Head Ultra Tour 17 Silver String Customer feedback

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Comments: I got some of this prestrung on a racquet I just bought. Like others here, I felt that it felt stiff at first, like many other polys. But it quickly softens up and it's surprisingly soft for a poly string. In fact, it feels pretty close when I used to use a full bed of synthetic gut. Great spin (second serves really kick up, which I haven't been able to do before), and great control. I've already bought more and will be replacing it.
From: Marcus, 10/11

Comments: Like others, I could feel that the first 1-2 hours the string was a little stiff (felt equal to many older, stiffer polys), but then it softens up a ton. It's amazing how soft it actually is, doesn't really feel like poly at all (actually feels equal to, or softer than, when I used to play with full Prince Synthetic gut). I also am surprised at how much spin I'm getting with it, especially on serve. I've actually had to adjust my serve because it's spinning and curving so much more than before, I'm pretty impressed. I've only just begun to try this string out for the first time, but softness and spin are definitely two standout characteristics of this unique poly.
From: Marcus, 10/11

Comments: Good string, a little bit stiff at the beginning, but allows you good control, power, and spin. In general I prefer hybrid strings, but this is a good, cheaper, alternate choice.
From: Francesco Milan, Italy
Racquet: Head Radical MicroGel MP (98) - 58/56lbs
NTRP Rating: low 4.5

Comments: I play college tennis and hit the ball very hard and a lot of spin with clean groundstrokes. I use a Head Micgrogel prestige mid and string at 62 lbs. It feels great off the string machine, but after a tournament or ten days or hitting I lose all of my tension it went down to probably 48lbs. It's really a soft string with lots of control and feel, just it loses tension super fast. I tried blending it with natural gut, which kept up the tension better. But not really. Maybe I'll just do gut.
From: Eric, USA. 06/09

Comments: This is an incredible string. It is now my favorite after trying so many strings. I've done nylons, co-polys, polys, and natural gut and I think that HUT17 is absolutely fantastic for my game. The weirdest characteristic is that it is probably the only copoly or poly that feels better when they lose tension than when they come off the stringing machine. Try it! I use it on 3 Babolat Aero Pro Drive non-cortex strung at 52 lbs and have a NTRP 3.0 level.
From: Daiver, Montevideo, Uruguay. 1/09

Comments: Unreal string. I used to use the 16 gauge and I liked it and then tried sonic and liked it, but this string I love man. It feels great and has tons of rip, it's a much cleaner hit too. I string my extreme pro at 42 lbs and find heaps of control and feel. I played at 64lbs until about 3yrs back, I just found the softer tension so easy to generate more rip and the velocity of shot increases hugely to, the ball stays on your racquet so.
From: Anon, 10/08

Comments: This is an extremely durable string that offers some nice power. Using it, my groundstrokes land deeper than with other string, and there is still a high level of control. The only bad thing is how smooth the strings are, which affects my serve. They don't really "grip" the ball, which results in a few more double faults. I got these strings for the durability, because I usually break multi strings in 2-4 weeks. They have lasted me months, with minimal tension loss. The string was used in a FXP Prestige MP strung at 58 lbs.
From: Phil, Boston, MA, USA. 5/08

Comments: My stringer put this string on my Wilson KFactor KBlade Team and it is amazing. It is very soft. I used to have pro hurricane and it gave me arm problems. I am a varsity player and I play 3-4 hours every day. I use this string with Babolat VS Team in the crosses and it is amazing. Very cheap but awesome.
From: Billy Joe, USA, 04/08

Comments: I usually play with Babolat Pro Hurricane, and I had bad experiences with head before, but this string is amazing. It is very similar to Pro Hurricane, but is has a little less power and it is softer. I would say this is a pretty good string, but the break-in period is considerably longer than Babolat PH. I think anyone looking for a softer poly should definitely give this string a try.
From: Charlie, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 12/07

