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Comments: Good spin potential, nice feel, decent comfort. That's my impression after having 2 sessions with this string, strung at 53 lbs on my Wilson PS97. String tension does hold up pretty well after 2 weeks though. The only downside I found on this string is that it can be a little underpowered, but since I do not need any extra power but I found that it fits very nicely with the PS97. Overall, good string for the price. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
From: Ben, 9/16

Comments: For me, this one fits right in between a traditional polyester and a multifilament string, and offers the best of both worlds. It has that low powered controlled reponse from a traditional polyester, but offer a little more forgiving feel and controlable power when you need to pick up the pace, as well as a noticeably and welcome amount of free depth on blocking type strokes (especially on serve returns). Strung in my Microgel Radical MP at 55 lbs and I'm very dialed in. Love it!
From: MWentity, 3/16

Comments: Crisp, stiff, medium to low power (for a poly). I traditionally use Solinco Tour Bite 16l at 50 lbs in my RF97. I enjoy crisp strings, and this sting is definitely in that category. Very similar to STB, which in my books is a compliment. The only difference is that the Sonic Pro Edge is slightly stiffer (less power/pop) than the STB, which isn't a negative, just a comparison. I was very Impressed and I would certainly recommend this string to those who like shaped and crisp polys. I'm a 5.0 player and play 7-10 hours a week.
From: Dominic, 8/15

Comments: Nice soft, spin friendly poly. Good feel and pocketing on shots hit in the middle, but on off-center hits there is significant less feel, with a little twangy sensation. Strung it at 46 lbs. Nice power and spin. Zero arm issues on a full bed. Because of the shaped nature it felt like it had more spin on a full bed compared to Lynx. I'm a 3.5 NTRP player who likes big kick serves and topspin forehand. Playing with a Head Graphene Prestige Pro.
From: Gabe, 2/15

Comments: This string is a bomb! I play it in all my racquets, previously as a full bed in my Prestige Pros and now as a hybrid in the mains with Sensation Control in the crosses and it is sensational! I play with this setup in my YouTek Prestige Pro, YouTek IG Prestige Pro and Wilson ProStaff Six.One 95 and I love it in all of them. The string itself does not have extremely sharp edges (as a Dunlop Black Widow may have for example), which really improves the feel in my opinion. There is a very consistent response and the string maintains a great balance between being soft and giving some pop to providing touch and control. You won't find as much spin as with some other shaped ploys, but the response is better than most. Also, since the edges are not that extreme, the string doesn't cut into softer strings that quickly and there won't be a hugely noticeable difference in playability over time as the profile wears off in the sweetspot. I play on a national level in Germany and would be a 5.5 NTRP all- court player in the states I suppose. My racquet of choice for singles is the Prestige Pro and for doubles the Pro staff 95 and I have a eastern forehand and double handed backhand playing both heavy spin and flat powerful shots from both wings. Here are my personal scores for this string: Power: 7 Spin: 8.5 Comfort: 8.5 Control: 9 Touch: 8.5 String movement: 9 Playability Duration: 9 Durability: 9.5 Overall: 8.6
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I love the feel of these strings. This is probably the most comfortable, best feeling polyester I've used - - the touch and feel -- it's all there. Spin production is very good too, but not up to par with RPM Blast. The only problem I have is the power. These strings are just too lively for me. I string polyesters in the low 50s, usually at 50lbs actually. I'm used to playing with relatively low-powered strings like Lux Big Banger. I was over-hitting a lot once the tension dropped. I adjusted and still won my set, but the liveliness of the string just doesn't cut it for my style of play. But if you're looking for a superb feeling string with plenty of power, look no further than the Sonic Pro Edge.
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: Been using these strings for about 7 hours and certaintly agree with Anon's comment regarding this string's performance on touch shots, volleys and serves -- in fact I like these strings on serves and volleys. At net you get a good crisp controlled feel with the volley, once again these strings excel when it comes to touch, slice shots and serves -- especially slice serves. I have done numerous string trials (mainly co-polys) with the same stick (the PD GT 2012) and know the Sonic Pro Edge has worked best so far on serves, volleys, touch shots, etc., but on groundstrokes or baseline exchanges not so much, though you get a good combination of spin, power, and control -- I never got that feeling of being totally dialled in or connected with groundstrokes to the point where I could place the ball on a dime during fast paced rallies, which I could when using Volkl Cyclone and Kirschbaum pro line strings. But hey you can't have everything. I will use the Sonic Pro Edge again but only as a hybrid because of its good comfort, feel and controllable power. So matching this with Volkl Cyclone's superior control and spin sounds promising.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: This string is pretty good. I strung it at 54 lbs in my Graphene Speed Pro and I thought it was extremely underpowered for the first one or two hitting sessions. Now that the string is broken in, it plays great, and it plays just like you would expect a shaped poly to play. One thing I did notice though was that it notched very quickly (after about 3 hours of play). I would consider using it again if it didn't notch so quickly.
From: Jonathan, 5/13

Comments: Great string. Played with all the popular polys (all the Luxilons, RPM, Black Code, Red Code, etc.) and this is my favorite. It has a deader feel but when you really want to rip into the ball you get rewarded with some great pop and spin. For the price, I think it's the best poly out there.
From: Drew, 5/13

Comments: I tried this string based on all the fantastic reviews and while it didn't quite live up to what I was expecting, it is still a great string. I am after a softer poly and have been using Sonic Pro 17 in a new Graphene Speed Pro. I've got it strung at 54lbs after finding it was too powerful for my style of play at 48 lbs and 52 lbs. It plays slightly stiffer than the Sonic Pro but definitely has more control. Spin seems to be about the same which I wasn't expecting given the Edge should be better. One great thing compared to Sonic Pro is that it last longer (maybe 15 hours of hard hitting compared to 10) before starting to die. And when it does die, it doesn't goes stiff and turn into a trampoline like Sonic Pro did.
From: Mick, 4/13

Comments: I played with a full bed of Head Sonic Pro Edge 16 at 56/54.lbs. When playing indoors, this string gives you heavy shots but comes up a little short in depth. It is difficult to finesse the ball on short angles, you really have to rip into the ball if you want to get short angles on your forehand and backhand. If you rip the ball, you will get rewarded, but it takes time to get used to the fact that you can hit the ball hard and yet it stays in. Serving is great with this string, as it is accurate and heavy, the touch on volleys is average, slice is very good for a poly. Now playing outdoor on clay is a little different, you really have to play with a lower tension then what you are accustomed to in order to get depth on your shots. The overall tension remains pretty good and stability is good. I have been playing with it for 2 weeks and have not noticed any changes yet. It still is rough on my arm when you play, so anyone with any tennis elbow history should proceed with caution. All in all a very good string, 8 out of 10 and a perfect string for players who like to rip the ball and not worry about it losing control or for players who want to play heavy topspin balls. Now I just need to find a nice softer cross string to combine with the Sonic Pro Edge.
From: Stefano, 4/13

Comments: I like this stuff. I liked the original Sonic Pro, but felt sometimes it had too much pop once the strings broke in. This new Edge string has excellent control with a more dead feeling. Not dead like with other polys, but just enough. Touch shots are phenomenal and serves are a breeze. I must say I did not notice much tension loss after a week now. Durability seems to be excellent. Overall, a great string for big hitters looking for a bit more control. I have it strung at 55 lbs in a Head Graphene Speed Pro. I love it and will most likely be buying a reel.
From: Anon, 1/13

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