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Comments: I don't care for this string. I have to admit I don't care for polys in general and this is called a soft poly, that I didn't find to be all that soft. I've never had arm pain before using this string and now I'm getting it every time I go out and hit. It feels great on volleys and that's about it. I hit with heavy topspin and felt like this string made me work harder than I was used to to get the spin I wanted. If you're used to syn gut and are thinking about going to a soft poly I would recommend trying a hybrid before going full poly. meanwhile I'll be cutting this out. Dunlop aerogel 200 @ 60lbs
From: Dallas, Petaluma, CA, USA. 5/10

Comments: This is such a good string for the cost. It is very durable, and has good feel. Also, it doesn't kill your arm like some polys. I have a great slice backhand with any setup, but i have never hit it as good as with these strings. Tension loss isn't bad, and durability is great. It took me about 2 months to break these. I break a synthetic gut in about 2-3 weeks, so I was happy with that.
From: Zach B, Tampa, Florida, USA 02/10

Comments: These strings are a total waste. After an hour of constant hard hitting, your shots will start to fly out, due to the drastic tension loss. It took me more effort to get the topspin I wanted, and to keep my shots from spraying out of the court. I love topspin, but my flat forehand is my signature shot. With these strings I was unable to even keep a constant rally of more than 20 shots, and further more I lost my capability of ending points. My serve had no pace whatsoever, and my second serve had no kick. Your way better off with Luxilon or Babolat Pro Hurricane, if you really want the true characteristics of a poly.
From: Anonymous, Canada. 9/09

Comments: Comments: Amazing string. Comfort level went beyond expectations for a polyester string. Plays similar to Luxilon in my opinion minus the killing of the arm and elbow. The blue color is also very cool looking. I got great control and power on my topspin strokes and my slices are deep and low. I string @ 55lbs.
From: Andre, Alexandria, VA, USA 4/09

Comments: I used Big Banger for about 6 months then switched to this and loved it. It hits like Big Banger and it's more durable.
From: Caleb, Edmond, OK. 5/08

Comments: OK string, but I hate the annoying thud. I string it at 54 on my 95 sq in racquet with 16x18 string pattern. I didn't even need to break it in, but when I did, the strings got too loose making most of my shots go out (too much power once it gets loose). I probably should have strung it at 56. This string loses its tension pretty quickly when you first strung it. I don't hit really hard like other players, but it took me 3 hours to break this string in. These strings hurt my wrist, but they're actual softer than what I thought the would be. Don't buy it if you have a sensitive wrist or arm.
From: Bob. 11/07

Comments: This is the most underrated string out there. At first I was beginning to think I never should have tried these strings, but two hours later I was loving them. Way better that the Babolat Pro Hurricane tour (16), which was my previous string, and it is even more durable. Until i find something better, which I doubt I will, I am not switching.
From: Matt, Statesboro, GA, USA. 11/07

Comments: In the first two days using this string I felt I should�ve never tried it. To my surprise, a couple of days later I found very good control, durability, feel, and spin potential with this string. I play 4 times a week and I love hitting the ball very hard. Before this string, I used to visit the stringer 2 or 3 times a month and after ultra tour 16, only once in each two months. It�s a great string indeed.
From: Marcos, Brasilia, DF, Brazil, 04/07

Comments: Simply great, especially after a couple of hours. Best power and control. Good durability.
From: Paolo, Torino, Italy. 10/06

Comments: This is the best polyester string I have ever used. It is quite cheap in China. I could add more topspin with this string. Comparing with the Prince Syn Gut 16, the string is still a little bit hard or lower tension. But I become more aggressive with this string.
From: Sullivan Zhou, Shanghai, China 08/06

Comments: This string feels weird in the first two hours. After that, it feels real good. I like the amount of topspin I could put from my forehand and the amount of slice on my backhand. This string is well suited to all-round players who want a good balance between spin potential, power and control. I'm not too sure about durability, as I've only been using the strings for 3 days.
From: Daryl, Brisbane, Australia 04/06

Comments: I used it twice as crosses with NXT 17. The NXT always broke first. The Ultra Tour 17 seems to be intact when its partner died and it still feels so much alive. I haven't used other polyesters except hitting with a freshly strung Pro Hurricane. A 102 square inch racquet strung at 58lb feels like a steel board. I really worried about my wrist and elbow.
From: Ed Jon Por, Toronto, CA 04/06

Comments: This is the first polyester string I've ever used and am very satisfied. I'm a 5.5 rated player hitting topspin on both sides. I've tried many synthetics including Livewire XP Pro, NRG2, almost all Gammas and also tried VS Power natural gut and prefer this string over all others. I was concerned about the string being too stiff and hurting my arm, but this was not the case. My shots had a little more pop, my serve was more consistent and my groundstrokes were deep. I was also able to hit some solid volleys and nice touch shots with this string. I was expecting a little more bite from this string. I would like a little more topspin. I'm going to try the 17 gauge next time. I had this strung on my Fischer Pro Tour FT racquets at 62 Lbs (2 Lbs. less than usual and it felt just right).
From: David, El Paso, Texas, USA. 12/05

Comments: My wife and I both use this string as the mains in our rackets. I am a 4.0 baseliner with big groundstrokes. My wife was an All Big 12 conference singles player with huge groundstrokes and she is a chronic string breaker. We are both extremely picky when it comes to rackets, strings and string tension. This is by far the best playing polyester string we have ever used. It plays as soft as many synthetic strings and has extremely good touch for a polyester string. I play with the Head LiquidMetal Prestige MP strung at 65lbs with Head Ultratour 16 in the mains and Head Synthetic 17 in the crosses. My wife plays with the Yonex Ultimum Ti 1700 MP strung at 63lbs with Head Ultratour in the mains and Babolat Conquest 16 in the crosses.
From: Jake, Oklahoma City, USA 06/05

Comments: I am an avid varsity tennis player and stringer that uses this string for the mains in a polyester/synthetic gut hybrid. Compared to base level polyester strings like Babolat Ballistic Polymono, Technifibre Polyspin, or Gosen Polylon, Ultra Tour truly does have a softer feel. It still retains the nice control features that people enjoy in polyester. I found very good control, durability, feel, and spin potential with this string @ 1.27mm. If you are looking for a string of similar properties but at a much lower price, I suggest you try Technifibre Polyspin. Though Polyspin has a slightly less soft feel, it is very comparable in durability and control features. I use a Head Flexpoint Radical Tour strung at 62lbs mains 60lbs crosses for your reference in interpreting my comments. Overall I enjoy this string a lot but wish the price could come down a bit.
From: Tom, Clinton, Iowa, US 05/05

Comments: Really a top quality alternative. Reminds me of AlU-Power - yet far more resiliency over time. Strings a little stiff, but stretches a bit as you tighten. Really does cup the ball and provides a firm give and then power on each hit. Played remarkably well for a very long time. Strung tight in an 18X20 frame - boardy for a set or so, then real nice.
From: Frank, Fairfax, Virginia, USA. 01/05

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