Comments: This string is very nice. I had it strung on my LM4 to high, at 58 lbs, so I left the racquet out for a few nights. The next time I did hit with this string it felt like I had more control and more of a hard shot. When I hit with this string I can hit the ball to the baseline with still enough spin.
From: Alex, L.A, CA, USA. 12/07

Comments: The string is stiff as steel. I am using hybrid string pattern. After using for 10+ hours it still not soft at all. I am using Babolat Hurricane on my other racquet with the same tension and this is not even near to hurricane. It hurts my wrist and elbow. Not to mention it has no power on it but control is good. I like Hurricane better than this poly.
From: Anon, Reno, NV, USA, 07/07

Comments: This is very good string. I suggest using something softer for your cross strings though. I've tried stringing the mains and crosses at same tension, but I had much better control by setting the mains at 61 pounds and the syn-gut crosses at 58. I guess this makes sense, as the poly tends to lose more tension.
From: Bryan, Mill Valley, CA, USA, 07/07

Comments: During the first hour this string acts like a steel wire. For the first time in my life I experienced a pain in shoulder and elbow. But, during the next 7 hours I've found it crisp with nice control and very small power for this tension. I expected more spin. Now (after 10 hours), there are no wear signs, no movement, but no crispness, and it's still uncomfortable with some unpredictable spin.
From: Goran, Belgrade, Serbia 08/06

Comments: Very soft polyester. I liked it very much. It feels like a softer Big Banger ALU Power. It's cheaper, creates spin, has power, but not as harsh as ALU. I LOVE THIS STRING; not to mention the very nice blue color.
From: Tony, Whitesburg,KY 06/06

Comments: This string is wonderful. It lasts so long and gives no wear signs or warning before it breaks which I like, no headaches. It usually lasts about 4 weeks of hard hitting, 2-3 3-hour sessions a week. I think players with open string patterns would benefit more than those with a denser racquet (it's hard to generate good spin and good slice shots with denser string racquet because of the smooth string surface). I have it strung on my Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 MP @ 60lbs. Just loved it. Strengths: power, durability, playability. Weakness: control. Overall: No complaints.
From: Tato, Brooklyn Park, MN, US 04/06

Comments: I am a varsity player and I liked this string a lot, but it always seemed to break in the grommets and the crosses whenever I would miss hit the ball, which I admit, I do a lot for my caliber of player. so I switched to Wilson Enduro Tour and I liked that just as much and it didn't break prematurely. I am going to try out the Enduro Pro next to see how that plays
From: Andrew, WI 04/06

Comments: I used it twice as crosses with NXT 17. The NXT always broke first. The Ultra Tour 17 seems to be intact when its partner died and it still feels so much alive. I haven't used other polyesters except hitting with a freshly strung Pro Hurricane. A 102 square inch racquet strung at 58lb feels like a steel board. I really worried about my wrist and elbow.
From: Ed Jon Por, Toronto, CA 04/06

Comments: I really liked playing with the 16 gauge version of this string, but wanted something with a little more bite. This 17 gauge is exactly what I was looking for. It is crisp and offers very good control and just the right amount of power. I'm on my 12th set playing with one of my racquets and the tension still feels good.
From: DL, El Paso, TX, USA. 1/06

Comments:I just love this string. It is extremely comfortable and has plenty of power and control. I love hitting with it. My local pro shop doesn't carry it, so I order a few on the internet and give it to my stringer when needed (which is very rare, since the string lasts a very long time). I can't see why I would ever experiment with a different string.
From: Larry K. Orange, CT, USA 12/05

