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Head Synthetic Gut PPS 16 String Reel White Customer feedback

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Comments: As is often the case, a string that comes with a demo beats most strings I've tried including polys, natural gut, multi, etc. This string does it all for me -- it has comfort, pop on demand, control and so far durability (I'm 5 hours into a set by the time I'm writing this). In a 18x20 pattern (6.1 Team), it can grab the ball and produce as much spin as I need (which is a matter of technique more than strings anyway). Good job Head, at this price I'm buying a reel.
From: David, 7/14

Comments: I restrung my Microgel Extreme MP racquets with this after trying a poly. This string for me lasts a decent amount of time. Also I really like the feel. I strung my racquets up at 57 lbs and everything is going good.
From: James, 8/12

Comments: My Head Extreme racquet came pre-strung with these. Initially, I thought I will have to cut it off as I play with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour but I tried it for few times and it seems to work pretty well. Good control and good angles, softer than polys but with no lower pop. 54-56 lbs is good for these in general.
From: Rashid, 12/11

Comments: I really like this string. I am a fairly flat hitter with a huge serve (125mph) I string my entire racquet with this stuff at 54. I have had the current string in there for about 3 months. It's pretty stiff and dead right now so I need to cut it out and restring my sticks. I love the feel, and since I can generate a lot of my own power, I don't really have any issues with this string's power output. I have used a lot of syn gut (Wilson, Prince, Gamma). All of them broke within 4 hours of hitting. When I ordered my LM Radicals I was just going to play with the string it came with (Head Syn Gut) then switch to Kevlar Hybrid because I break string so often. I was amazed at how long this stuff lasted, it had become my string of choice.
From: Kevin, AZ, USA. 4/10

Comments: Really impressed first time I used this string and it now my string of choice. I string my MG and Youtek Prestige mids at 51 and the feel, control and spin is better than any poly, syn gut or various blends I have used before it, and I've tried alot. Durability is and issue but not worth worrying about when it feels as good as it does.
From: Michael, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 02/10

Comments: I love this string. I have it strung at 50 lbs in a head microgel prestige pro. I've been using prince syn gut but I prefer the feel of the the head syn gut.
From: Paul, Knoxville, TN, US 10/09

Comments: If this is the stuff that LM Rads come pre-strung with, I would probably rate this below run of the mill nylon; the string is completely dead, stiff and uncomfortable. Definitely not one of Head's better offerings.
From: Gene, Stockton, CA. 1/09

Comments: String provided good control and power when needed, at least for the brief period before it broke. I strung this on my Microgel Radical Pro at 60lbs which lasted 20 minutes. At 58.5lbs, it lasted just briefly longer at 25-30 minutes. Bottom line, its just too much trouble to use this string - which is a pity since I just ordered a handful of these.
From: Francis, Hong Kong. 8/08

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