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Head Synthetic Gut PPS 17 String Reel White Customer feedback

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Comments: I think it's a terrific price and when it's a 17 at 1.24, I'm going to expect it to move around a bit. Strung at 55 lbs on my racquet. It's low price means I can go try other 17s and while still around know it's a great "go to" string. I did try the 18g and loved the feel but popped the strings within a week. I prefer 18s for the feel but stick with 17s.
From: Teresa, 9/14

Comments: I love this string. It has a lot of power and control but the durability may be an issue if you are a string breaker (lasted less than 10 hours for me and I'm not a string breaker).
From: Hung, 5/13

Comments: This is definitely my favorite string set up to date. This one as the mains at 50 lbs and Tecnifibre Red Code 17 on the crosses at 48 lbs on a Head YT IG Prestige Midplus. The feel and power is awesome. It's actually quite stiff and resistant to moving but it's still very comfortable. I tried it previously on a Wilson BLX Tour Ltd with Red Code on the mains at 61 lbs and this string at 59 lbs on crosses and it wasn't quite as effective, but that could've been the racquet being so stiff.
From: Michael, 1/13

Comments: Do not waste your time and money on this, especially when you are stringing yourself. This string is so elastic and slippery that it slips through my stringing machine's gripper. I cannot string it on my machine, especially not with any sort of accuracy (drop weight). I ordered a racket strung with it from TW also, and the string bed moved around A LOT. Now that I tried to string it I know why, the stuff is too slippery and smooth. I strung Gosen strings and others and never had problems like this. This is just a junk product. You better have a top of the line stinger with great clamps, otherwise forget it. So why bother when there are better options for the same money?
From: Werner, 6/12

Comments: I am a junior satellite player who is about 4.5 and I used these strings throughout most of the summer. I like to get the most power possible and I noticed that it had excellent pop and easy access to spin. The bad things about it were that it lost tension fast. I was constantly fixing my strings with the "string thing," which made the outside "power strip" break and eventually the string broke when I started hitting big forehands in a match. I would strongly recommend this string to players who like their slice or are clay court specialists.
From: Kevin, 9/11

Comments: Tried the string, and I liked it. Definitely worth buying to try out at least once. I ended up liking it more than Prince Syn Gut 17, unfortunately no durability. It lasts me about 6hrs if I'm not hitting my best. When I'm hitting all out on a good day no more then 5hrs usually less, hits nice, decent feel and good power (for the price). Doesn't hold tension all that great, but since it goes pretty quick its not really a problem. Definitely a string worth trying out (the 18G is amazing although it has no durability what-so-ever).
From: Josh. 06/09

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