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Comments: Fantastic grip! Very comfortable and soft feel. Love the way it grips the palm. Even when you are sweating the grip wont slip. Extremely durable over grip!
From: Anonymous, 4/16

Comments: I love this grip! My hands tend to sweat and the tackiness prevents from slipping. I'm definitely keeping these in stock!
From: Janet, 4/16

Comments: Good overgrip for it's price -- not too tacky, good moisture absorption, soft on the hands and lasts quite long. Much better than the Super Comp overgrip that has a terrible moisture absorption.
From: Eugene, 1/16

Comments: I have used this grip on and off for a couple of years. I think it is a great over grip. It is tacky, but still soft and lasts quite a while too. I have to disagree with comments about slippery when sweaty though. I used it multiple times when pouring sweat and I never seemed to have issues. I wear a wristband right down by my hand, and also towel off in between points typically if I am serving though. But maybe there are some grips out there that you don't have to towel off and they are still very tacky. I have not found one yet!
From: Preston, 1/15

Comments: On 9/07 Lee from Houston, TX said, "Terrible overgrip. When you sweat it starts to feel like a wet banana peel." -- I couldn't agree more, better play without an overgrip than use this stuff. I will not buy Head overgrips anymore. Sorry.
From: Mauro, 10/14

Comments: Horrible grip. I've only bought it because it was the only one in the store, it was a bad idea. It cost me a racquet because it slipped when I served. I had to use talc, and that helped, but after I switched to the second one (I bought 3) my racquet slipped again and broke. I've been playing tennis for 7 years, and used many grips (I recommend yonex supergrap), and it never happened with any other grip. I will never use this grip again, and probably not any Head grip.
From: Nir, 9/14

Comments: The best overgrip I have tried so far. I want a tacky grip. I don't sweat a lot. I have been using Yonex supergrap and was satisfied with it until I tried Head Extremesoft OG. I will be switching to it.
From: Charles, 9/14

Comments: The worst overgrip I've used. It doesnt absorb sweat and feels like plastic when you sweat. These are the grips they used to give you with 4 cans of penn balls. These have a glossy finish while the Wilsons and Technifibers are porous.
From: Chad, 7/13

Comments: The weird thing is, I don't use the tacky side of the grip (original side). I actually use the other side, which is dryer. At first the dry side feels so dry that there's no grip to the handle whatsoever. After a few hours, the grip somehow "softens" up and becomes really comfortable to play with. It also gets dirty easily. I'd rate it a 7/10
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: Reading the other comments, I have to remind fellow users of any overgrip, that not every grip is built for everyone. This is a fantastic tacky grip that is not necessarily ideal for heavy sweaters. I don't sweat and I love this grip. Fantastic feel, I've never gotten blisters in the 5 years I have been using this grip and the overgrip lasts. Great product! First choose wisely what kind of grip is the right one for you, then criticize.
From: Mirka, 3/13

Comments: Great grip, not slippery and very absorbent.
From: Von Buriel, 2/13

Comments: Best overgrip I've ever used, and stays very tacky. It has average absorbency, but a comfortable and great feel.
From: Matt, 11/12

Comments: Stays very tacky! I don't like the holes getting my original grip dirty. That's my only complaint.
From: Kevin, 3/12

Comments: I love this grip. It's thin and tacky. I can better feel the shape of the racquet handle. This grip actually improved my game.
From: Mark, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 5/10

Comments: This overgrip is very good for the first few days of play, and absorbs sweat really well. But after some time my hands started to feel bloated. However, if you can replace it often, then please buy it. Do not buy the black one!
From: harry, los angeles, california, usa. 5/10

Comments: One of the most comfortable overgrips I have tried. I tried a few others but kept coming back to this one. I play 3 times a week on average and one of these is good for a week. I don't have a sweaty hand and I hold my racquet very loose.
From: Ivan, Shanghai, China 12/09

Comments: One of the worst overgrips I ever used. They get dirty quickly and the colored ones paint your racquet grip. I put a yellow in my Head Extreme Pro and it ruined my Head Hydrosorb Grip. Overgrips are the worst products from Head.
From: Helder de Sousa, Portugal, 07/09

