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Comments: Best playability ever. Period. Sadly I broke it in 3 and a half hours :( I am going to try the thicker versions.
From: Ben, 5/12

Comments: Best Syn. Gut I've ever used, great crisp feel, tremendous spin and outstanding comfort. I'm not a string breaker so durability is not an issue, I will definitely be using this string as my string of choice.
From: Paul, 1/12

Comments: This string feels great and has a nice bite to it. The only drawback is that it does not last long. I mounted this on my Head Flexpoint 6 and it lasted approximately 4 hours of constant pounding on serves with heavy topspin. The string feels very light and responsive. Thankfully it is cheap otherwise you'll go broke if you're a constant string breaker!
From: Ferdie, 9/11

Comments: Racquet Boris Becker 11. (98 325g 18x20) Broke strings three more times since the previous review. Strings consistently brake every third day. So finally, I was able to get at least two sessions from PPS 18 before they brake.
Two sessions include: 200-250 serves (practicing) 4-5 sets of play ( quick sets like ~20 minutes each) But pretty hard hitting. 1-2 hours of rally. (Tension used: main/cross 49x45 and 45x40) Note: the tension has been dropped down from 53x48 to 49x45 and to 45x40 gradually. The best playability noticed at 53x48 (previous review), but at this tension there is a little too much recoil (for my taste).
Overall playability is very satisfying. Spin is very good. Friendly to arm. (Mixed with Forten Nylon 16) Power goes down with a tension as well as control. Decided do not go below 45x40 yet since started experiencing sings of losing of control. However I do appreciate a dwell time with such low tension.
Loss of the tension does not bother much due to low durability (There is simply not enough time to loss it).
So far I'm pretty happy with these strings. Price is convenient for experimenting, and you have fresh set twice a week. This works for me very well.
Now set again higher tension: 52x47. Want to see what I can get from these strings applying higher tension.
From: Bedrock, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I used as a main(half-set) with Nylon(16) in cross. Strung at 53 by 48. There is nothing unexpected. They have a soft feel, very good access to spit and good power.Nice strings. I dropped tension down to 49x45 pounds because I want to see how low the tension can go with these strings and keep providing decent playability.
From: Bedrock, Santa Barbara, CA, 11/10

Comments: The most ball bite and control I have got. And lots of power too, good for about a week play. Just wish tennis warehouse would carry different colors, as the 17G of this string.
From: Hao, Stony Brook, NY, USA, 09/10

Comments: This must be THE #1 price-performance string. All the comments below +1. Nothing beats these freshly strung.
From: James, 4.5+, OH 03/10

Comments: This really is a terrific string. I mean the bite and the comfort is simply phenomenal. It just doesn't last as most 18g strings do, at least synthetic ones, so don't expect to play a few matches with this one. But if you are a self stringer, THIS is it. Perfect. Don't waste money on the high end polys.
From: E, Bethesda, MD, USA. 12/09
NTRP Rating: solid 5.0

Comments: This string plays very well for the short amount of time it lasts. The 18g breaks rather quickly, even in a 90" 18x20 pattern racquet, but the ball-pocketing, feel, and spin is definitely worth it. It is pretty cheap so I'd recommend it for people that string for themselves -- otherwise, it'd get too costly using it.
From: Matthew, Hanover, NH, USA. 5/08

Comments: Warning: for self-stringers only! But if you're looking a great string to get you through ONE match this is it! Great feel and bite on my backhand slice, awesome pop on the serve (I haven't dropped serve once yet with it) and real nice topspin on the forehand and one-handed backhand...when I call for it. Downside: I've yet to get more than 4 hours of play out of this string, but since I string my own it's a great string for the price!
From: Steve, Ocala, FL, USA, 01/07

Comments: Absolutely fabulous string! Extremely comfortable, awesome power and control, loads of feel, and held its tension till the moment it popped, the only warning is a slight clicking noise after you've struck the sweet spot, then a few days later, pop. First time I'd ever used an 18 gauge, and it was a surprise as well. I didn't know this was getting put in my racket and boy am I glad. Better than any string I've tried including Babolat conquest, Wilson nxt, xcel premium, Gamma live wire xp. I'd include hurricane in that list but hurricane is good in its own right - it offers different characteristics, so obviously this 18g pps is more comfortable than a poly....Just go buy it...!!
From: Steven, Dunoon, Scotland. 11/06

Comments: This was a very nice sting stung at tension of 65lbs in a HEAD Liquidmetal 4. It felt firm, powerful, and offered control. The only problem was that the sting broke after the 4th day of playing.
From: Anon. 9/06

Comments: This string is very very soft and crisp at the same time. Amazing feel with the 18g. The tension hold is above average. If just after you string your racquet you then put string savers in, then the string will last long enough for a match.
From: Paul, Arlington, VA, USA 03/06

Comments: Wow baby, this string is good. Durability is about 6 hours, but it plays with great topspin and awesome feel. If you have your own stringer this is a great choice. Plays softer that Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 18 with better tension hold.
From: Bill, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 01/05

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