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Comments: I am very impressed with this Racquet. Great power even from back of the court.Very maneuverable in front as well.Very light on arm and doesn't seem like 165 gm when comes to power.the only complain I have is its not forgiving on miss shots and lacks control but it could be attributed to my grip on the racquet. 
From: Munish K., Plano, TX, USA, 10/13
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: 32-34 lbs - Megablast 17g 

Comments: I enjoy playing with this Racquet and it has lots of power, control, and accuracy. My game and performance has improved.
From: Azam, Kennedale, TX, USA, 05/13
String type and tension: Ektelon Premier 17 G

Comments: very impressed with the power for the weight of the racquet. Very manueverable in the front court as well as power at 38ft. I highly recommend this one to all skill levels
From: Mike, Jacksonville, FL, USA, 03/13
String type and tension: factory

Comments: This racquet made me write my first review ever! I been playing racquetball for 3 years and the difference I felt is unbelievable. The control and power I achieved has totally changed my game, now I feel I can go to the next level. Simply the best racquet I have played with!
From: Emad, Houston, TX, USA, 01/13
String type and tension: Factory Settings

Comments: Hits a ton, but what you'll be shocked by is the control. Unbelievable control.  Goes where you want it when you want it. Perfect balance.  Plays like a heavier racquet.
From: Marc, Long Beach, CA, USA. 04/12
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: 38, megablast 17

Comments: Just finished a week of demoing the Head Submission and 3 Gearbox Solid 1.0 Racquets (165T, 170T and 170Q). All of these racquets played extremely well, however, the Submission rose to the top for me. The Submission has power and lots of control. Plays well up front and at 38 feet. Racquet is very maneuverable and feels like an extension of your hand. Great grip!!! Racquet supplies power when you need it for passing and goes to the ceiling equally well....great all court racquet. Great graphics as well! Really would like to play this racquet with 17g string. Highly recommended demo!
From: Michael, Lakewood, CO, USA, 12/11
Skill-level: A get to play 50+ next month
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: Demo'd the Submission and 3 of the Gearbox Solid 1.0 racquets. Really like all of these racquets. However, the Head Submission rose to the top for me. Racquet plays exceptional well up front and back. Has power but plenty of control for touch shots and lobs. Took a little while to acclimate to the racquet since it is head heavy, but once I adjusted to the racquet everything came alive. Overall, this racquet will cover the court from fast and furious front court rallies to kills at 38 feet. Wonder why Head doesn't string it with 17 gauge? This racquet is definitely worth a tryout!
From: Michael, Lakewood, CO, USA, 12/11
Skill-level: 50
String type and tension: Factory Head 16 gauge

Comments: Plays like a heavier racquet. Perfect balance and it hits a ton.
From: Marc, CA, USA, 12/11
Skill-level: A

Comments: This racquet is sweet. You feel like you can punch a hole through the wall or feather a shot into the corner. Head's best racquet.  Used by top pro's Rocky Carson and Ben Croft.
From: Ty, Seattle, WA, USA, 12/11
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: 34lbs

Comments:  I tried about 6 racquets. This racquet provided the the best power and excellent control too. I love the shape, weight, and balance of this racquet for power.
From: Terry, Burnsville, MN, USA, 08/11
String type and tension:Ashaway 18 ga, 32 lbs

Comments: This racquet hits a TON....You can feel the weight difference even though it's only 5 grams. Feels very solid and the racquet generates a TON of power. No issues with front court play, it's very easy to swing and move. Has the same feel as the AMP line of racquets, no fear of clipping a wall and breaking a racquet.
From: Tommy, Mililani, HI, USA, 07/11
Skill-level:A / O
String type and tension: Ashaway Super Kill XL @ 35lbs

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