Comments:The softest feeling and most spin friendly poly I've played--I really saw some nice kick on second serves and big topspin shots were jumping nicely off the court from both forehand and backhand sides (the 1.20 mm gauge surely helps there). I've tried Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power, Babolat Pro Hurricane, Kirschbaum Touch Turbo, and the Head Ultra Tour 17 has been my favorite so far. Has the spin of Big Banger with a much softer feel and slightly better touch around the net.
Pro Hurricane has a pretty soft feel too, but not quite as much spin or touch for me as Ultra Tour. Touch Turbo is responsive and lively, but went dead for me after only a few hours of play. Ultra Tour 17 gives a nice power return off the stringed and holds tension pretty well for a poly too (which is the weakest point of all polys). 15 hours of play and tension is quite acceptable, control remains excellent, and it still feels lively. Like all the other polys, you'll never adjust your strings again either, which is nice, and it would take a real basher (or frame-shot artist) to break these, I would think.
From: CK
NC 11/05

Comments: Do you think this one is good? I don't think so. I string my Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 OS Stretch with this string. Firstly, it's good. I can full swing both topspin forehand and backhand and the ball goes deeply to the opponent's base line with a lot of power and a good pop. But only a week later, every thing's gone. It loses tension TOO quick. My Hyper Pro Staff became a power racquet. Almost every shot goes out, so I have to topspin harder to make it's onto the court. After I feel strain in my arm and shoulder because I attempt to generate more spin, I decided to cut it immediately. Too expensive for this poor quality string. I can't believe that Head can make such a poor string with such a high price. My suggestion, try the Tecnifibre Polyspin, the same quality but much cheaper than this poor Head.
From: Boyd, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 03/05

Comments: Stringing my Wilson Triad 4 with the Ultra Tour 17 at 57lbs. was the best thing that I could have done. At a 3.5 level and after 35 hours of play the strings haven't moved and between the racquet and the strings I'm getting excellent control, topspin and power. Before the Ultra Tour 17, the racquet was strung with the Head Fiber Gel 16 which also provided the control and power I was looking for but they broke after 6 hours of play. The racquet was also strung with Wilson NXT Sensation 16 which lacked control and I seemed to overhit my shots but worst of all because I like to hit with topspin, after about 8 hours of play I was constantly adjusting the strings. Just recently my opponent made a comment saying, "winning points easily is a thing of the past ever since you strung your racquet with the Ultra Tour 17". My game has improved immensely and I enjoy running my opponents all over the court and winning games. Thanks Head for the excellent string.
From: Bob, Newark, DE, USA. 8/04

Comments: I bought this string just to try a polyester and I don't have anything to compare. However, this string is great for spin and offers great control. Power is low, but decent. It doesn't hurt my arm as I was told polys do, so I am satisfied. Oh yeah, 16 hours of topspin and no movement or sign of wear. A great string. Strung in a Babolat Pure Drive @ 64lbs.
From: Cullman, AL, USA. 3/04

Comments: This string is just simply the best! My spin was reborn! Why would you use natural gut when you can obviously get the most out of your racquet with Head Ultra Tour 17? The thin gauge makes it comfortable and it last pretty long. It produces a healthy amount of spin in both serves and groundies, plus it is perfect for hard hitters. I went through many sets of different strings since I picked up my first racquet but this one is for sure the one I recommend. I am a serve and volley player and I can easily go from defense to offense since the chip and charge will do well with the thin 1.20mm gauge. The serve is definitely my strong point and those strings help me mastering both flat and spin serves. It is arm friendly and cheap too! If you a serious player then don't hesitate, get them ASAP and enjoy the control as well as power since you can hit hard from the baseline. Used in a Wilson Prostaff 6.0 95 @ 72lbs.
From: Marcus, LA, CA, USA. 9/03

Comments: Head has obviously gone after Luxilon Alu Power and have come pretty close. The 1.2mm gives plenty of bite and its durability is about the same as ALU as well, which is great as I have mine in the low 70's. Tension loss is fairly low. Negatives- the sound gives a very tinny sound, which is annoying. Grab the long worm dampeners on this one and I think most people will enjoy this cheaper alternative to ALU Power.
From: Glenster, Australia. 8/03

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