Comments: When you first put the grip on the racquet, it feels like the most amazing grip you have ever had. Then when you start playing, and your hand sweats at all, all of a sudden, it has NO grip power at all. Your only hope with this grip is to have your hands NEVER get any sweat on them at all.
From: Thad, Plano, TX, US. 6/09

Comments: These are the only grips I use and I like them. I have very sweaty hands when playing, and these grips work fine for that. If the grip starts getting a little less tacky then I'd like, a few seconds out of my hand will usually do the trick (especially if there's a breeze). The only complaint I have is that sometimes the little sticky part that starts off the grip sticks too much to my original grip and tears it a little. Overall great grips.
From: Derek, Pleasanton, TX, USA. 3/09

Comments: Overgrips are just like racquets and strings - everyone has their own choice. Having tried the Wilson Pro, Yonex Supergrap and Tournagrip, I must say that this is the best OG I've tried. Their durability is unbeatable. Wilson pro gets dirty (especially the white) within one session and feels rough after a few sets. Yonex Supergrap is very similar to Wilson Pro. The extremesoft, however, gives the same quality of feel for hours and hours of use. It's also slightly thicker than the Wilson and Yonex so keep that in mind when you're talking grip sizes... This may seem strange but the blue and red colour OGs feel softer than the white one. Try one for yourself!
From: KV, TX, USA. 2/09

Comments: I agree with Tim, most of my friends can use any overgrip because their hands don't sweat, but my hands do and my racquet cracked because it slipped during a serve. I have yet to find an overgrip that's suitable for my hands.
From: Ritchie, NJ, US. 1/09

Comments: This grip is terrible! I put one on right before my warm up for my match, and by the end of the first game it was already starting to tear! I had to call a timeout during the change over to put on another one and that barely lasted me the match! DO NOT buy this grip!
From: Anon, Toledo, OH, USA. 1/09

Comments:Best grip only when humidity is low and you use something like Prince Grip to prevent any moisture from getting on it otherwise probably the worst-when wet feels like a slimy fish.
From: Michael, Jax, FL, USA, 10/08

Comments: This overgrip is one of the worst I have ever tried. I am a person who sweats and goes through grip fast, but this stuff feels like cellophane wrap after about 5 min of tough play. I literally threw my racquet on a serve because the grip got wet and slipped out of my hands. Go with either the Wilson Pro Grip or the Yonex Super Grap. These grips are thicker than the Head and I feel conform to my hand much better.
From: Tim, harpers ferry, wv. 9/08

Comments: This is my favorite overgrip. It gets ragged after awhile, but still performs well.
From: Derrick, Long Island, NY. 9/08

Comments: I absolutely hate this grip! It has great durability, but it feels awful. DON'T BUY THIS GRIP! Get Wilson Pro instead.
From: Anon. 7/08

Comments: Terrible overgrip. Good endurance and decent comfort and tack, but the worst feeling in the world. It's like holding on to plastic. Don't get this if you can. My friend offered them to me, and what a mistake that was. I took them off after a game with them and used my trust Wilson Pro Overgrip. Use those, it's much better in every aspect in terms of comfort tack and feel.
From: Anon, CA, US. 3/08

Comments: These grips are great! I played three hours with them, and they are the most comfortable and tackiest grips I've used. If you have reasonably dry hands, like me, these grips are awesome. Not sure about durability, but initial use was awesome! It grips so much better than the Babolats that I have been using. I will order more.
From: Paul, San Diego, CA, USA. 2/08

Comments: I found this grip to have good tackiness and durability. I've gone through many models and brands w/o success (Babalot, Dunlop, Prince, Gosen, Wilson, etc.), shredding all in record time. This grip was up to the task, but what I didn't like is that although it is billed as a 'thin' overgrip, I found it to add a distracting cushiony feel. I tried re-wrapping with more tension to make the grip thinner, but it was still too cushy.
From: Jon, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 10/07

Comments: TERRIBLE overgrip. When you sweat it starts to feel like a wet banana peel. I wrapped my racket with it and served and the racket flew out of my hand. My friend gave me a Yonex supergrap grip. Itís a lot better now. This head grip is the worst grip ever. The Wilson pro overgrip is the best. Take it from Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.
From: Lee, Houston, TX, USA, 09/07

