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Comments: I am back for my third pair of these shoes. They are comfortable, durable and good for my high arches and narrow heel. I brought another brand to try, but added these to the order as I don't want to be without a wearable pair!
From: Marilyn, 6/13

Comments: I am a 3.5 doubles player and I have narrow feet, high arches and am up on my toes a lot. This is the most stable shoe I have found out there. Used to only wear New Balance, but stumbled on this shoe by accident and am never going back. Lots of room for my orthotics too.
From: Lori, 4/13

Comments: These shoes are comfortable right out the box. I play 4.0 singles and like a sneaker a bit wider in the front. Thought these were keepers, but started getting aching Achilles after a couple of weeks. I stopped wearing them and condition went away. I think my heel came up too high.
From: Mary, 9/11

Comments: This is a great tennis shoe! Worth the money too! I would recommend wearing socks that come up a little higher than the no-show look. I got a blister due to the fact I had a lot lower sock but now with a higher sock they are awesome! I am playing in a 3.0 league and have never played tennis before, I am hooked! Three other girls in my group have bought this shoe for comfort, fit, and support. Like some of the other comments they fit great right out of the box! Definitely a winner on the court!
From: Sue, 8/11

Comments: This has been a great shoe for me. I have never had any problems with my feet or ankles in all the time I have worn these. I was told they are not making them any longer. I hope they will continue to make this shoe. Why is it when you find a great product they always change it? I tried what I was told is the replacement for this shoe and had ankle and blister problems.
From: Sharon. 6/11

Comments: Love this shoe! Great support and comfy from the start. Try it - you'll like it!
From: Sharon, Richmond, VA, 02/11

Comments: Excellent shoe overall but lacks toe re-enforcement for us toe-draggers. Perhaps the most comfortable shoe that combines stability and longevity. If I didn't drag my right toe when serving it would be the best shoe I ever wore but that title goes to the Head Extreme, which is almost as comfortable but the Extreme has a serious toe-reinforcement cap.
From: Roderick, Cleveland, OH, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have been playing tennis for 6 years, 4.0 & 40s. I have worn Adidas, K-Swiss, Prince, New Balance and others. Hands down these are the most supportive and comfortable shoes I have tried. They are more durable than K-Swiss and more cushy and padded. I have high arches and a narrow heel and these are great!
From: Amy, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA, 10/10

Comments: Best shoe I have ever worn - have played for 25 years - still play 5 times a week, Stable, supportive and incredibly comfortable - can't recommend this shoe enough.
From: Anne, Pompano Beach, FL, USA, 08/10

Comments: These shoes fully deserved to be considered in the same class as the Barricade and New Balance 803, particularly when it comes to stability and balance. I personally find they are also more comfortable than either of those shoes Excellent durability -- I teach many hours a week on hard and clay, and walk around and compete in these as well. There aren't that many shops that carry Head shoes. I came across these by chance. If you get a chance, try them on. You'll know what I am talking about immediately.
From: Phil, Palm Beach, USA. 5/10

Comments: Terribly comfortable, that is! I am 5' 6" tall, weigh 140 lbs. 3.5 player. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOE. Comfortable. Light-weight. Nice arch support. No break in period. Great support overall and wears nicely. I'll buy them again!
From: Cindy C., Mount Shasta, CA, USA 02/10

Comments: This is a very comfortable shoe. Not too many are comfortable right out of the box, even when the description says so, but this one is. It also gives you a very stable and secure feeling.
From: Emily, Teaneck, NY, 7/09

Comments: I am a 3.0 recreational player who is getting back to tennis after a 1+ year hiatus. Since I was last on the court my feet have changed so my sneakers were too small. I was scrambling to find another larger pair. Since I am prone to foot problems (e.g plantar fasciitis), need a wider toe box comfort is always key. I tried possibly 18 different pairs of sneakers at 4 different stores before finding the 2009 Head Prestige Pro! I was a bit concerned that because I had gone up 1/2 size that my heel would slip but I find these to be incredibly comfortable. I am so glad I have them.
From: Erica, New York, NY. 4/09

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