the past 4-5 years or so, I'd been playing with the LM. When I read the TW review for the IG Prestige line, I called the HEAD representative I work with right away and had him ship 4 of these puppies. I strung them up at 50, 53, 57, and 60 with Solinco Tour Bite 16L noting the lowered suggested string tension on the throat. 53 is my favorite of the 4. I wouldn't suggest stringing higher than 58 with this stick, as it can feel very stiff, especially with a full bed of poly. Upon testing, the racquet felt very nice, especially on backhand slices. "Buttery" is really the best way to describe the feeling. I put in leather grips, and weighed the racquets at 365g. Pretty heavy, but the racquet swings very quickly and feels much lighter. The plow through can be felt on flat serves and forehands, as well as volleys and returns. I am extremely pleased with the new IG Prestige Mid! One complaint though: the clear CAP grommet is rather soft and brittle and in 2 of the 4 racquets, the grommet cracked with normal play (hitting low shots that require the racquet to brush the court a bit) before my first string job broke. I ordered the black microgel/youtek grommet and replace it with them. In my opinion, this looks better, too.
From: Rui, 3/12
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite 16L, 53lb
Headsize: Mid
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This is the closest thing I've found to a Head Graphite Pro from the 80s. If you want that 80s feel, take a serious look at this. Great job Head!
From: Eric, 3/12

Comments: I'm still not good enough to use the mid yet. Was having a lot of trouble getting depth and finding the sweetspot. Control was epic though, never really hit long and I was hitting all sorts of angles. I could blast my first serves with this one, but I couldn't get pace on my spin serves. Up at net this racket plays stellar, I could really punch those volleys deep. The response of this racket was crisp, without an overly stiff feel, unlike the YT version. Really liked the weight and feel of it, but I need a bigger head with a more open pattern for my game right now.
From: Ben, 2/12

Comments: I demoed the entire line (except the new addition of the prestige s) and this is by far my fave out of the previous. The Pro was WAY TOO Heavy for my liking but the midplus was nice. But coming from a k-blade tour with a full bed of Luxilon big bang at 57 I was inclined to switch to this one. And just out of curiosity to all those who have also switched to this, what is a good recommendation for strings and tensions (it says on this site that the recommended tension is 48-57 which is a little lower than the recommended tension of my kblade tours which are 50-60).
From: Jon, 2/12

Comments: This frame has very similar stats to the Wilson K Blade Tour ( 93) but seems to be more accurate and has slightly more power. Swings much lighter than it's 12.3 ounces strung. I think Head has a sure winner with this racket.
From: David, 2/12

Comments: I just switched to this frame from the Pro Staff 6.0 85 and could not be happier. I loved the Pro Staff for the feel, but the 85 sq. in. frame was a bit too challenging when I wasn't playing my best, and the Prestige Mid is the answer. The ball pocketing off the stringbed is incredible, and the level of control from all areas of the court is amazing, and at 6'4", 220 lbs, I need all the control I can get. I find myself being the most impressed with the volleys this stick can produce: pace, placement, and endless control are the result. Highly recommended for bug hitters who need to reign in the power.
From: Christopher. 1/12
String type and tension:Bablolat VS Touch @ 53lbs mains, Babolat RPM Blast @ 55lbs cross
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: One Word "EPIC." Smooth and pinpoint precision. Previously played with Volkl Power Bridge 10 mid and Prince Original Graphite mid. Both were great racquets, but the Prestige mid is EPIC.
From: James. 1/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Rough main @ 58 lbs, Wilson NXT 16 cross @ 56 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This is the first Prestige Mid I have been able to hit with. Exceptional in dampening and just silky smooth all the way around. I'm an all-court aggressive player. The racquet really shines at net. Groundstrokes are precision guided with this stick. I do need to really stay on top of my forehand racquet speed and finish to generate the kind of top-spin I would normally hit with the Presitge Pro. Service returns are solid. Probably the only negative I have with this racquet is that I don't get as much pop on my serve as the Prestige Pro. Weight, swing weight, balance, and beam all combine for fast swing speed and stability. At 12.5 oz. (strung), it feels like it's less than 12.0 oz. First used HEAD FXP Power 16g at 53#. A little stiff for me and I didn't get the bite that I wanted. I switched to HEAD FXP Tour 16g at 50#, and got the bite, power, control, and comfort I wanted. This stick is amazing!
From: Randall, 1/12

Comments: Tried this racquet before it came out and I like this more than the mp version. It feels like the original prestiges' but nothing really special. Great for my backhand and the past mid models have done before, but like I said about the mp, not much of a change.
From: Anon, 1/12

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