Head Prestige Pro Overgrip White 3 Pack Customer feedback

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Comments: Excellent overgrips, they run a little bit thicker than other overgrips (like Wilson Pro) but a little bit tackier. They offer very nice cushion, great feel and suit me very well.
From: Jose, 11/16

Comments: I prefer the Head XtremeSoft overgrips which are thinner and tackier. I bought 1 pack of this one just to try out.
From: Charles C., 5/15

Comments: Lost my racquet for the first time with this overgrip while serving. Never happened before in my life. Initial feel is good with it being tacky and soft, the problem lies after an hour or so of usage. Once any moisture and particles come in contact with the grip it starts to slip and becomes rubbery and the initial feeling disappears fairly quickly. I felt so sorry for my racquet for wrapping it with this stuff and now I'm going to move try Yonex Super Grap.
From: James, 5/14

Comments: For a tacky grip, this grip isn't very tacky. What's worse is it loses it's minimal tackiness super fast. After that, it just slips out of your hand. My hands don't sweat very much and I did find that a bit of sweat on the grip helps it to regain a little bit of the tackiness but it's just not for me, I prefer Wilson Pro and Yonex Supergrap.
From: Ken, 4/14

Comments: I've got some pretty severe hand sweat and this is the best tacky-grip I've tried so far. Durability is the only downside, however overgrips are supposed to be changed frequently.
From: Knife, 10/11

Comments: This grip is awful! It is way too slippery and has minimal tack. My racquet was slipping out of my hand and in this California heat it was even worse. It doesn't absorb sweat at all, wears really fast, and in terms of cushion it was satisfactory. It is also very thin if that's what you are aiming for.
From: Sheela, 7/11

Comments: I really like this overgrip. It is very comfortable, it feels like it's padded and is very soft on the hands, unlike say Tourna grip. I would still use Tourna on the hottest, muggiest days because nothing is as non-slip as that, but this is definitely more comfortable. Rips and tears faster than Xtremesoft, but it stays stickier for longer. Currently this is my overgrip of choice.
From: Ben, USA, 10/10

Comments: It's a nice grip, but the durability has been terrible for me. I sweat a lot and play aggressive, but I did not expect that the Grip wears this fast. The Top layer will start to peel off after just one use. I end up using a new grip after playing with my racket twice. Once the grip gets wet it will get slippery as well. I would recommend Tourna Grip original instead. Personal preference
From: Malik, San Jose, CA, USA. 06/10

Comments: Great Overgrip! I tried many overgrips before such as wilson pro overgrip, yonex supergrap, kimony , toalson power G , prince microtac etc. I'm very happy with Yonex super Grap until tried this overgrip. It feel comfortable and tacky. Try it. Now I use Head Youtek, I think this grip is very good for Head Racquet.
From: anon. 10/09