Head Synthetic Gut PPS 16 String White Customer feedback

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Comments: I had trouble with this string slipping at the knots on the mains. I even added an extra knot. I could usually tell with soft strings if they don't hug the frames intimate tie an extra knot and sometimes use clear nail polish. Maybe I'll try to crazy glue PPS because it seems to me it's not being dried out. I feel like the company may be saving money and cutting corners. It's embarrassing as a former tour stringer when a customer brings back his racquet in front of other customers and is emotional and you have to re-string it again for free. Oh and thanks for inventing Gravity, you should have called it Hand Cramp.
From: Scott, 4/16

Comments: I tested this string with my best poly in the crossed and the result was that the string showed notching after an hour of hard court drilling and it did not hold tension. This string was in the mains of a Babolat 2012 racquet at 55 lbs and the poly was 54 lbs. I did not like it.
From: Iris, 8/15

Comments: This string is awful if you are a stringer. In the past month, I have had to redo 4 of my customers' racquets due to the string slipping out of the knot at the top of the racquet. The string had a weird coating on it that makes it almost impossible to start the crosses after completing the mains because it slips right out. Plays just fine, but not any better than Gamma syn gut and definitely not worth all the extra effort it takes to keep the string from slipping.
From: Christo, 6/15

Comments: As is often the case, a string that comes with a demo beats most strings I've tried including polys, natural gut, multi, etc. This string does it all for me -- it has comfort, pop on demand, control and so far durability (I'm 5 hours into a set by the time I'm writing this). In a 18x20 pattern (6.1 Team), it can grab the ball and produce as much spin as I need (which is a matter of technique more than strings anyway). Good job Head, at this price I'm buying a reel.
From: David, 7/14

Comments: Really impressed by this string. It's fairly cheap, but has a great feel and pop. Used it in a Wilson Team 16 x 18 string pattern. String breaks after approx. 1 match. I don't mind, because no matter the string, you should restring your racquet each week.
From: Raymond, 8/13

Comments: I restrung my Microgel Extreme MP racquets with this after trying a poly. This string for me lasts a decent amount of time. Also I really like the feel. I strung my racquets up at 57 lbs and everything is going good.
From: James, 8/12

Comments: My Head Extreme racquet came pre-strung with these. Initially, I thought I will have to cut it off as I play with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour but I tried it for few times and it seems to work pretty well. Good control and good angles, softer than polys but with no lower pop. 54-56 lbs is good for these in general.
From: Rashid, 12/11

Comments: I am a fairly good junior who has won a few tournaments and I used to always play with poly/co- poly strings. My friend recommended I try these strings. I absolutely love them! They have great power and nice control. The only thing I found a bit annoying was there durability. I bought 16, 17 and 18 gauge just to see what they were like and let me just say they don't last long. I would definitely recommend these strings to anyone who isn't a frequent string breaker or strings there own racquets.
From: Tim, 7/11

Comments: When I ordered my Yonex RDS 003 it came strung with this free of charge. Thus, for a free string I'd say it's fairly decent. I generally prefer to play with polyester strings but this gut has some nice feel. I definitely liked the control that I got from the baseline and it gave me some nice pop on serves. Not my favorite string, but pretty solid nonetheless.
From: Adam, 07/10

Comments: This string came as a hybrid with my demo of a Youtek Radical MP. Sonic Pro 16 was in the mains and this in the crosses. The tension was about 60-62 lbs, a lot higher than I like. But, overall a great hybrid combo. These synthetic guts are great for power and with the sonic pro holding the durability and control I was very impressed. The best part about it was my flat serves and overhead smashes, I could really feel the ball just exploding off my strings. I would definitely do this hybrid again once I finally buy the Youtek Radical mp, just at a much lower tension, maybe 55 or so. Also, I'll probably get the sonic pro in black and this in orange, needless to say a very sexy color setup w/ the radical.
From: Ben, Baltimore, MD, USA. 06/10

