Head Nitro Pro Blue/Flame Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Agree with the positive feedback from Norm, Johnathan, Justin, and TW's review. A serious performance shoe so far (I've worn them for approximately 40 hours); light-weight with a good blend of support and comfort. I'm a little heavy, need the support, have traditionally worn Barricades and Nike Breathe-line shoes. Liked the looks and loved the reduced price, so I decided to give them a try. I ordered a half-size up from usual, and at first wear I was concerned that they were still too narrow in the toe-box, and a tad stiff. Decided to wear them around the house for about 16 hour as a parachute-plan. Stiffness resolved to supportive comfort, and the toe-box has accommodated to just- right. I had no issues with laces, and the lacing system makes for an adaptive fit. Herringbone on the sole is outstanding so far. They have two unique traits: 1) Supportive footbed, but not as stiff as Barricades. The cushioning is pleasant and palpable, but it's not spongy. 2) Ventilation ports on the sole really seem to work. Note: to enable, peel a sticker off the vents, located under the sock-liner. Be careful in the shoe-wash station. First impressions from court time -- loved 'em! Barely noticed them. Feet didn't ache afterward like with my previous shoes. If you're on the fence about whether to get some, I'd highly recommend them. In my opinion, they are worth the original price, but at the reduced price, they're a great value!
From: David, 1/17

Comments: I purchased these prior to heading to Saddlebrook for 6 straight days of training, 5 hours per day on Har-Tru courts. I am a good 4.0 all-court player who relies a lot on movement and court coverage. I was very pleased with these shoes and would highly recommend them, while agreeing with some of the points that others have voiced. First, the sizes run small compared to most other manufacturers. I wear an 8.0 with all other companies (Nike, adidas, Babolat), but ordered 8.5 which was the right choice. This seems to be the case with Head since I wore some Head 8.0 size shoes years ago and they were tight. Second, they run narrow and I have wide feet. They were okay although I did get a blister on the side of my toe. Third, I did not need to break them in and they worked well right out of the box. Fourth, the herringbone sole pattern is really excellent and a deeper cut than almost anything else I've used before. They worked well on the Har- Tru. Fifth, the laces are on the shorter side but I was still able to double knot them. I do not use the lace locks, so that may be an issue if you do. Finally, the synthetic material is well-ventilated and dried quickly. Overall, I am really happy with them and they are hard to beat with the current sale price.
From: Norm, 12/16

Comments: Based on reviews posted by others, I ordered a half size larger than my usual size 9. As soon as I took one shoe out of its box, my initial reaction was - wow, these look so narrow! Sure enough, I could barely squeeze into one of the shoes. I didn't bother trying on the other shoe. It's so tight all around, I can't even walk in them; forget about trying to play tennis wearing these. A minor quibble is that the laces are too short. These are going back ASAP. Thank heavens for Tennis Warehouse's customer service and easy return policy.
From: Don, 12/16

Comments: My foot is about a D 1/2, narrow heel, low volume. I love tight fitting shoes (I come from a downhill skiing and rock climbing background.) This shoe was physically painful through the ball of the foot. We ended up getting some for my wife, narrow, low volume foot -- she loves them.
From: Dave, 12/16

Comments: Amazing shoes from Head. A little smaller than my normal size 8, so this shoe needed some break-in. For all other key things: weight, stable, comfortable, traction, ventilation -- this shoe performs well. They are in the lightweight class (same with adizero Ubersonic from adidas, MC 996V2 from New Balance, HyperExpress from K- Swiss) and it stands out as the only lightweight shoe that comes with a 6 months outsole warranty. Bravo Head. Also Bravo TW for your very good review.
From: Tung, 11/16

Comments: This shoes are really amazing, if you have a narrow foot. For my small and narrow feet, they are a perfect fit. I wore them for about one hour in the house before playing, and after two hours of play, my feet felt perfect. They might be a bit hot, but I have always seem to have "hot" feet. The feeling is so plush and the cushioning is perfect. Great traction. 9.5/10, but if you have a wider foot, you may need to up-size 1/2 size or look for another shoe. Bravo Head and Tennis Warehouse!
From: John, 9/16

Comments: First ordered these in an 8.5 but they were ever so slightly too small. Sent them back and got 9s and the fit is perfect -- fits just like my old 8.5 Wilson shoes. I've worn them for about 4 hours on the court so far and so far ,so good. The best thing I can say about comfort and stability is I completely forget I am playing in new shoes. Not noticing they're there is how I like 'em.
From: Rick, 8/16

Comments: These are rather impressive shoes. I've worn them twice and there is a definite break-in period but the 2nd time out they feel very comfortable and secure. They feel narrow in the mid-foot, so wider feet may want to move up a 1/2 size. Head copied a little of the Zoom Vapor Tour design but it's very secure and somehow plush at once. The traction is probably the strongest part of the shoe. Head's herringbone works better than anything I've used from Asics or Nike. When you want to stop you stop. The only real weakness of the shoe is the shoestring length. It's barely long enough to tie! Head's on to something with these and with a few improvements this could be an elite shoe.
From: Johnathan, 7/16

Comments: Fantastic shoe. Fits like a glove and has all the things you'd be looking for! Durability, breathability, comfort, light weight -- it's a dream shoe. It's like a more durable Nike Vapor that won't burn out in a few good hits. I just have 2 complaints -- these run small. Maybe not quite half a size, but almost. Enough to make me need to order a half size up. Every company is different. You may be fine with your regular size but it's likely to feel a little smaller. Whether or not you will need a bigger shoe, I can't say. Also, the laces included were too short. They come laced up to all but the last eyelet and even then it's barely long enough to tie my shoes. It would never work fully laced up. Having to buy laces off the bat was kind of ridiculous, but not a deal breaker.
From: Justin, 2/16

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