Comments: This grip is great at first, after about a day or 2 it loses its grip, and becomes real slippery. Go with the Yonex over grip
From: Sean, Oldsmar, FL, USA, 07/07

Comments: This grip I have used for about 2 and a half weeks and I had to change to gamma supreme grip, because this head grip gets worn out too fast and after it is worn out it hurts your hand when you grab it. p.s: I recommend Gamma supreme grip! It last long feels good!
From: Andy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 06/07

Comments: It's too sticky and it releases some kind of "thing" that may cause your hands to be bloated.
From: Ivan, Princeton, NY, USA, 06/07

Comments: This is the most tackiest and comfortable grips I've ever had, use it!
From: Angelo, San Lorenzo, CA, USA. 3/07

Comments: Very comfortable, thinness gives you a good feel of the racquet. Durability may be questioned but unless you have very sweaty palms I donít think it will be too much of a problem.
From: Anon, 03/07

Comments: Extremely creative and comfortable grip I have ever used. It is ironed thinner on both sides of the tape, so when you roll it on the grip, the covered part where the next layer meets the previous does not becomes thicker. You would feel that's very comfortable.
From: Jacob, Shanghai, China, 02/07

Comments:I've been trying several different overgrips lately and have found this one by far the worst. It has a great tacky feel and was wonderful for me first time I used it for about the first fifteen to twenty minutes of play. Unfortunately for me, the absorption aspect of this grip is terrible which lead to a lot of racquet turning in my hand, especially on off center shots. If you're hand(s) get real sweaty during play I would definitely shy away from this one.
From: Trey, Augusta, GA, USA, 10/06

Comments: This grip is absolutely terrible. I bought it because it was the cheapest one at the store. It turned my hands blue and it flaked off after the first game. I donít recommend.
From: Beth, MN, USA. 9/06

Comments: A very good grip, when you first put it on but after about 30 minutes of play, the "grip" just dies away and starts to become very friction-less. Durability is terrible so if you want the feeling to keep going, you'll have to buy a lot of these and keep replacing the old.
From: Anon 09/06

Comments: This is the worst overgrip I have ever played with. I get Wilson overgrips usually but Sports Authority was out of them so I tried these grips. On the first day of hitting with it on my racquet flew out of my hand while hitting a forehand. The durability is zero. I would suggest not to get this overgrip.
From: Marcos, New York 08/06

Comments: I used to get a lot of blisters on my hands when I play, but when I used this overgrip I no longer had any problems with blisters. The overgrip does not make the grip any bigger so it is definitely worth a try.
From: Eric, Slinger, WI, USA 08/06

Comments: The grips great when you first put it on but after continued use it loses it's tack, and is just soft making it really slippery when wet.
From: Colin, MA., USA 07/06

Comments: I got this overgrip when I entered a tournament, and this overgrip is extremely soft and tacky. But after a few days the tack wore off and the grip got extremely dirty, (maybe because I got the bright yellow). Overall, I think this grip is great, but my hands sweat too much to make this grip last.
From: Eric, Mechanicsville, VA 05/06

Comments: This is the best overgrip I ever used. I play a lot better with the new overgrip. I mainly use Head Flexpoint 6, and with this overgrip it feels like the racquet is more connected with my arm than ever. This overgrip is extremely tacky, even when my hand if all sweaty.
From: Anon, Syosset, NY, USA 04/06

Comments: I really like the HEAD XtremeSoft overgrip. When I first played with it I couldn't believe how soft it was. I thought that it would be smooth, but it was nice and tacky. I would much rather have this overgrip than any other overgrip on the market. If you buy this overgrip, you definitely won't regret it. I promise you.
From: Charlevoix, MI, USA 04/06

Comments: The best overgrip Iíve used so far, so thin it seems like I don't even have one. Give it a try.
From: Anon 04/06

Comments: The Head XtremeSoft overgrip is the best overgrip I have used. I normally use the Wilson Pro Overgrip but tried the Head XtremeSoft because I heard it was thinner. What makes it better than the Wilson is the feel after getting wet. The Wilson starts to get a little slick, while the Head stays tacky.
From: Marc, Princeton, NJ, USA 11/05

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