Comments: I really like this string. I am a fairly flat hitter with a huge serve (125mph) I string my entire racquet with this stuff at 54. I have had the current string in there for about 3 months. It's pretty stiff and dead right now so I need to cut it out and restring my sticks. I love the feel, and since I can generate a lot of my own power, I don't really have any issues with this string's power output. I have used a lot of syn gut (Wilson, Prince, Gamma). All of them broke within 4 hours of hitting. When I ordered my LM Radicals I was just going to play with the string it came with (Head Syn Gut) then switch to Kevlar Hybrid because I break string so often. I was amazed at how long this stuff lasted, it had become my string of choice.
From: Kevin, AZ, USA. 4/10

Comments: Really impressed first time I used this string and it now my string of choice. I string my MG and Youtek Prestige mids at 51 and the feel, control and spin is better than any poly, syn gut or various blends I have used before it, and I've tried a lot. Durability is and issue but not worth worrying about when it feels as good as it does.
From: Michael, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 02/10

Comments: I love this string. I have it strung at 50 lbs in a head microgel prestige pro. I've been using prince syn gut but I prefer the feel of the the head syn gut.
From: Paul, Knoxville, TN, US 10/09

Comments: If this is the stuff that LM Rads come pre-strung with, I would probably rate this below run of the mill nylon; the string is completely dead, stiff and uncomfortable. Definitely not one of Head's better offerings.
From: Gene, Stockton, CA. 1/09

Comments: String provided good control and power when needed, at least for the brief period before it broke. I strung this on my Microgel Radical Pro at 60lbs which lasted 20 minutes. At 58.5lbs, it lasted just briefly longer at 25-30 minutes. Bottom line, its just too much trouble to use this string - which is a pity since I just ordered a handful of these.
From: Francis, Hong Kong. 8/08

Comments: I have to say that I am truly impressed with this string. I had Luxilon Big Banger Rough 16 on my Head Flexpoint Tour before but found I lost the feel that you get with a synthetic gut string, so I switched from the Banger to the PPS 16 and loved it. I don't mind sacrificing durability for playability. I got more spin on my serves and was able to keep the ball in the court more.
From: Shawn, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 08/06

Comments:I'm a decent junior tennis player with little money to afford on stringing. I got this string dirt-cheap and only one complaint, durability. I've had to string it 1 time per week per frame. It's worth it only if you string your own frames
From: Adham, Beamsville, Onario, Canada, 07/06

Comments: I used this string in my head intelligence i.x6 and I found it broke really quickly, but I did find it gave me a little more pop and control in my game.
From: Thomas, Nova Scotia, Canada 06/06

Comments: I ordered a HEAD Liquidmetal 8 racquet and I told them to string it. I got it in with these head strings and they were the worst strings ever! I'm probably around a 3 or 4 skill level player and I do put quite a bit of spin on the ball. These strings worked well the first time I used my new racquet, I only played like one set. The next time I went to play, they were moving all over the place and finally after like the 6th time I used my racquet they popped. They did work well the first time I used them though. I ordered new Luxilon big banger strings because my friend has them and he likes them a lot and a lot of other people that have them like them also.
From: Craig, Madawaska, Me, U.S. 04/06

Comments: Great value! The string provides a lot of spin and pretty good feel. I am a competitive junior player that strings racquets and knows a good amount about string. I string my FXP Instinct at 61. The string provides pretty good power and plenty of control. The only problem is the durability. I break it about once a week and even faster when playing tournaments. If you don't break strings a lot and want plenty of spin, this string would suit you fine. But if you are a baseline banger looking for durability and don't like moving your strings, I wouldn't recommend this string.
From: Seth, Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Comments: This stuff came on my Babolat pure drive from the local racquet store. Worked well the first day but it lost its feeling quite fast (about 4-8 hrs.) Wasn't horrible but it definitely wasn't the greatest, decent power, ok control.
From: Zach, Burnt Hills , NY, USA. 03/05

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